EA starting to show off Battlefield 4

GE: "EA is already starting to show off the next entry in the Battlefield series."

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majiebeast1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Yeah gamestop posted this on twitter

Got to see Battlefield 4 today and all I can say is WOW! Thanks @EA for the sneak peek. Can’t wait for you all to see it. ^CEO #BF4

EA could very well be showing BF4 at the playstation meeting.

Sandmano1920d ago

Doubt it. I think they will focus on first party games.


FarCryLover1821920d ago

maybe, but Sony will want to show off something tomorrow that will appeal for everyone. BF4 for the military shooter crowd, Killzone 4 for the sci-fi crowd, motorstorm for the racing crowd, the last guardian for that crowd, etc. etc.

sobekflakmonkey1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

actually sony is going to be showing off lots of third party stuff, the reason being is that all those third party devs are gonna want in on the next generation of console gaming and they're gonna want to be there when it begins, it's a way for them to show off what they have, and what's going to be available on next gen consoles, so I'm almost absolutely sure that third party devs will be there.

guitarded771920d ago

It could very well happen... Sony will go beyond 1st party. With a new console, they will want to show 3rd party support, and they will want to show some of the most graphically impressive 3rd party, and BF4 and FF would be two great games to show.

a_bro1919d ago

The reason why they would want to show 3rd party games is to prove to everyone that the system will not suffer when it comes to graphics of those games compared to the ps3 which was really hard for 3rd parties to develop for

Red_Orange_Juice1919d ago

100% 3rd party publishers will be there

RumbleFish1919d ago

If SONY are releasing the PS4 with Killzone 4 and BF4 at launch they will have a huge success even in NA.

Syntax-Error1919d ago

I was not getting the PS4 at launch this November because my PS3 has tons of life and games to get. I would wait until they have a heavy library of games before a $429.99 purchase.....BUT....if they launch this with BF4 and KZ4 in the library, I might have to reconsider. There's just too many heavy hitters this year on PS3 to warrant a purchase on a new console at this point.

Ju1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

BF4 makes perfect sense to be shown tonight. EA already made a statement that "they ported Frostbite to next gen" and a in house directive to use Frostbite for most of the games in their portfolio; which would mean those games will be available immediately on the next generation of machines.

@Syntax-Error. I'm with you. I wanted to wait till next year; but my excitement level is raising. Not sure if I will be able to hold off. But at the same time, my PS3 won't go anywhere anytime soon; even if I'd get a PS4. Still great games to play there, too.

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classic2001920d ago

All these things before the PSmeeting.

Reverent1920d ago

It would be SO awesome if they showed off BF4 playing on the PS4 tomorrow. Probably won't happen, but that's what I'm hoping for above all personally.

joab7771920d ago

I agree. They always worked with sony especially with B3. It would make no sense to release this on ps3. It will come out un November at launch and what better time than tomorrow to show a quick trailer that is running on ps4.

Ju1919d ago

Frostbite scales. It'll be out for the PS3 as well.

Andreas-Sword1920d ago

yeah! Battlefield 4 will be the best First Person Shooter 2013, 2014!

NegativeCreepWA1920d ago

While I don't disagree, I would wait to see how Destiny and Respawn Entertainments shooter turns out first.

WeAreLegion1919d ago

I have loved Battlefield since BF1942, but I definitely prefer the Killzone series. ;) I am so excited for both though!

DeadlyFire1919d ago

Destiny not likely until 2014.
Respawn not likely until 2014.

Battlefield 4 2013.

KZ is not perfect, but its gotten better with each title so far in at least a few ways.

Flavor1919d ago

Did ya even play BF3? Because most people who did realized pretty fast that they were playing a mediocre CoD clone with half-arsed destruction physics and cartoon vehicles.

And this is coming from a battlefield fan on PC . Can't imagine how awful this game was on consoles with like 24 players.

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andibandit1919d ago

It's more likely we will get a 20 minute segment about Wonderbook 2, than BF4


I think it's very possible. EA and sony have had a close relationship this gen, the way xbox and activision have. You never know.

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LOL_WUT1920d ago

Hopefully we'll get a glimpse of the game at the PS meeting ;)

Cam9771920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Tomorrow. It is obvious.

Gamer-401920d ago

Maybe PlayStation Meeting tomorrow.

ApolloTheBoss1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Wish granted.

Reverent1920d ago

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I clicked your link, and it wasn't dinosaurs.

ApolloTheBoss1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

@Reverent lol sorry It was a Jurassic Park scene with Kaz eating Reggie as a dinosaur. Don't know why the gif didn't play.

talisker1919d ago

Then crawl in a pipe in the Epicenter next to the C objective.

subtenko1919d ago

I demand Mr. Popo. Only one of us is gonna get a wish, guess you'll have to fight me for it in Calypso's Twisted Metal Contest :P

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