How Square Enix Is Ruining Kingdom Hearts "One of the last things SquareSoft did before merging with Enix to become Square Enix was release Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation 2 back in 2002. Kingdom Hearts mixed together characters from the Final Fantasy series and many different Disney worlds. The two different properties came together to tell the story of a young boy named Sora and his friends who lived with him on Destiny Islands. Over ten years later the Kingdom Heart series has spawned over seven game, but the reputation of the franchise has been sullied by Square Enix over the last decade."

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NukaCola1739d ago

KH has gotten too weird. I loved the first two but over the years it got repetitive and the story is getting so wrapped up in a mess of inception its hard to follow or even care. We shouldof had KH3 years ago. They really have strung out a story that didnt need to go that deep.

bothebo1739d ago

I don't think Birth by Sleep killed it, I think it added to it because you knew where the game was going to go next. I think the 3DS installation killed because it made the story so much more complex than it needed to be.

mephman1738d ago

And required people to buy yet another console in order to experience it...

Root1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Yeah they added in Dream Eaters or something

Heartless...fair enough. Main enemy on the games

Nobodies from the remains of those who have lost their hearts to Darkness...ok I guess, I understand it. Good way to bring new enemies in


Seriously why couldn't they just do non canon side games to the series on the DS with new characters and keep prequels for the PSP/PSV.

When we get the chance to finally play on KH3 I won't have a bloody clue whats going on.

SugarSoSweet1738d ago

I completely agree KH 1 and 2 were great perhaps even masterpieces but now KH has gotten so tangled in it's own confusing story I suspect that even the developers themselves don't know what's going on

rezzah1738d ago

I don't own a 3DS so I watched DDD on youtube.

You'll learn how all games fit into the entire world as a whole at the end of DDD.

In fact you might even think that the all that you did in 1 and 2 was all pointless.

Overall Master X, forgot how to spell his name, is one of the most awesome villains of all time.

user39158001738d ago

Square-enix destroyed what squaresoft was the pinacle of japanese excitement and innovation. Now square-enix introduces nothing else but manure, they have pooped all over the major franchise. Square-enix suck, while squaresoft rock.

mephman1739d ago

Yea, it's difficult to understand why they felt the need to make the story so convoluted. Also, it's rather annoying that they consider the handheld games "spin-offs", yet their story is pretty integral if you want to know what the heck is going on.

Root1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Look at chain of memories before KH2

They said you didn't need to play it, it wasn't needed but it bloody was. I had to watch the cut scenes online and after that I appreciated and enjoyed KH2 much more. They didn't even explain it to you in KH2 about what happened in Chain of Memories it's like they expected to you buy it.

You end KH by traveling down a path at night in the middle of no where and in the next game you wake up in some sort of sleep pod in some castle.

and that was just one...ONE side game

We've had 1 DS games, one mobile game, one PSP game and a 3DS game which ending will be the start of KH3 apparently so that's 4 games in total before KH3. How some of us who aren't obsessed KH fans are going to understand is beyond me

wishingW3L1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I remember beating the first KH game and then when I started with the second one I didn't play Chain of Memories first and I was like, I have no idea what is going on! Who are Organization 8, who is Roxas, why is Sora sleeping there? lol

Seriously, it blows my mind that this confusing mess still has fans left. =/

Torchwood41738d ago

It actually is sort of upsetting to see how many people will never play all of these awesome games and experience the great story.

Canary1738d ago

Well, it's inevitable. The series, which was originally intended to be a simple trilogy, is just way too convoluted. The fact that it's spread across four different platforms doesn't help anything; and the fact that the two (and only) primary games of the franchise are not playable on any currently-produced console makes it even worse.

If the games ever do see a PSN release... assuming the PS4 has even limited b/c... I would expect to see a great many new gamers find their way to the series.

Torchwood41738d ago

As long as it is handled properly by Square Enix is what will make the difference. They really need to learn that you cant just throw a game out with a few ads on Disney channel to sell a game anymore and need to put some real time and thought into these things to make the fanbase grow again instead of slowly dwindle away.

TenkoTAiLS1738d ago

I guess that's why they are releasing KH 1.5 HD Remix, with an eventual 2.5 following as hinted at by Nomura. That way all of the games will be available on one platform. Well 356/2 Days won't be playable, its just an HD movie, but at least you get the recap from the game in there. Plus its the Final Mix version of the first game which was previously only available in Japan, so there's some positives in this HD re-release.

rezzah1738d ago

There is always youtube, if they can't learn to use it then it is their loss.

animegamingnerd1738d ago

to many spins offs which made the story very confusing

rezzah1738d ago

They are not spin-offs.

All link the story in a proper flow.

Miss these "spin-offs" and you barely know anything.

I suggest watch the cut-scenes on youtube.

Megaton1738d ago

Loved the first two, haven't bothered with any of the portable junk. Stopped waiting for KH3.

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