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Developer Criterion Wants to Prove Wii U Naysayers Wrong

Several developers from Criterion, the developer behind the upcoming Need For Speed: Most Wanted, recently described their experience working with the Wii U, disagreeing with naysayers who have given the Wii U a “bad rap”. (Wii U)

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wiium64  +   421d ago
they will prove haters wrong, but the haters are too big of babies to admit when their wrong.
EngieBengie  +   421d ago
Well said, friend. Well said.
muttley65  +   421d ago
"NAYSAYER'S give wii-U need for speed a bad rap"

its no fking good thats why it got a BAD RAP. anyone disagree has not played NFS since 3do will know the difference.................... .............................. . .............................. . ......................
simple as that. just like "THE RUN" DID SUCKED. took my ps3 version back to retail store less than 15 minutes after buy it. to much like BURNOUT and wanted NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED not burnout wanted.why cant any of you realize this is BURNOUT slap on title NFS

CRITERION YOU SUCK!! go back to burnout and leave need for speed to a passionate developer who know the source material of need for speed.
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Septic  +   421d ago
xursz  +   421d ago
I thought it was good fun. I spent probably a good 50hrs in the online portion. Even as an old school nfs fan I can admit taking it back to the 3do days would be a massive step backward.

However I acknowledge the game had its faults - mainly lack of customization.

edit: I also wished it had a narrative.
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muttley65  +   421d ago

are you serious being a ol school gamer as myself thought criterion MOSTWANTED, HOTPURSUIT was consider good??? what drugs you on?? give me a shot I LIKE TO FLY LIKE A Eagle toooooo.

no NFS has been good since UNDERGROUND 2002 rest was craptastic.from original source material
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Kurt Russell  +   421d ago
That escalated quickly.
xursz  +   421d ago
Underground was amazing! Carbon and (og) Most Wanted were good as well.

I feel like the NFS catalog will never be complete if we don't get NFS UG3, at least next gen.
Nevers0ft  +   421d ago
I dunno about NFS but your anger goes from 0 to 60 in about a second. Calm down, it's only a game.

I haven't been impressed with NFS games in recent years but I LOVE Burnout - it's the similarities to Burnout that finally convinced me to give NFS a try on the Wii U.

Being like Burnout is >not< a bad thing :)
zebramocha  +   421d ago
Only people who can prove what the wiiu can do is nintendo because third parties are inconsistent.
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jacksheen0000  +   421d ago
Of course Most Wanted would looks better on the wii U overall. That's a given.

The wii U has more RAM(2 gigs), 32 MB embedded eDRAM and unified shaders.

So Technically, The wii U hardware is more capable in terms of graphics and textures.

As for the Frame rate, it won't be much better than the 360/PS3 version. If you ask me, I prefer better frame rate/smooth animation over graphics any day.
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FinalomegaS  +   421d ago
what is the FPS on this game?

30 or 60?
jacksheen0000  +   421d ago
Of course 60FPS but it won't be a constant 60fps though. Something I noticed about the wii U in some of their games.
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neoMAXMLC  +   421d ago
@jacksheen, I highly doubt it'll be anywhere near 60fps. It will be capped at 30fps just like the other two console versions.
TheModernKamikaze  +   421d ago
RAM doesn't really affect GFX that much.
Link079  +   421d ago
Stop crying they got these results using an Engine optimised for 7 years on ps3 ect when you see games using engines that are gpgpu focused then you will see a massive difference,they said the night time is their best to date ?
Ju  +   421d ago
The big advantage is the GPGPU (and what you can do with advanced shaders) and the 1GB RAM. But it's bottle-necked by the low bandwidth - which means more fidelity but the same resolution and framerate as current gen. Compared to PS360 you win some and lose some. This is a PS360 v1.25. Nothing more.
Link079  +   421d ago
WiiU gpg has 32MB eDRAM thats 140GB of bandwidth and thats just the 32MB of eDRAM the wiiu has around 200GB of bandwidth very powerful.
Ju  +   421d ago
You are watching the PS4 presentation? Want to contribute anything to what you just said?
patriotZero  +   421d ago
Shut up and Give me burnot game for PS4!
muttley65  +   421d ago
I agree, give NEED FOR SPEED game/ not slap on BURNOUT title on need for speed game claiming its need for speed but in reality it's REALLY BURNOUT.
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MasterCornholio  +   421d ago
Next gen burnout FTW
lovegames718  +   421d ago
ps4 incoming!!!!!! wh0 cares lol
MilkMan  +   421d ago
Wii U is a good console it just needs more first party titles and third party support. The only way this is going to happen is by selling Wii U. Developers wont touch a system or break their necks to learn the ins and outs of new hardware if there is only a few Wii U's out there.

Its all about market share.

It seems to me Nintendo may have to take a lesson from MS and buy some developers off so they can make a port or original titles for their struggling new platform.

Before its too late. Their loosing steam.

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