Does Kojima not care for Metal Gear Rising?

With Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance having just been released many people have been confused about Kojima’s view on the game,after having been asked by numerous people so the guys at Takuchat decided to just make this post for the sake of fans everywhere.

To make this simple to follow they shall split it up into sections

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Nyxus1858d ago

This is what Kojima posted not too long ago on his Twitter:

"About 2 yrs ago, our “free slash” game development enfaced stifling. Being not able to give up, I asked Platinum Games for their dev support. It was almost gambling for them but they took our request. And they kept both schedule and quality and brought about brand new fantastic game. Nothing can make me happier."

So I don't believe he's unhappy with the game. It's just not as much his project as the other games in the series, and (for example) Ground Zeroes.

zerocrossing1858d ago

It's true, Kojima doesn't like taking credit for work he feels isn't his own.

KingKelloggTheWH1858d ago

That seems more like a thing he was told to say by higher ups. :\

Nyxus1858d ago

I don't know, I have the idea Kojima usually says what he wants to say on Twitter.

KingKelloggTheWH1858d ago

@Nyxus He isn't really allowed to say things about games,konami is kind of harsh like that.Well most J-companies are.

Root1857d ago

I don't think he cares much because apparently it's non cannon to the MGS franchise

Well thats what I it cannon

Personally I hope it isn't

KingKelloggTheWH1857d ago

At some event a few months ago some fans asked him what the Mg-canon was and he left it and Po out,you can take that however you want.
Good bye last bubble..

WooterWooterooo1857d ago

It seems to be Konami canon but not Kojima canon.

So it is while it isn't.

yesmynameissumo1857d ago

Should he have to care? I don't think so.

Kevlar0091857d ago

One thing to realize is that he may not have been as invested in the sevelopment process as other MG games, remember that P* handeld the brunt of the development process, my guess is he was there to approve it.

He could also very well be more concerned about other projects and feels like it's P* game to rave about

TongkatAli1857d ago

Producer Hideo Kojima, he cares.

WooterWooterooo1857d ago

Really can you blame him though?Rising looks more like Samurai 7(the anime) then it does metal gear,platinum might make great action games but they were completely off the mark with with this game.

Erimgard1857d ago

There's a big difference between "I didn't direct this game" and "I hate this game"

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