All Signs Pointing To Next Gen Metal Gear Reveal At PlayStation Meeting

GXC: "Today is the day, it is finally here. It’s February 20, 2013 and Sony is gearing up for massive news this afternoon. In addition to the hardware reveal that we all expect to be the PlayStation 4, many are expecting a list of games to be shown. One franchise that we can probably confirm on the list – Metal Gear Solid."

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iXenon1851d ago

Putting my money on The Phantom Pain being the game they saw.

dboi7871851d ago

If this is true, considering the PS4 sold.

Mac is OK1851d ago

I don't think there's any game that I want to see more at tomorrow's event.

ThatMiamiGuy1851d ago

I'm definitely down with that.

ShugaCane1851d ago

I absolutely loved the trailer of The Phantom Pain. It was so creepy and intriguing and in a way I wished it was a game of its own. But I'm more than ready for a MGS game. Please bring it on tonight !

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