Sony is already advertising the PlayStation 4 in Champions League

PlayStation is one of the biggest sponsors of the UEFA Champions League. So we regularly see PlayStation 3 and PS Vita logos during the games. Today however, there was something else in place of the usual logos that we always get to see during the games.


Mod note: It's not PS4 advertising. It's just advertising tomorrow's event.

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THC CELL1739d ago

So much for ms rant bwhaha the UK knows now eh

BanBrother1739d ago

Haha it's as if they did this on purpose lol. MS said people in the UK wouldn't know about it on the 20th, so they do this on the 19th.

Can't wait. This is going to be absolutely huge. Soccer is much, much bigger than American football. The advertising will be seen by many, many millions.

Reverent1738d ago

I would say that it will be seen by much more than just millions. Not only is Europe bigger than the US, soccer is the most famous sport world wide. I'm sure people will be tuning in from places outside of Europe also. The internet is wonderful isn't it?

Reverent1738d ago

Missed my edit chance, but also, I think it's funny that Sony's slogan for the event is "Be the first to know" when in reality, nearly everyone will know lol.

user39158001738d ago

@ reverent Yes europe is bigger than USA, and every other continent if you want to add that, Africa, australia, russia. europe, asia, south america, lol and the rest of north america. With that said USA its the major Gaming business n the world, the entire Europe combined sales less than USA fact, top 9 sales countries in the world sale less then usa. Europe population 733 million vs USA 331 MILLION AND GUESS WHAT USA outsales them lol... With that in mind mr. troll soccer is not even in the top 20 sales in any genereation of console, so to me soccer its relevant to thse that wants attention.


shivvy241738d ago

yea soccer is definately worldwide , its extremely popular in europe and its starting to get attention in australia

seedaripper19731738d ago

It's called 'football' you fucking clueless yanks (yep that's right, it's played with your feet...NOT your fucking hands) soccer my arse.

Baka-akaB1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

" soccer is not even in the top 20 sales in any genereation of console, so to me soccer its relevant to thse that wants attention. "

I'm not so sure you're making any sense here . Fifa on its own boast over 100 millions sold games .

The last two fifa sold each 10 millions over less than 12 months and fifa have been almost every year one of the top selling games all year long .

With it's regular release schedule and constant yearly sales rangeing from 4 millions to 10 millions , i dont see how you can claim it wouldnt crack a top 20 sales in any generation of consoles . It is actually 5th or 6th among game franchises and beating stuff like madden or anything NBA . Besides japanese franchises such as Mario and pokemon ... pretty much only gta , the sims and tetris beats fifa .

NewMonday1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

the Champions League is big in Europe and also watched by millions in the rest of the world.

it's like the NFL finals for the rest of planet Earth

Kornholic1738d ago

I hate it that American "football" is called football. It's handegg! The European version is football, because you actually kick a ball with your feet.

Red_Orange_Juice1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

first of all Champions League is most watched club sports competition in the world, with it's final surpassing Super Bowl

second, Sony/Playstation brand was always there during CL games, it clever they advertise the date

nunley331738d ago

Soccer is popular in europe largely because that's all there is there. Soccer will never be big in america because its too european and we have to many other sports and other things to choose from. One would think with it should be more popular in america with that kiddy soccer craze and soccer mom phenomenon in the 90's. Playing soccer isn't seen as very manly at all here and consider american football the real football. It's cultural is why largely for the short answer.

Red_Orange_Juice1738d ago


wanna play something real? how about rugby?

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Yup! Day mad as hell.

Seems the ex halo/gears/google chrome marketing team is doing great!

007Bond1738d ago


classic2001739d ago

LOL the whole European continent is ready!!! HAHA

NewMonday1738d ago

funny thing is that they may get the PS4 last

KingKevo1738d ago

@newmonday: *'sad' if you're European like me :( I'm afraid we'll probably get it early next year.

stage881739d ago

That is so awesome!

2013 is the Year Of The PlayStation.

GribbleGrunger1738d ago

It's a good job they advertised in this match. Otherwise no one in the UK would have known it was happening ...

Upbeat1738d ago

We do have the internet you know.

Blackdeath_6631738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

sony has always been advertising in football matches particularly European matches. sony has sent everyone an email about the event i think pretty much everyone knows by now as well as a good percentage of laymen/uninformed. also i'm sure even if people don't turn up the event will be widely reported on by the bbc and other news sources. on a side note, the ad during the match was the only cheerful thing about another miserable day for Arsenal not often you say that about advertisements.

MakiSaad21738d ago

I'm from the UK and my knowledge about Playstation is far beyond yours, And stop acting like the UK is in Mars or something.

Energy-HL1738d ago

Im pretty sure that this guy was joking

GribbleGrunger1738d ago

LOL. You lot are so slow (but one).

Remember MS saying that people in the UK wouldn't know about the PS4 announcement? Come on lads! Catch up :)

andibandit1738d ago

In this match???

Sony has been advertising in like every Champions League game for as long as i can remember

Denethor_II1738d ago

I with you Gribble.
Don't get sucked into the football vs American football debate going on at the top lol.

KingKevo1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

@GribbleGrunger: Well, Sony is an official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League anyway, so it was just a logical step to advertise it there, just like they did advertise the Vita last year.

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Mr Pumblechook1738d ago

I think MS were mistaken about non-gamers not knowing, judging by mainstream press coverage the whole of the UK is anticipating this. FOOTBALL is the sport of the UK & Europe. Regular people will be talking about this.

But will the new PlayStation justify the hype?

user39158001738d ago

last time I checked UK was in europe, but what can any one expect from trolls, they dont know any better.

Software_Lover1738d ago

................... Some of you have to be the most thick headed people I have ever come across.

stage881738d ago

Just because the xbox 360 is getting no attention.
Stop throwing your toys out of the pram.

zeddy1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

im a playstation fan and i didnt even notice the ads. much interested in seeing arsenal getting fraped.

torchic1738d ago

it was the only bright side to last night :(

no but how could you have missed it?

the entire electronic advertising board around the pitch was illuminated in this unmissable electric blue, with white, bold letters. it was extremely unmissable.

shivvy241738d ago

tommorow is the second coming of Christ

Silly gameAr1738d ago But, hopefully a game console that many people are waiting to see will be shown. May not be the second coming of Christ but I'm still pretty excited about it ;).

xursz1738d ago

No, more likely the fourth coming of PlayStation. With all due respect to my religous brethren, this will be better.

Old McGroin1738d ago

"tommorow is the second coming of Christ"

I'd say even Jesus is on the edge of his seat for tonight's announcements!

GanjaMan1738d ago

what are you on about? its not just uk viewers, the whole world watches football except for the dumb yanks, you do understand the world cup was watched by over 2 billion people now compare that to the record viewing figurs of superboal at only 111mil hahahaha

TAURUS-5551738d ago

i enjoyed watching the pathetic arsenal no doubt today is the day for ps4 ¡¡

TAURUS-5551738d ago

football is the most popular sport in the world, sony knows that and doesnt waste money and time in that thing called NFL..btw i call it american rugby.

the whole world loves football ¡¡¡

ok only the yanks dont...but doenst matter.

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Prodigy-X1739d ago

Their new marketing is doing better than the last.

NBT911739d ago

Lol I swear they advertised this even more than they advertised the PS3.
Christ, I am sooo hyped now. Good times!

JoGam1739d ago

OMG yes. Sony needs to hit up news and all networks . When PS2 was launch is was like the second coming of christ. Sony needs to do that again.

rainslacker1738d ago

Their marketing has been on fire lately. It's like the old PS1 and early PS2 days. I'm really impressed with the quick turnaround they made in this regard, and hope they can maintain it for the long term.

perdie1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

that's what she said....

Enemy1738d ago

Nope. Microsoft rep here.

MasterCornholio1738d ago

My hands are ready because I don't play yoga games.

Waggle waggle

Motorola RAZR i

Commandar_Shepard1739d ago