PlayStation Giving Out PSN Credit To Loyal Fans

GXC: "Have you checked your PSN inbox today? Well, you may have a surprise waiting for you. Currying favor with their loyal fans ahead of their big PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony has started to send out PSN credits to customers."

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dp2774071884d ago

Just got mine. I though it was a joke at first.

-Alpha1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Must be from all those chain emails you've forwarded!

BlindMango1884d ago

Haha, I know right? PSN needs a regular inbox, invite inbox for games, and a "priority" inbox from devs and Sony since I keep getting all these official messages in the past year.

Skips1884d ago

I thought it was a scam too at first. Almost deleted the freakin message. lol


TheRot1884d ago

at first i thought it was just some douche sending me spam

ThatMiamiGuy1884d ago

I didn't get anything. Maybe I don't spend enough on the PSN. :/

SoundGamer1884d ago

I don't know the selection process, but I got one and it seems others are getting theirs too. Maybe they'll get to you eventually!

MrBeatdown1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I don't spend a lot on PSN. The only things I've bought in the last year were CS:GO, Infamous: Festival of Blood, and Crysis. That's only about $25 worth of stuff. Still got the $10 though.

For what it's worth, I've had Plus since the start and play a ton of disc games.

LOGICWINS1884d ago

I got it and the only three things I've spent money on is Rock Band songs, Warhawk DLC, and PS Plus. I have $30 Amazon credit. Add that to this $10 and I have enough to buy P4: The Golden for when I gt my Vita =D

Donnieboi1884d ago

Enjoy p4g. As u can tell from my avatar, I believe that it is the greatest jrpg ever. Atlus is the new Square. Enjoy your game!

Bumpmapping1884d ago

Got mine Sony are awesome!

Jobesy1884d ago

Those sly dogs, buttering up everyone for tomorrow. This is cool as hell though, it almost makes me feel like Sony is doing this as a goodbye to the PS3 era and hello to the PS4 era. The internet is going to explode tomorrow, literally! I can see many sites going down from traffic. I hope N4G stays up so I can get my news.

MrBeatdown1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Got mine! Can't beat free money!

And I didn't even have to send a copy of that message I got to 100 people. Sadly, I didn't get my Halo 5 beta invite along with my $10.

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The story is too old to be commented.