GTLive Just spotted the Sucker Punch team checking in for tomorrow's PS event

New IP or infamous 3 from sucker punch?

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majiebeast1701d ago

I bet representatives from all first party and second party studio's will be there including ND,Evolution,GG,PD and MM. But who knows Suckerpunch may come on stage and show off their new IP or Infamous 3. They havent done anything since Infamous 2:Festival of blood.

Abash1701d ago

Sony should save some of the big guns for E3

Bathyj1701d ago

I'm hoping a heap of games get unveiled tomorrow from all the big names we've hardly heard from for a while, and then PS4 steals E3 with playable games (or at least gameplay videos).

HammadTheBeast1701d ago

Nah, Planetside 2 and other amazing games on PS4 will be enough to win E3 easily.

guitarded771701d ago

I'm officially hyped. Killzone 4, GT6, Final Fantasy, Sucker Punch project, MM project, PlanetSide 2, Phantom Pain, MotorStorm 4... I don't know what will/won't be announced tomorrow, but it's gonna be awesome. The downside is all the stupid speculation articles that will follow. I just want to watch and rewatch the presentation about 20 times tomorrow.

shivvy241701d ago

tommorow is the secon coming of Christ , i bet its a new ip

TheGamerDood1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

but if tomorrow is the second coming of Christ, then the world will end and no PS4 for any of us. :(

Gah, Infamous 3 on PS4 would be f'ing amazing!

HeavenlySnipes1701d ago

Is that Kaz's face in the clouds? Or is it just me? O_o

Prcko1701d ago

yeah,,it's a suprise for you guys,KAZ SAYS HI :DD

delicia1701d ago

Damnit I need more Kaz gifs!

animegamingnerd1701d ago

that may have been the most epic thing i have ever seen

TheGamerDood1701d ago

It took me a min to spot him. Kaz is a God now.(^.^)

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SOD_Delta1701d ago

It just keeps getting better.

pr0t0typeknuckles1701d ago

cool thgis could mean something big or its just certain reps from sonys developers that just want to see the show so we cnt really say infamous or new ip yet, now had this been around e3 time then yeah either would be pretty much confirmed,but i dont think sony is gonna go all out just yet.

DigitalRaptor1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Okay so this is sounding promising, but some of these things need to be saved for E3.

Guerrilla - New IP or Killzone 4. Not sure which I'd rather see tbh. Killzone is their best chance at success, but a new IP is always refreshing and I've not played a GG game that isn't an FPS.

Evolution - New MotorStorm that aims to play and look like the original trailer pleaseeeee. The mud. The screen wipers. The mayhem. The destruction. That would be great, and hopefully something that gathers together the best attributes from all games in the series so far.

Polyphony - Is 2 racing games too much? I know both are different, and we've heard the rumours, but I think they should focus on just one for now. It would be smarter to focus on GT for success, but I'd rather see MotorStorm.

Sucker Punch - New IP please guys, as much as I loved inFamous.

Uncharted team - no ND game releases since 2011. I think there's a better chance of an Uncharted 4 in development, but not sure if they will release any info on it tomorrow. Too soon in my opinion.

Media Molecule - Tearaway is out this year, but they are definitely working on a new IP for PS4. I doubt they will reveal it tomorrow.

Ready At Dawn - They did the portable GOW games, and have been rumoured to be making a next gen game for Sony for a while, so there's a chance we'll see something from them. Heavenly Sword 2 anyone?

The Last Guardian PS4 - Well, we'll see!

shivvy241701d ago

keep preaching my brother , i wish to read more

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