3 reasons why Raiden is just as badass as Solid Snake writes:

"Raiden returned in MGS4 with a makeover, kitted out in ninja clobber and wielding the sharpest sword skills known to mankind. With his imminent return in Metal Gear Rising looming, thought it was time to celebrate three reasons why Raiden is just as much of a badass as Solid Snake."

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Septic1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

No way. With all that cyborg tech all over his body, he is isn't HALF the man Solid Snake is! It's like he's an emo and those implants are his proverbial piercings and make-up.

Solid Snake is a real man; old-school and raw to the core. The kind of man that, after saving the world, would light up a cigar and look like a BOSS (no pun intended) and Raiden would do all sorts of gymnastic stuff and pose like a model from Men's Fitness and still end up looking like a try-hard transvestite.

ilikestuff1887d ago

i read the title, didnt need to read the article. go home, you're drunk

ANIALATOR1361887d ago

lets not forget Snake's more badarse attitude. Pessimistic, arrogant, humble. "I've never cared about anyone else's life. Other people just complicate my life, I don't like to get involved" MGS1 Snake was perfect

Darrius Cole1887d ago

3 reasons why Raiden is just as badass as Solid Snake.

1) You are smoking crack.
2) You are taking crystal meth.
3) You are shooting heroine.

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knifefight1887d ago

No one is as badass as Solid Snake.

Sharius1887d ago

nope, big boss too emotion compare to snake

Septic1887d ago


Woot?! Emotions make you a man! Besides, the man shriveled up and looked like an onion and still managed to save the world. Heck, he crawled into a gigantic microwave to do so.

goldwyncq1887d ago

I'd say Big Boss is even more badass than Solid Snake. Solid Snake is just an enhanced clone of Big Boss, Big Boss was the real deal. That makes everything he did much more significant and badass imo

blackstrr4111887d ago

Killed the cobra unit and his mentor *all fcuking alone* in a time without technology. All he had were his knife and pistol. Cofounder of the CQC. He did all this without foxdie nano bots in him.

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Vandamme211887d ago

I've been playing mgs rising..solid snake is no match for raiden..I'm sorry to say.

Septic1887d ago

Ah Van Damme....and you wonder why your career flopped so hard.

007Bond1887d ago

It went better than yours

Septic1887d ago


Eh? What actor am I supposed to be? Quake man?

modesign1887d ago

they only have 3, there are a million reasons why snake is cooler than raiden.

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