Nippon no Asoko : a UFO came from Sony

The new game published and developed by Sony made its first appearance in a very discreet.

Nippon no Asoko is a management game hero for taking small colorful personalities.

No date is given on its release, we should limit ourselves to its official website, as well as a trailer, a piece of music to return to buckle and some of these images.

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Darkiewonder3434d ago

Given the look of the game, it won't make it outside of Japan. they have a fascination with cat characters O.o

Darkiewonder3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

wrong article d00d. I don't even see how this is any way similar to pokemon.

Delive3431d ago

designed to attract the hearts and minds of the Japanese and the casual american audiance. Hope not to have offended you.