Sony marketing takes a swipe at both Nintendo and Microsoft: is it in good spirit?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "On the other hand, the negative sentiment that is sweeping through parts of the gaming community is not something I would have thought Sony wanted. Like a political campaign, when one politician directly attacks another, this kind of aggressive behaviour comes across to the audience as quite defensive."

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DERKADER1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Sounds more like N4G comments then advertisement. I doubt Sony had anything to do with these ads, they probably outsourced it to some lame ad agency with poor taste.

Also I'm curious what technology PS4 will use to put an end to "13 year-old trash talkers".

MattS1919d ago

If it was outsourced to an Ad agency, Sony marketing would still have final sign-off on any campaign.

guitarded771919d ago

Hasn't there been like 15 iterations of this same story over the past week? I feel like I'm in some strange parallel internet or something. Sometimes I think I have Alzheimer's... then I realize it's just n4g.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

poor taste??
We need more of that.. because it's funny..

joab7771919d ago

Its funny and xbox and nintendo could do the same thing, like is your tech gonna be from earth this time or how can u have such great tech and overlook the memory issue or stop making TVs and phones and concentrate on the playstation. JK. Anyway its all in fun. And no u cant drown out the 13 yr olds but i caution all playstation owners that whined about cross game chat. Be careful who u friend because anyone under the age of 16 will constantly send u party invites until u wanna smash everything. And i hope at least playstation allows us to play without internet because theres so many times i just wanna play by myself.

Tapioca Cold1919d ago

Also I'm curious what technology PS4 will use to put an end to "13 year-old trash talkers".

No Mario. No Kinect. No Americans!

ArmrdChaos1919d ago

Just another manchild that got out of his pen and made it to the keyboard...whether he was paid or not. I imagine there are number on this site that appeal to that type of expected.

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SoundGamer1919d ago

Are we still believing everything we see on the internet? I guess Nintendo made this one too:

(Hint: No they didn't. That was made in 2 minutes on Paint)

Blackdeath_6631919d ago

old news. why do they keep approving these we've seen atleast three articles about these ads do we really need another one. if you are so inclined here you a go

MattS1919d ago

This is a broader discussion than a news piece. It's more looking at whether the marketing campaign by Sony is a good strategy or not.

SoundGamer1919d ago

Maybe it should be whether or not it's from Sony at all.

Megaton1919d ago

It's MattS. His submissions consist of old news and bad opinion.

Chaostar1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

There has been a lot of these floating around lately and not a single one has been actually linked to Sony by any credible source. Yet that won't stop the bloggers running with their story will it, it's like credibility doesn't matter anymore.

Can somebody please give me one single shred of evidence that Sony created any of these ads? ANYBODY?

Unless somebody posts evidence I recommend we downvote this site and any more that keep trying this crap.

Story Quality - WTF
Like this story - er, no.

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