New Grid 2 Trailer: Interactive Gameplay

GodisaGeek: "After the big gameplay reveal from Codemasters the other day, it seems they are in full “show what this game can do” mode, and thus, they have released what they’ve dubbed the “interactive gameplay” trailer.

It’s actually a fairly simple reason behind the name, as at the start of the trailer you get to select which clip you want to watch, from the following:

Barcelona Eliminator (with BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution)
Red Bull Ring Race (BAC Mono)
Chicago Checkpoint (Chevrolet Camara SS)"

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johnsonbat1701d ago

What the ... no cockpit? Where the hell am i going to pit my cock?

dirthurts1701d ago

Maybe it's just me, but the physics look kind of cheap and simplified.
A little too arcade like for my taste.
This plus the no cockpit, I'm feeling a little sour.

cleverusername1701d ago

I didn't even brake when cornering in Grid 1, this looks just the same!!

objdadon1701d ago

Looks fun! Was gonna get forza horizon but I'll just wait for this. Gonna have fun with my csr wheel and cockpit!

cleverusername1701d ago

If it works with a wheel, Grid 1 wasn't wheel friendly at all, I gave up trying to get my Logitech set up properly!