SCEJ boss explains Vita price cut

EDGE: Head of SCEJ Hiroshi Kawano has outlined the reasons for the recent Vita price cut in Japan

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jujubee881918d ago

VITA is still doomed.

“We have the new price down; now it’s time for software. Just with what’s been announced so far, we’ll have more games coming out this year than last, and they’re being launched on a regular basis throughout the year."


Godchild10201918d ago

Doomed system don't get regular game releases throughout the year.

I'm also excited about more games coming out this year for the Vita.

jujubee881918d ago

Believe me, I would not bring up such satire if things weren't on the up trend.

I mean, I already knew a price drop and stuff would come but being reassured and SCEJ head stating that this year is already on track of being a much better sales and gaming year for VITA kinda makes it okay for me to poke fun at people that where saying VITA sucked bc of sales or w/e.

MasterCornholio1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Like the dream cast for example.

I dont expect the Vita to be as successful as the 3DS but it can still be profitable for Sony.

zebramocha1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

@juju the first part throws me off,you should've put /s so people got you were being sarcastic.

ShugaCane1918d ago

Good, now confirm the price cut for western countries too.

tigertron1918d ago

I hope they do the same for Europe. If the Vita was £180, then it would make the price of that 32GB memory card bearable and I would buy one.