Street Fighter IV's Sagat Character Model Revealed?

Via Ripten:

"In the process of searching for an image for our previous report covering the announcement of Sagat and Balrog in SFIV, I stumbled upon the portfolio of one Chris Turcotte. Inside were several images depicting various stages of a detailed Sagat 3D model."

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Twizlex3914d ago

I watched the videos on that site. Looks different to me, but maybe this is just the base model or something.

Nostradavis3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

The model looks great, but the trap muscles appear to be bigger on this model, although it is not unreasonable to say they had him make some alterations to the model.

Either way the close up detail you can see on these screens is way better then the blurry and shaky youtube video floating on the net right now.

Sandwich Bender3914d ago

He looks awesome, but then again, anybody with an eye patch looks awesome.

Nostradavis3914d ago

Note to self: Eye patches are cool

Nostradavis3914d ago

I wonder how much free time these character modelers have, because if this was not done for the actual game they are either very good and extremely fast at modeling or just very bored and have lots of free time on their hands.

Anyone out there ever work in a 3D program and model anything like this?

Yi-Long3914d ago

... but like Ruy, they 'westernized' him too much, so he doesnt look asian (Thai) anymore, but more like a huge white guy.
Now, I dont mind white guys: I am one myself. But I rather see design sticking close to what a character is supposed to look like. So a Ryu with blue eyes, or a white Sagat, it's just weird.

socomnick3914d ago

was sagat ever thai ? I know he practices muy thai but hes always looked like a white guy.

texism3914d ago

I think Sagat is the only person I have seen wearing shorts the are well above his knees and still not look gay

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