Randy Pitchford States That Borderlands Actually Financed All Other Projects

Some individuals have accused Gearbox of using Sega's money for Borderlands. However, Randy Pitchford has stated the opposite on his twitter account.

"False by a LONG SHOT. Borderlands success actually helped to finance all other projects..."

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Root1737d ago

Yeah but what if they got so far with Borderlands 2 and thought "Hey we want to add more....oh wait we're out of money what can we do.....OH I KNOW".

Ron_Danger1736d ago

You must be really mad about that Aliens purchase if you hear this info and still have to spin it. Whatever makes you sleep better at night I guess

Root1736d ago

You must of really needed to come up with a good comment if you had to spin buy Alien I don't think so

DigitalAnalog1737d ago

The key word here is "funded". He didn't claim how much because A: CM clearly was "funded", just not in the same way as Borderlands.

konnerbllb1736d ago

Title is wrong. It currently insinuates that Borderlands 2 funded other games when in fact Randy said "Borderlands" as in Borderlands 1.

Borderlands 2 didn't exist back then.

zmack1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Fixed, thanks for the heads up.

first1NFANTRY1736d ago

Still doesn't answer why A:CM ended up being the worst retail launch game this whole gen.

StanSmith1736d ago

I wouldn't go that far. There are far worse games out there.

Still doesn't excuse the rest of the lies though.

wallis1736d ago

In terms of sheer fall it comes close. No one's expecting Knitting Simulator 2013 to rock your socks off but a company with two successful launches under their titles and a load of experience designing fps? This is a bit like finding out the head chef at a world famous restaurant has popped out for a cigarette and is letting the janitor keep an eye on your steak.

KrystofKage1736d ago

@wallis: I think the real uproar comes from the fact that this isn't the same game they were showing everyone in the demo and previews. I love Gearbox, but they were very misleading.

RankFTW1736d ago

Actually Duke Nukem Forever is the worst retail game launch this gen, whoever released that is far worse than Gearbox.


VTKC1736d ago

After whats happened and to everyones realisation to what Aliens Colon Marines really is. Does he expect people to believe anything that comes out of that ass on his face?

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The story is too old to be commented.