Crysis 3’s graphics only 5 to 10% better on consoles, says Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said that Crysis 3 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 will naturally look better than Crysis 2, but graphically-speaking, it could only gain a five to 10 percent improvement on consoles.

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yewles12121d ago

After ALL that marketing BS from before...

PockyKing2121d ago

Don't judge it till you play it, this game looks freaking great on consoles.

blitz06232121d ago

Does Crytek talk about anything else other than graphics?

yesmynameissumo2121d ago

You know they're trying to sell an engine too. He has to talk up the graphics. Just let the screens speak for themselves at this point. He'll do the same shit with Homefront too.

deadfrag2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Runs like crap,most of the time below 30fps,how the fuck is this playble!Some of you kids that never own a pc and dont know the diference between smooth play at 30fps atleast or super smooth 60fps and above are going indeed to take and feel a big diference when next generation consoles arrive,and actually deliver the minimum of 30fps+ during the entire gameplay that indures a game!It just sad when i see reviewers giving 8 and 9 to games that run like crap,and theres not even a mention or diference in scores between what runs like crap and what run like it should be its like the plate is always the same ,but thats not true;is just another way of miss information to consumers,and a lot of cash flowing in the back!Im not talking just about Crysis in talking gaming in general and between all the existing platforms.I already played Crysis 3 on PC and consoles and for me its not a good game in neither the platforms,because the fundamental piece that is the gameplay is boring.

Godmars2902121d ago

But they're not talking about gameplay are they? No, they're talking about the only thing they've talked about since trying to whore the Crysis engine out to other devs like Epic does with UE: graphics!

josephayal2121d ago

I totally agree with you, every Crysis game has looked absolutely stunning and has set the bar for what games can look like, consoles and Pc (soon vita)

DeadlyFire2121d ago

Why would they blitz0623? They sell game engine licenses for Cryengine. They market that until they die. Its just like how Cliff did with Gears of war. Like OMGOMG its AWESOMEST Thing ever! was all he ever said about the game to promote the UE3 license selling. :P

Septic2121d ago


What are you on about? Gears was brilliant and the results itself were a testament to the power of the Unreal Engine. Basically, Cliffy let his game do the talking.

Campy da Camper2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Er, not on my ps3. Jaggies and very low res foliage. Was not impressed. That's not even taking into account the BORING game play. The AI is retarded. They're canned sayings eminded me of 'who's footprints are these?!?!' Over and over and over...

ratcop222120d ago

Yes but games such as Tlou will blow it outta here!

pixelsword2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

It looks pretty good on consoles, but it still ain't touching Killzone 3; or even 2 for that matter.

The game-play is pretty solid, unlike the last two, so you can't lose in that regard (at least for Hunter mode in multiplayer), but if you're a graphics whore the PC is the way to go on this one if you can afford to up the specs because Crytek can't up the specs on consoles and like most PC devs have yet to learn the words "optimize" and "game-play".

reynod2120d ago

"like most PC devs have yet to learn the words "optimize" and "game-play"."

If by optimize you mean reducing texture quality, AA, AF, making the game linear enough to the point where it becomes a corridor shooter then really there is no need of that sort of optimization. Thats mostly the kind of optimization that goes into console games.

People keep crying about Crysis 1 being unoptimized, when the bare truth is Crysis 1 was rendering so much stuff at once it pretty much killed any hardware thrown at it.

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Megaton2121d ago

Trusting anything said by anyone associated in any way with EA was your first mistake.

yewles12121d ago

"Trusting anything said by anyone associated in any way with EA was your first mistake."

How does holding on to quotes from HISTORICAL flip-flop'ers equate to to ANYTHING other than calling them out on BS AGAIN???

pixelsword2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Although not trusting EZ (lol) is now becoming the standard norm, I do agree with yewles1 in that you have to keep on people who talk-up a bunch of bull. Epic did the same thing with their engine but it never actually got any game to look as good as the demos it produced.

(Yes a company is an "it", it's not a "them".

You can fire all of "them" in a company that made the company great, and hire a bunch of incompetent people and what made "it" good is gone. "It" still exists, even though "it" is not as good as "it" once was and those who left are no longer a part of "it").

I gotta stop drinking so much caffeine...

Persistantthug2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

There are better looking and more technically advanced games than Crytek's games.

The fact is, for consoles, Crytek isn't really all that good.

Personally, I also find their games boring, but that's for a whole different topic I suppose.

N0S3LFESTEEM2121d ago

Crysis is a boring eyegasm.

meetajhu2121d ago

I hate Crytek's implementation to increase graphics quality while demanding newer hardware. They always tend to add more particle effects and shadows on more objects which is completely unnecessary unless we are going for tour view in the game. They need to make a optimized engine like Alan wake running PC.

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piroh2121d ago

he mad because UE will stay mainstream graphics engine for 3rd party devs even after this foolish marketing tactics. he will never admit defeat, just ignore him

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Canary2121d ago

Because "graphics" are even easier to quantify than they are to define.

bunfighterii2121d ago

Crysis 2 was an overrated game with decent graphics and not much else to set it apart. Crysis 3 looks like virtually the same game with a couple new weapons.

In all probably not worth the attention it gets.

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