Ten Gaming Crossovers We'll Never See

Nobody makes crazy crossover games quite like Japan. With everything from Smash Brothers and Street Fighter X Tekken to unexpected collaborations like Pokémon Conquest and the recently announced Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, the Japanese love to cram different casts of characters together and see what comes out. Here's a list of ten crossovers that would be possible if the Western market got into the mix.

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dboyman1922d ago

I like the Nathan Drake/Laura Croft one. Other ones would be: Marvel vs DC (fighting game), Super Smash Brothers vs PlayStation All Stars, Metal Gear Solid vs Splinter Cell vs Syphon Filter, Asura's Wrath/God of War, Ninja Gaiden/Shinobi, Final Fantasy/ Disgaea, and so on. List could keep going on and on...

kirbyu1922d ago

Smash Bros. vs ps allstars would never happen.

TuxedoMoon1922d ago

I guess this was suppose to be a joke article cause most of these team-ups suck. Uncharted and Tombraider would be a believable mix.

The biggest western cross over game concept would definitely be DC vs Marvel comics. Others would be famous cartoon characters like Disney-X-WB and lesser known characters from wherever.

It's hard to say what mass cross overs would be good in terms of western studios. I'm mainly looking at Activision, Ubisoft, and EA. I'd be more excited to see a Simon Belmont vs Link vs Vyse Vs Megaman than seeing Kratos vs COD soldier vs Assassin's creed guy vs John Madden. Smaller crossovers would work a lot better for western games. So Tomb Raider and Uncharted or Mass Effect and Dragon age would work if they make the story good.

What I hated about MVC3 was the "robust story" they boasted...that didn't exist. Fans want to see characters interact with each other beyond them teasing each other before and after a match. I liked this a lot in the Super robot wars and Another Century's episodes games. After a mission, the characters would come together and exchange dialogue about what happened. those rival interactions in Playstation all-stars was what made the game a little cooler. It would've been better to see more interactions between characters.

HonestDragon1922d ago

Yeah, some of these crossover ideas just flat out suck. The problem is still with the licensing. There are too many development companies and publishers out there that have the rights to certain entities. They will never let the chance to get a profit slip by, so they will either hold onto their rights or collaborate to get a piece of the profit.

Rayman Invades the Sims: An interesting idea, but I don't know how this will go well between Ubisoft and EA.

Grand Theft Mako: The freaking hell? That's just way too stupid to comment on.

God Hand of War: Just flat out dumb. Next?

Tomb Raider: Uncharted - I know it's a dream team in the making, but until we see how Tomb Raider goes next month, we'll have to see if the supernatural aspects of Uncharted will match well with a remade Tomb Raider.

StarCraft: Netherworld - No, just no. That would ruin StarCraft.

Band Hero X Rock Band: Battle of the Bands - They are both the same game. Both of which have seen no more support from their developers. It's been long enough to consider these franchises legally dead.

Sly Cooper & Star Fox: Black Ops - Not gonna happen at all. A Sony/Nintendo project? Lack of explanation on the canon of both universes? Highly unlikely.

The Elder Scrolls: Minecraft - They did have that. It's called Hearthfire.

PerXona: No, it's not perfect. They tried that with X-Men: Destiny and that was a disappointment. To put more emphasis on the social demographic of mutants would only ruin the game further. I played some of Persona 4 and that was really cool, but it won't fit X-Men at all. People wouldn't want new mutants. They want Gambit, Storm, and Wolverine.

Pokemon vs Predator: This person isn't even trying to be funny anymore. That or their sense of humor has stagnated. This is a stupid crossover idea, even if it is for laughs.