Wii U: A Terrific Nintendo System…That Repeats Many of the Same Problems of 3DS

GenGAME writes: "Even now that it’s been three months since launch and the new shiny has kind of worn off, I’m still pretty darn impressed with Wii U based on what I’ve experienced so far. The GamePad is still my controller of choice whenever I’ve got the option, the drive to stir up discussion on Miiverse is still addictive, Off-TV Play still works more or less as fantastically as advertised – and the games so far have been surprisingly good, particularly for a new system’s launch titles.

"That said, to assert that its early months were absolutely stellar would be a bit of a stretch. Features and games touted for launch missed the deadline, the lineup for the moment is pretty barren, with only a few crumbs in the foreseeable future, and of course it’s got a heavily restricted account system that few people who actually care about such things are actually satisfied with. The best way to sum up the Wii U at this moment in its life is that it’s a great system with a lot of potential, but it’s creeping toward that potential at a snail’s pace."

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BullyMangler1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

again? i really don't understand what the fuss is about a gaming system not having "THE" most wanted games at launch? .. . don't we have THINGS to do ? .. ? projects to finish? . places to go ?? . Nintendo is doing just fine. there is no negative in not launching the best games at a videogame systems release . . they'll get here when they do .. . in the mean time identify your passion, right it down on paper, then start a business out of it . .
even the joker says, "If you are good at it, never do it for free" . that is a clue of how we should turn our skills into business . .
once you classify who you really are, and put it down on paper, you will feel NIRVANA, you would have felt the power of a creator, the feeling of a G.O.D. . feel what they call " heaven on earth"

legendoflex1702d ago

Apparently there IS a problem with not having the most wanted games at launch, because Nintendo posted its first ever loss after that happened to 3DS, and Iwata is making outrageous promises and even putting his job on the line so investors don't abandon Nintendo.

BullyMangler1702d ago

things arent always what they seem . ..
like for example a loss ain't really a loss, it's actually a win . . in business, what seems to be a loss is just a normal part of the fluctuating process of creation.
Nintendo is in business for the pleasure of making games. they don't do it to please us 1st, they make games to please themselves 1st. they do it to entertain their child of the past, WE are just lucky enough to be able to experience Nintendo's inventions . but of course money is involved in many things now a days. From life charging us just to breathe/rent, to charging us even for some drinking water .

Nintendo has plans, and if they plan to release the wIIu like they did without THE killer games, then so be it, because something awesome is just around the corner, and investors know this ..
Sony and Microsoft on the other hand do it just for the money .. .

things aren't always what they seem .

bothebo1701d ago


You're a dumbass and probably shouldn't be on this site. Nintendo milks its first parties like no other!

"like for example a loss ain't really a loss, it's actually a win "

So loosing money is a win? Why don't you give me all your money then?

"Sony and Microsoft on the other hand do it just for the money "

I can agree Microsoft does. But Sony? Sony sold the PS3 at a massive lost for the first couple of years. They have PlayStation plus which is an amazing deal for only $50 a year, but you save thousands of dollars a year. They offer price drops on their software quite frequently and follow it up with DLC.

user39158001701d ago

Even reggie admits sale has been handicaped, only trolls wont admited, just wake up and look at any store department and you see the consoles there. The junk dont sale partially due to high cost, but mostly its because its a last gen garbage. Sorry, but its the truth, I have one and to tell you the truth, everytime I see it, I want to step on it.

Mounce1701d ago

Whatever makes you sleep better at night, believing in Nintendo so's sorta sad.

By all means, you can have a preference, you can put faith in a person as you can have faith in a company and their decisions. However, to blindly have a belief that they can't fail or can't do things wrong is just pathetic.

legendoflex1702d ago

^ Nintendo planned for 3DS to sell at a profit. It didn't, because people didn't want it at that price. So they had to cut the price and sell it at a loss. That's NOT what you're talking about when you say "what seems to be a loss is just a normal part of the fluctuating process of creation." That's Nintendo producing a failed marketing mix for a major product.

Incidentally, investors see the same thing happening with Wii U - which is why Nintendo's stock prices have by and large gone down since the Wii U launch, not up. There is NOT a widespread belief (on the business side) that there is awesomeness is around the corner.

BullyMangler1701d ago

you: So they had to cut the price and sell it at a loss

ME: making even a dime is not a LOSS

you:There is NOT a widespread belief (on the business side) that there is awesomeness is around the corner.

me: (((((reminder)))))--- it's Nintendo

Dark5tar11701d ago

Agreed, Nintendo makes killer first party games, and all the titles they promised? Sold.

legendoflex1701d ago

Nintendo said in their recent earnings call that the only reason they don't currently have a loss is because of foreign currency exchange rates changing unexpectedly.

Also, your "it's Nintendo" isn't very reassuring to investors. The "Nintendo" that people are so confident in would never have gotten into a situation where they'd have lost money on a product in the first place.

Realplaya1701d ago

If nintendo is performing as bad as you say or think then why are there no annuncements of layoffs?
The fact is activision just announced 30 layoffs but don't they publish cod?
The fact is nintendo says they can make a profit off of one game for each system. Plus they knew xbox and the new ps4 would launce within a year its why games have been held back.

bothebo1701d ago

Hardware trumps software, remember that for today. Not only that, but Sony is rumored to have an amazing launch line up which will put Nintendo under A LOT of pressure to develop games. You then have the 720 which is also rumored to have a good launch line up..... you can see where this is going. Unless Nintendo can get those first party titles out by the end of the year, they will lose massive amounts of market share. Also, if the PS4 and 720 come anywhere near $350 it's over for Nintendo, there is no way they can compete with that.

TechnicianTed1701d ago

'Sony is rumored to have an amazing launch line up'

Like the ps3? They promised the world with the ps3, and then it became apparent that it was a load of lies.

I wouldn't build your hopes up too much.

Link0791701d ago

All this doom and gloom the wiiu has a magnitude of games coming ?

LOL_WUT1701d ago

Yes, but until we actually see those games or until they get released the issue will still remain. Many people are holding off from buying a Wii U due to its price or the lack of core Nintendo ip's. The system was just not ready...

bullymangler is on some damage control.

PopRocks3591701d ago

And you're consistently on reverse damage control. Seriously, you and a few others on here go out of your way to point out every negative about this console on every article as well as downplaying any potential good news that comes out.

I've seen people make honest and valid criticisms for the Wii U and for the most part I honestly don't blame them for thinking so (even if I disagree with them). You on the other hand, do nothing of the sort.

TongkatAli1701d ago

Kaz face is easier on the eyes then Reggie face.

TechnicianTed1701d ago

'Kaz face is easier on the eyes then Reggie face. '

Do you want his console or his baby?

TongkatAli1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Both, but Kaz is having my baby.

Edit: You mad, : D It was a joke no need to get mad over your man Reggie. He told me you was a one time thing and you stank like onions.

TechnicianTed1701d ago

You couldn't possibly have enough money or sex appeal to make him want you, so you must end your desire and give up your hopes.

Maybe you would be better equipped to be a farmers wife/lover/thing.

It is a dream that can never happen. Better to cut your losses and realise something more appropriate.

MasterCornholio1701d ago

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Oh god that picture is disturbing. Now i will never think of wonder women in the same way again.

gamer421701d ago

I only came because of the picture...
Is that reggie?

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