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PlayStation Meeting: Six disappointing scenarios that aren't PlayStation 4

GamesBeat Writes: We have no doubt that Sony plans to announce the PlayStation 4 tomorrow. With all the hype surrounding PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony would be crazy not to show off a new console. But what if Sony doesn’t have the PS4 lined up? The company could completely disappoint us tomorrow with any of these headlines.

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Community1465d ago
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Ares84HU1465d ago

WTF is with these negative articles lately. Every time I see one of these I'm just going to vote the site down. Everyone should do the same.

Game journalists are the worst kinds of vermin.

-Falaut-1465d ago

Nah brother, its just a delicious layer to the shit sandwich. This is the "pre doom article" ham.

okay...17h11m to go *resmues rocking back and forth*

classic2001465d ago

LOL no matter what happens at the meeting, the doom people are preparing the articles in advance LOL.

PockyKing1465d ago

Shouldn't generalize all games journalists. Not EVERY site is doing this, just the ones that want to cash in on the N4G traffic.

LOGICWINS1465d ago

You can ignore them if you desire to do so. No ones forcing you to read them.

sobekflakmonkey1465d ago

I don't think it's a bad article, it's interesting for me to read, I mean yes we can all assume the best possible outcome, but what if it isn't that.

prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

360ICE1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

"We have no doubt that Sony plans to announce the PlayStation 4 tomorrow"
Oh, yeah. What a doom and gloom way to begin an article.
They're just playing a game of "what if", nothing more.

Here's a negative article for you:
PS4 to have the same processing skills as Ares84HU

SatanSki1464d ago

Yeah but fanbois are on DEFCON 1 now ;-)

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xnesbittx1465d ago

I'm loving all the news about Playstation but damn its really getting annoying less then 24 hours left and this site is full of playstation playstation playstation and this is coming from a playstation fan boy enough already!

Ares84HU1465d ago

Problem is, they are starting to be negative now...
Untill this point it was all speculation now, it's how Sony is doomed again, and PS4 will fail....etc etc. Can't wait for tomorrow to see all the PS4 dooooooomz articles.

Root1465d ago

It makes me laugh when people on here make out Nintendo get the worst of it with negative articles.......Sonys hate has been ridiculous over the years

Thatguy-3101465d ago

I agree. Especially when all articles are saying the same thing over and over. Tomorrow gaming sites are going to blow.

2pacalypsenow1465d ago

Its the biggest announcement of the year so far its ok for it to be front page on N4G . Its better than some 10 reason why XXXXXXXXX game will fail /suceed or 10 best boobs in video games

Thefreeman0121465d ago

I doubt it's anything but the ps4. Ath this point they would have hushed those rumors to not make the meeting a total let down. Plus it seems that all these huge game median are hyping it up as well... I know that they know inside information and wouldn't be hyping if it easing going to be true either.

Monkeycan81465d ago

If this is not the PS4 I will cry for about 5 days...

dc11465d ago

No need. Suck up your virtual sadness.

The PS4 will be revealed tomorrow along with a host of other fantastic offerings (with out charging for on-line access).

ajax171465d ago

Sony knows not to joke around. This is the PS4 announcement, period. We all have quite a year ahead of us ;)

ylwzx31465d ago

I actually have a good feeling about the PS4. Better than I did last time. If true, $425 $500 is an acceptable price range now when you look at what the Wii U is priced at and how little of features it offers.

lashes2ashes1465d ago

The wii u is over priced. Just because Nintendo charged a lot for there system does not mean Sony should to. I like wiiu buy sadly its hard to justify its price point. The touch screen for heavens sake is so out dated it does not even have multitouch. If Sony wants to justify a price point that high it better be pretty bad ass.

ylwzx31464d ago

No, but it should be expected these days that better tech will have a higher price tag.

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