Naruto Storm 3: North America DLC Costumes Revealed

Namco Bandai Games America has revealed DLC costumes for North America.

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tayz1853d ago

HELL YA I AM SO GETTING THESE!! Hope we can get RTN characters too and ANBU Kakashi!!

Snookies121853d ago

Yeah, I REALLY want the Road to Ninja costumes as well... It would suck if we couldn't get them. :\

Still, I'm happy these are coming out at least. The Samurai Naruto especially. That one is really badass.

tayz1853d ago

i think we will get them too. every1 was crying we got no dlc, but WAM BAM HAM here is some DLC!

BXbomber1852d ago

ok so i signed up for shonen jump how will i get my code?