JRPGs We Hope To Be Revived On PS4

With the supposed PlayStation 4 announcement taking place tomorrow, many JRPG fans once again hope that franchises that missed out this generation with the PlayStation 3 will now return. While there are franchises like Tales and Final Fantasy still living, other franchises that were in the PSOne and PS2 era have died since died out.

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bicfitness1793d ago

LEGEND OF DRAGOON. Yes. That would be the one for me. I'm playing it on Vita and it's still quite brilliant, even today.

Relientk771793d ago

Been waiting for Legend of Dragoon 2 ever since the PSOne

DarkBlood1793d ago

yeah its been over ten years since i wanted a prequal or a sequal i dont know how much longer i can wait for any kind of announcement for legend of dragoon lol

since then i passed school then high school and now im just a 22 year old young adult come on SONY your killing me here :P

VileAndVicious1793d ago

Yes...legend of dragoon AND wildArms.

ritsuka6661793d ago

Next-gen will be like this one: that means there will be only Final Fantasy and all the rest on 3DS. It's obvious Japan doesn't give a fuck anymore of home consoles and it's also obvious we keep don't giving a fuck about jRPGs in general. So there will always be Final Fantasy (that in the west is just known as FF and not as a jRPG, considering the gap in sales between this and the other series)

OmegaSlayer1793d ago

Legend Of Dragoon is awesome, but...would it sell?
Ni No Kuni sold well, but under a million...Xenoblade that is said to be one of the best JRPG ever sold less than a million.
It would be risky for Sony to make a Legend Of Dragoon 2.
Same for the other IPs mentioned in the article.

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Relientk771793d ago

How about ALL

Final Fantasy
Legend of Dragoon
Breath of Fire
Tactics Ogre
Skies of Arcadia
Brave Fencer Musashi
Ni no Kuni
Rogue Galaxy
Dark Cloud
Tales of

and more

LOGICWINS1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Nope, JRPGs will be revived primarily on the 3DS/Vita/PS3. People forget that these JRPG publishers/developers generally aren't the biggest studios. With the "supposed" increased dev costs for next gen, you can bet that MOST JRPG games will be on handhelds(lower cost to develop) or current gen consoles.

Heck, the few good JRPGs on the PS3 sold like crap. The fact that we're still gettin em is a miracle.

Blastoise1793d ago

Who would disagree with that list? lol

Excellent list of games, Breath of fire in particular is wasted potential

Relientk771793d ago

Yeah way to go Capcom, with not making more Breath of Fire games

Lifebanisher1793d ago

Legend of legaia
wild arms
Sword of mana

Blastoise1793d ago

Jeanne D'arc for Vita, I'd buy that

Inception1793d ago

I want Jeanne D'arc sequel / remake!
Don't know why people pass this masterpiece just because it's handheld game -_-

FamilyGuy1793d ago

One of my favorite psp games

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izumo_lee1793d ago

First party games i would like Sony to return to...

Wild Arms
Rogue Galaxy
Dark Cloud
Legend of Legaia
Legend of Dragoon

3rd Party games

Lunar Silver Star Story
Parasite Eve
Breath of Fire
Thousand Arms :P
Valkyrie Profile
Chrono series

VileAndVicious1793d ago

I would love to see some of the devil summoner remakes on the ps3...or 4.

Eazy-Eman1792d ago

I'm surprised you didn't mention of my favorite JRPG franchise ever.

VileAndVicious1792d ago

Love persona as well....still waiting for persona 5 lol

Oneirous1793d ago

Chrono series. Final Fantasy.

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