Global PlayStation Store Update – February 19th 2013

This week's PSN games from Japan, Hong Kong, USA, and Europe.

Capcom Arcade and Urban Trial Freestyle are the big game releases. With Assassin's Creed 3, DmC, and Skyrim having some of the latest DLC.

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I hated this picture... For a second I though it was The Last Of Us logo... Nah!

Hazmat131676d ago

will they stream the event on PSN?

garos821676d ago

I heard that it will be but I'm not sure

Anyone know and or can verify?

Y_51501676d ago

I'm not so sure if you can watch the event on PShome.

belac091676d ago

i thought we were getting ragnarok odyssey add ons?

Williamson1676d ago

I just got a msg on my ps3 for a $10 voucher for being a "loyal customer and fan". So excited since it feels like I won something....I never win things.

Y_51501676d ago

I got it too! I felt special! :)