PS4 announcement predictions

Gaming Capacity - PlayStation 4 news has gone into overdrive with the more than likely announcement, rumours started from a trailer released by Sony, of its existence on the 20th February. With our past articles of ‘What to expect’ and more recently why it could be announced with AAA titles, what exactly could announce about the PS4 on the 20th (if it’s a PS4 announcement).

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Tonester9251859d ago

I soooo need to stay off of this cite tonight lol

Kevin ButIer1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Lol me too, see u tomorrow at the internet meltdown

Merrill1859d ago

ENOUGH ALREADY!! You're too late, nothing you can say here will be worth reading and hasn't already been said better or by 100 other redundant, boring articles from every other sites, blogs, forums etc..

Just stop....please.

FACTUAL evidence1859d ago

But they can't stop, it has something to do with Sony.

Axonometri1859d ago

I predict Sony will talk about the game consoles it has produced over the years.

Chaoslegion81859d ago

I believe the topics covered tomorrow will be gaming related. I could be wrong though. Nah!!!

riverstars861859d ago

A lot of individuals on this website are going to freak out when it is announced that PS4 will not have free online multiplayer.

Axonometri1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

possible but why would Sony take away the one biggest factor its online service has against ( edit )competitor? *true only live charges

I agreed. Point well received either way.

riverstars861859d ago

A simple concept that most persuades all companies, money!!!!

MikeMyers1859d ago

You mean competitor, not plural. Currently I think only Live charges a fee for basic online play. I don't see Sony abandoning that. What I do see is Sony further enhancing the reason gamers will want to pay with things like Plus. Gaikai could also be a game service that comes with a subscription based model and also a rental service.

MattyG1859d ago

I don't think they will charge actually. If they did, PS+ subs would dip waaaaay down. If it was like $15 a year for online, sure. But if they do $50 or $60, no one will pay $120 for PS services per year unless the console is dirt cheap.

riverstars861859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

PS+ and paid online multiplayer will be integrated together for a $50 or $60 annual fee. Chances are if multiplayer isn't free, consumers will be forced to pay for the premium service. This is what I think Sony execs see as a way to make a lot more money.

When the PS4 launches, what is going to persuade people to pay for PS+? There isn't going to be a lot of software for a good bit and you won't get free games for the PS4 anytime soon after the launch. I know that Home and PS+ make a good profit, but it is pennies compared to what Microsoft makes from Xbox Live.

MattyG1859d ago

Well then that wouldn't be bad at all, seeing as how PS+ isn't just multiplayer, and is actually a good deal. If they charge just for MP, I'll be pissed, but if they are integrated that's fine by me.

Axonometri1859d ago

I could see PS World or plus being multi play combined

BitbyDeath1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Nah, paying to get online is not the future.
Sony already earn tons of money through both Home and PS+.

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