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5 Ways Sony Can Dominate The Next-Gen

In my opinion if Sony can pull off these 5 things at tomorrows event, I'm sure they'll please a lot of PlayStation Gamers. (PS4, Sony)

StrongMan  +   956d ago
The PS4 WILL dominate. Mark my words. Bookmark this.

Nintendo and Microsoft have completely abandoned the hardcore so Sony will have the hardcore all to themselves. MS opened up new studios named Playful Learning studios and Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment studios so we know what kind of games they will be making for next gen. The core belongs to Sony and the core are the ones who buy new consoles.

The core gamers will not be fooled by MS again with one or two core games and then BAM, MS pulls a bait and switch and pulls the plug on core games and go 100% forward with nothing but causal shovel ware. Even the casuals won't fall for MS's lies anymore. MS promised them that they will be able to scan their skateboard or any object into the game and use it in game and they also promised the casuals four player Kinect games and none of that came true. Nintendo is in between a rock and a hard place trying to get the core back and MS will follow suit soon.
fsfsxii  +   955d ago
Agree on every word you said.
Sony simply blew my mind with their conference.
Getting the ps4 day 1.

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