Gamestop Updates Their Game Trade-In Value – Get Up To $35 For Call of Duty: Black Ops II

If you’re a PowerUp Rewards member, Gamestop is willing to throw you an extra couple of bucks for your games!

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iXenon1919d ago

I wouldn't trade in my Persona 4 Golden, even if it's for a full refund. I love it way too much.

dboi7871919d ago

Nothing on the list I'm willing to trade. Therefore, the only leftover fuck I have will not be wasted here.

SoundGamer1919d ago

If I had Black Ops 2, I guess this would be a better deal than usual. I guess it's good for those who want to trade their copies in.

iXenon1919d ago

Yeah, I don't play WWE '13 too often anymore. $32 sounds pretty good.

febreeze11919d ago

nah I would sell it online (Craigslist). Eb games/ Gamestop is a huge ripoff. Plus why is dead space 3 trade-in value less than cod? lol.

iXenon1919d ago

I once got $40 for Black Ops, six months after it came out. It's a popular game

Sarobi1918d ago

What... I traded in WWE 13' a few weeks ago and they only gave me 20 for it

BLAKHOODe1918d ago

I only paid about $35 for COD Black Ops II.. and I haven't played it in 2 months. I might just have to take GS up on this. Isn't Dead Space 3 on sale there this week for $40, too? If it is.. I know what I'll be doing later!

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