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Playstation World, the first info on the new service available at launch with the new PS4 console

4News.it written:

Cloud-gaming in the first place!

He had already spoken in the news this mattica. Now we are transmitting you some news about PlayStation World, a new service available at launch with the new Playstation 4. This is what can be seen from some rumors from New York.

The new name was chosen because it encompass all the services known to date along with other new, and will be accessible from a variety of devices in addition to the Playstation 4 and earlier PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, including tablets, smartphones, web site via PC, Smart TV. (PlayStation World, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

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DoomeDx  +   706d ago
Does anybody actually know what time the Playstation Event is starting?

Tried googling it. Couldnt find anything
remanutd55  +   706d ago
6:00 pm eastern time.
DoomeDx  +   706d ago
jujubee88  +   706d ago
This needs to be seen:

- Online free as the current Playstation Network
- Voice chat between all PlayStation certified devices, ie consoles and smartphones"



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Cupid_Viper_3  +   706d ago
I don't know what going on but this keeps on double posting for some reason today. Sorry guys.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   706d ago
@ Jujubee88

Of course online is free, there were never really any doubts about that. Rumors stating otherwise were just from websites fishing for hits or with hidden agendas. And people who are currently paying to play their games online fan the flames some more in order to feel good about the whole thing.

The PS Vita should be all the evidence necessary to show that Sony is not interested in charging for voice chat and online play.
xursz  +   706d ago
3pm west coast if anyone's wondering.
Highlife  +   706d ago
I doubt you googled it. I just did and here are the results.

Why don't you just say that you are to lazy to look it up or that you just don't know how to google.

Anyway can't wait!!!
theBAWSE  +   706d ago
Most importantly online play is FREE
kudakadere  +   706d ago
11:00 pm GMT for UK
ABizzel1  +   706d ago
Did Sony just take my name, idea, and design for improving PlayStation?

Time to post my content to the web, and see what develops from this "PS World".
darthv72  +   705d ago
free online play
That seems to be a given. They always said the core of the online multiplayer would remain free.

The other stuff that is optional to the individual will likely be more premium and worth paying for.

I will say though, PS+ may not be required for online play UNLESS the game you play online you obtained free via PS+. that would be the only real twist.

If they do decide to have a tiered online service where the basics of online remain free, I would expect their paid side to offer a more expanded online multiplayer experience.

Meaning that you can play against other paying members on premium maps or faster servers as opposed to the free online side. think..."members only" type of online play that is better and worth the price of being a member.
gunboy73  +   706d ago
paradigmfellow  +   706d ago
it is actually -5 gmt
Calm Down Sunshine  +   706d ago
No son, it's 11PM GMT. As originally stated.
UnholyLight  +   706d ago
Took me a second to figure out what time I would be seeing it at (Im in Saskatchewan, Canada) Apparently our time zone is only an hour from Eastern right now (always thought we were 2hrs!)so the show starts at 5PM if you are in the west central US/Canada
kudakadere  +   706d ago
OMG Now we are having fight's and Rummors about the time *facepalm*.
kudakadere  +   706d ago
OMG Now we are having fight's and Rumors about the time *facepalm*.
JRH7783  +   705d ago
5PM Central Time (US & Canada)
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shivvy24  +   706d ago
10 am in australia !
grailly  +   706d ago
lucky you, you get to skip time by sleeping between now and then. That is, if you can sleep.
BitbyDeath  +   706d ago
9am if you don't have daylight savings :-p
AusRogo  +   705d ago
7:30. I cant sleep. I am excited. Next gen, im ready!
braydox21  +   705d ago
yep i was wondering why any articles (about ps4 even ) didn't appear yestaday Australia is one day ahead i forgot this was taking place in New York had my timezones mixed up, whoo go Australia.
topgeareasy  +   706d ago
Game-trailers TV broadcast of it starts at 5:00 PM EST
r21  +   706d ago
www.computerandvideogames.com/ 390731/live-blog/live-countdown -to-playstation-4/

Live countdown ;D
mandf  +   706d ago
Is the media going to try to downplay the PS4 by by saying a paid service? Watch at the end of the day websites are going to drive home paid service to marginalize there announcement. It's basically PS+ with added services.
rainslacker  +   706d ago
And we'll get called the SDF for correcting the FUD. Such is the circle of life.:)
BlmThug  +   706d ago
9 more hours. Not long left :D I so want to see GT6
karl  +   705d ago
u r not the only one expecting for GT6 as a launch title
KwietStorm  +   706d ago
But you didn't go to the actual PlayStation site?
Kran  +   706d ago
11PM UK time
ElitaStorm   706d ago | Spam
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   706d ago
LOL.. nobody mentions this rumor says the pay service is 80 bucks!
azshorty2003  +   706d ago
Saw that. Hoping that includes All gakai. I see it says 'while others pay', I guess that's for people who don't want PS+ and only want gakai?
grayfoxx881  +   705d ago
This article said it would be $89 annually, which would include gakai, downloadable games, and other features. Online multiplayer is still free, though. I guess we'll have to wait until later tonight to see if all of this can be confirmed or not. Go back under your bridge.
neoMAXMLC  +   702d ago
And there are rumors about the PS4 not playing used games as well! Oh wait.
Crazyglues   706d ago | Spam
kriauciuniux  +   706d ago
You suck at googling
Arkrite  +   705d ago
11pm UK
HERE A LINK TO THE UK LIVE STREAM http://uk.playstation.com/m...
miyamoto  +   706d ago
all games and services will be integrated into one source.
Chuck Norris approved!
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Cam977  +   706d ago
I can't wait until 11pm tonight!
I like the sound of the YouTube upload feature! That will attract an awful lot of customers!
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first1NFANTRY  +   706d ago
True, i hope that means we can now make our own full game walkthrough and upload it to youtube. I always wanted to do that but never wanted to buy a separate capture card or whatever it's called
Bathyj  +   706d ago
Holy crap, less than 10 hours.
Were in single digits.
I might go to bed early so it comes quicker.
Shadow Flare  +   706d ago
Don't oversleep, do not oversleep

Or Kaz will punish you when you awake

Crystallis  +   706d ago
LOL @ Shadow. Too funny. Sony FTW!!!
Septic  +   706d ago
Lol, lucky you. I'm stuck at work. 9.5 hours to go! 11pm showing here so I'll have plenty of time to go gym, come back, watch the Walking Dead and then the unveil.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   706d ago
I'm in the west coast here in North America, it's 5:22 am. I've been meaning to go sleep, but I forgot how to do it, like that time Peter Griffin forgot how to sit down. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

One thing I know for sure though is "My body is ready"
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Bathyj  +   706d ago
It happens at 8.30am here so I'll be at work.

Damn I cant watch anything with sound til I can home but I'll be reading everything I can.

Not doing much work tomorrow methinks.
Septic  +   706d ago
I know I won't be doing much work tomorrow, and that's after the reveal lol.

Wake up a little early if you can and watch the relevant bits. The comments section after the reveal is going to be a colossal mess of excitement, trolling and arguing.
xursz  +   706d ago
^ true that. Should be fun. ^.^
Bathyj  +   706d ago
N4G will be full of trolls claiming how disappointed they were, that they were really hoping Sony would turn them.

These will be people that decided 5 years ago they werent getting a PS4 of course.

9 hours
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Crystallis  +   706d ago
8:30 am? Where do you live Bathyj?
rainslacker  +   706d ago
I'm lucky to be off today and tomorrow. I have time to recover.:)
Bathyj  +   705d ago
and i just wokw up an hour before my alarm like a kid at christmas

clintagious650  +   706d ago
These articles are keeping me up its so exciting. U submitters need to go to bed lol.

Edit: Im like yawning gut i think ill go outside & get some freezing air to wake up lol.
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PockyKing  +   706d ago
We did in the US, get ready for a whole nother round of PS4 speculation today haha. You'll see posts like this all the way up to the full reveal, and after probably lol.
clintagious650  +   706d ago
Prcko  +   706d ago
ps world,interesting name,i think it will collect
r21  +   706d ago
Yay, if rumors are true, PSN will still be free :D Sounds like uploading directly to youtube will be costly BUT this basically confirms that the PS4 will be able to record gameplay for free!
9 hours folks! 9 hours XD
MariaHelFutura  +   706d ago
I try not to get too excited over things, but this event has me.
Sharius  +   706d ago
the only one i care is now i don't have to point my f*cking phone to the TV each time i need take a screenshot
a08andan  +   706d ago
I.... CAN'T... BREATHE.... *aaaaarrrrghhh*
it feels like the day before christmas when your a kid

also microsoft knows that they're behind playstation in their online service, so hopefully they won't end up doing the same thing
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KwietStorm  +   706d ago
Microsoft knows they're behind in their online service? Why would you say this?
Cupid_Viper_3  +   706d ago
In the past 5 months PS+ Subscribers got:

Crysis 2
Rachet and Clank All 4 One
Cubixx HD
Resident Evil 5 Gold Editioin
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Jet Set Radio
HD, WipEout 2048
Gravity Rush
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
Final Fantasy Tactics
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Double Dragon
Vanquish, Limbo
Bioshock, Bioshock 2
Guardians of Middle Earth
Jet Set Radio
Sleeping Dogs
Quantum Conumdrum.

Plus up to 70% off on a bunch of other games.

So those are some of the reasoning behind why him and others thinks that Microsoft is behing in their online.

So what about you, what's your reasoning?
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hazardman  +   706d ago
@ Cupid
The problem is I've played 80% of the games on your list already. I have PS+ and only download the games I haven't played. Its not like there giving you newly released titles. Not taking anything away from FREE games tho, keep em coming. Free online and "Free games rental" are the only thing making it better than XBL at the moment. Easy fixes that MS can do, but probably won't.

I ran out of bubbles... is Sony charging $90 for PS+ with Gaika, extra cloud space and youtube uploads? Ouch
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   705d ago

You forgot:
Dead Nation
they might make more money off of their service, but at this point it's a lot better deal for ps plus members then xbox live at this point. i'd be suprised if xbox/microsoft execs didn't know this
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clintagious650  +   706d ago
Man it was way too cold outside so im on my bed using my ps3 on here lol. Few more hours come on lol.
isa_scout  +   706d ago
I have to go at 4:15 to get five teeth pulled(I'm a hillbilly ok) but I'll still be watching it tonight. Not sure if I'll be weeping because of my mouth hurting or because of how awesome it's going to be... Probably the latter.I Can't believe I'm not nervous to go to the dentist, instead I'm just SUPER EXCITED about tonight!!!
THC CELL  +   706d ago
My hands are shaking my hands are shaking booom headshot boom headshot.. Man I love this old feeling the ps2 days are back.
Trenta27  +   706d ago
Too bad Crysis 3 isn't long enough to make time go by faster. I might actually have to do homework to keep myself busy!
chukamachine  +   706d ago
11pm uk
Saleem101  +   706d ago
A new era is coming I feel nice graphical leap is coming with ps4 maybe mid to high pc settings graphics...
o-Sunny-o  +   706d ago
I'm crying...I am ready God(PS4) take me now.
first1NFANTRY  +   706d ago
All i know is i want the next Motorstorm and Killzone 4 to look and play like their original vision


Also a next gen Syphon Filter wouldn't hurt.

One can only dream....
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Plagasx  +   706d ago
My heart is pounding.
MariaHelFutura  +   706d ago
Your avatar adds so much to your comments.
lovegames718  +   706d ago
Im loving the whole playstation world thing!!!! This is going to be big (#hit it already is and hasnt even been shown yet, lol). I like the direction all these rumors are pointing too and its obvious some of these rumors were actually true.

As soon as i can im putting 150.00 down on my pre order with no hesitation knowing that i will get solid hardware and a good all around exp.
hazardman  +   706d ago
That's all I want, is to know when I can preorder. Hopefully we can preorder by tomorrow night Thur at the latest.
braydox21  +   705d ago
today is thursday well at least in Australia anyway.
Master of Unlocking  +   706d ago
Probably a silly wish, but rather than Kaz, I'd like Ken Kutaragi there on the stage to show us for the first time the PlayStation 4. Or Gaikai. Or the revamped PS+. Or PlayStation Cloud. Or PlayStation World. Or, y'know, a PS Vita price cut.
But the PlayStation 4 would be so much cooler. :)
Crystallis  +   706d ago
How about both? That would be EPIC!
hazardman  +   706d ago
Lol...just show us Everything!!!
TronEOL  +   706d ago
As cool as that would be, it's sort of unfair to Kaz given that he was handed Sony in it's current state and is doing everything in his power to turn them around. I think Kaz is more than fitting for the PS4's reveal.
Chocolatemoose  +   706d ago
I would pay $120 a year if Playstation world also = global SEN account or in this case a playstation world account by which your account access up to 2 territories even US and Japan Whoohoo for me
artdafoo  +   706d ago
$89 a year so u can post youtube videos ? Eat a dick Sony, the hell u think u are M$ ?!
fourOeightshark  +   706d ago
Calm down you freeloader, things cost money in this world. As long as online play is still free then it's all good.
solid_warlord  +   706d ago

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freezola75  +   706d ago
I can admit that I can hardly contain my excitement for this evening.

But I'll be working during the meeting and regretfully I cannot watch it live with the lot of ya... :-(

I still have my phone to check updates tho so it's not so bad.

Just rewatch everything when I get home...

Hey btw hope some of you are enjoying the kickback from Sony today!

One easy prediction we all probably know, The Last Guardian will be a launch title and they'll have gameplay to show..

Enjoy the meeting everyone... peace!
denawayne  +   706d ago
Holy crap!!! I'm bored.
DivineAssault  +   706d ago
i can understand $90 annually for everything (including gaikai) isnt too bad i guess.. I think games will recieve a price hike too by around $5 or so maybe $10
TronEOL  +   706d ago
Yeah, I'm pretty sure most of this money is going to be heading towards paying off the streaming service/keeping it maintained/getting tons of free games.

I'm very interested in seeing where this goes, and since it includes PS+, I hope PS+ users can get into this at a discount.
DivineAssault  +   706d ago
ya.. users who stacked up a few years of PS+ should get discounted $40 to upgrade.. Sony prolly has some bad a$$ new servers theyre going to be using for all this stuff.. Cant wait & ima pay the damn fee if i continue getting all this free stuff plus streamable ps1-ps3 games? no brainer
braydox21  +   705d ago
well we already pay $100 dollers per AAA game about $89.95 per AA game and maybe $70ish dollers for A games etc. unless you get a game from other than EB Games. (Australian)
josephayal  +   706d ago
We Are The World
Garrison  +   705d ago
We are the children...
Animal Mutha 76  +   706d ago
So many people getting so excited over rumours. Maybe it's because I'm older but I think a little more level headedness is required.

I really hope you are not all over hyped to end up disappointed. After all Sony is well known to over egg the pudding in their presentations. Not saying MS or Nin are better b4 you all shit on me.

I hope Sony present a well balanced and considered original design of system which will ensure the next gen is as competitive as this one.

If Sony unveil a paid online service like Live then I will laugh over my breakfast at the fallout on here.

I'm a gamer who owns all the systems btw. Amiga Forever!
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