5 Mario games in Dutch charts top 10

In this week's dutch charts there are 5 Mario games in the top 10, including the number 1.

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blynx1823880d ago

"Nintendo owns the Dutch charts yet again"(?)

thePatriot3880d ago

and few people own ps3 (yay)
also. I dont speak dutch. but I can see by their comments that they have fanboy in that country as well. first comment had 360 number in it and no 360 games on the list

ChickeyCantor3880d ago

The patriot
he says : no 360 title, it must be unpopular here.
(here = the netherlands.)

And dude each country has fanboys....
and dont try telling people what you think others are saying >_> that was pretty lame man.

blynx1823879d ago

The 360 version of Modern Warfare is not in the top 10, but the PS3 version is.. :o

wiizy3879d ago

the wii is unstoppable.. and soon the big 08 games hit