Will Sony's PS4 Be The 'Netflix' For Video Games?

Early last year Sony announced that it was acquiring the game streaming company Gaikai for a reported $380 Million. Many speculated what this meant for the Playstation brand in the future; would the streaming service somehow be a a part of the PS4? Some even speculated that the PS4 may be streaming only, getting rid of physical media altogether. In Friday's edition of the Wall Street Journal it was reported that the Playstation 4 will stream Playstation 3 games as a way to provide backwards compatibility.

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Trenta271888d ago

Clever title. Approved.

Y_51501888d ago


Clever indeed.

subtenko1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

OnLive tried it but PS has a bigger brand association.

The standard internet speeds I say for US at least is 50/25 (Verizon fios) then you have 75/35 is what more people are starting to get. So you people telling me you need more speed than that?

miyamoto1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

yes. been saying this for ps+ for a while
and gaikai will reinforce this for ps1 ps2 ps3 psp ps vita and ps4 games

as the ps3 is the no.1 used netflix device worldwide

haymoza1888d ago

It's clever concept but worded wrong in my opinion. A better title would have been, "Will PS4 be to games what Netflix is for movies?"

Kamikaze1351888d ago

If it works as well as Netflix then that would be great. If it works as badly as OnLive...then I will steer clear from it.

1888d ago
riverstars861888d ago

Sony needs to persuade ISP's to increase internet speeds to consumers at a reasonable price. Until then, Gaikai will have a slow start, but it's a future proof service when internet speeds better support it.

joab7771888d ago

Good news is that if they are at the forefront with this, it could become that which fills the ultimate used games gap. There are many ppl who cannot afford to pay $60 fora game. Imagine a servuce that sells older games for reasonable price and imagine if they let u play whatever u want for a monthly fee. Playstation could become everything onlive wasnt. This is obviously because it also does everything else. Streaming may not be perfect right now but couple high end console gaming with the ability to buy cheap games (ps + or world or whatever) and u have the perfect machine for all types of gamers. They wont have to stop used game sales because eventually they wont be needed.

Tapioca Cold1888d ago

I bet their will be complaints of streaming issues.

What is the 'Netflix' for movies?

I get all mine free.

MikeMyers1888d ago

This will be key for Sony and turning profits quickly, by putting their library on as many devices as possible and perhaps charging a premium model.

EliteDave931888d ago

If thats the case, We gonna need one hell of a internet connection.

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The story is too old to be commented.