Watch PlayStation 4 Announcement Live

Watch the upcoming rumored PlayStation 4 announcement in the PlayStation live event today! Leave a comment with predictions on the site to argue with the Gamers Heroes staff about what will be announced before the press conference.

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first1NFANTRY1917d ago

people who clicked and commented on the article, in this case you!

mcbrid551917d ago

I care if it has to do with the playstation 4

WeAreLegion1917d ago

I wish Sony would have gotten this on cable, somehow. That would have been nice. :) Even if it were on like CNN or FOX or something. If parents see this...they'll ask about it. ;)

There will be talk.

CaptainCamper1916d ago

Tomorrow's headlines:

Sony trolls entire nations with PS event. Announces the PS Vita Mini and 10 new titles for the PSP


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