Why DmC and Tomb Raider are the Most Important Games of 2013

Gi - When you take a moment to look at the landscape of video games for the upcoming year you can’t help but be overwhelmed. 2013 is stacking up to be an amazing year for gamers, with sequels and prequels such as Crysis 3, GTA 5, God of War: Ascension, and Bioshock Infinite . We have new IPs such as The Last of Us, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. We also have two reboots of beloved series that I am pegging as the most important games of 2013 with Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry (DmC). These two games mean more to gaming’s future than any game to date or others coming out this year. I know that I will be treading on some thin ice with some, and others may just stop right here; but I ask you to hear me out and keep an open mind.

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pr0t0typeknuckles1888d ago

"more gamers have been wrapped up in the way that Dante and Lara look than about the game itself.With Dante, gamers are upset that his hair isn’t white anymore and that his clothes look slightly different. Unfortunately, some are more frustrated about Lara not being in skimpy shorts and a tank-top than being excited about a game that puts a new spin on a flat-lined series. "

uh no, we were all wrapped up in the gameplay and who the heck complained about laras appearance she looks like lara croft still, and im personally excited for tomb raider, now i will say some things are begining to make me say uncharted like the regenerative health,and the freaking multiplayer, but DmC that was a complete downgrade,gameplay wise and character wise yet for some reason you think were all cmplaing about the hair still, dude just drop it the game is out drop the same old we wont give the game a chance because of hair quip.

"The most important thing when it comes to games should be the mechanics and overall themes. Does the game play well? Does it keep the same characteristics? That’s the heart and soul of the game and what should matter the most to gamers rather than looks."

you say this yet you forget how DmC had no characteristics of the old series, sure it played well but it didnt play as well as the old ones we need to move forward not backwards, and tomb raider to me seems to be keeping the characteristics of the originals the only downgrades ive noticed so far is no swimming and regenerative health.

"This wouldn’t even be a topic of conversation if these games were simply given a different label. If DmC or Tomb Raider were called something totally different, people would be saying “Wow this game is like Devil May Cry or Tomb Raider” and they would be welcomed editions to everyone’s gaming library." 

if DmC was called something different its true it wouldnt get much hate, but people would still call it a DMC clone, what you fail to realise is that the game was a total downgrade dude, and when you reboot something things should obviously change but they shouldnt change to the point of when you actually have to question yourself by saying how is this a DMC game,and we as gamers all agree that resident evil needs a reboot and tomb raider did as well but DMC didnt and with tomb raider there actuially improving the formula, with DmC they downgraded.

all in all what im trying to say is theres no problem or hate towards reboots of an esablished franchise, Prince of persia was rebooted twice with the sands of time trilogy and the 08 game and i loved them, but they also retained remiscent things from past PoP games such as platforming, acrobatic character,setting, strong male and female leads,magic etc...and splatterhouse 2010 while it was a mediocre game it retained elements from the previous splatterhouse, im pretty sure it would be stupid itf the game went from beat em up to third person shooter right? heres my example what if the next zelda came out and it played like uncharted with swordplay, its different yes will it be fun maybe, but is it a zelda game, no it wouldnt be.

hiredhelp1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Gota say i preferd reading your comment than the article and i agree completly.
I am buying tomb raider and i dont mind the uncharted feel as i enjoyed uncharted series on ps3.
I know tomb raider inspired naghty dog in many ways where they took it to a who new and better level i think crystal dynamics are basicly complimenting them buy given a touch of uncharted feel to there game.

Root1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Indiana Jones was the main inspiration behind Uncharted...not Tomb Raider. Why can't people get that through their heads

The only thing they have in common is that they are both treasure hunters but Drake is more of a thief.

As for the platform elements...tell me, how else are they supposed to do a realistic platforming game. You can only jump, climb, scale and grab onto an object one way realistically so of course the platforming is going to look similar....not like NDs past games where they could use a double jump.

"and i dont mind the uncharted feel as i enjoyed uncharted series on ps3. "

You should be mind because it's supposed to be Tomb Raider not Uncharted. This is how franchises end up totaly different from what established the franchise in the first place and in the end is what ruins them...for example Resident Evil

hiredhelp1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Yes indiana jones did come first way back in the good old days but it was never the the scale that tomb raider gave us.
Laura croft had more imersive adventures while seeking her treasure the puzzles where very simular ideas that uncharted took on.
Indiana jones lucia arts started it but to me crystal dynamics took it to another next gen.
Now would i preferd a proper reboot tomb raider sure but this game is about laura before she became who we all know of her. So im ok with what the devs have chosen to do because they chosen to make a game based on a story before the catacombes before the mansion at least this is from what i can make out.
This is about feeling the player laura becomming laura going threw the crap Almost i guess like a movie witch uncharted was amazing at making me feel like it was at points in the game.

ritsuka6661885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Indiana Jones was the main inspiration behind Uncharted"

I totally agree...

Any Tomb Raider fan knew where the inspiration initially came from with the original Indiana Jones movies. :]

Baka-akaB1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

DmC was only important as a test . Would the public accept in masse , alongside the already dissapointing and innept medias , a downgrade and watering down of the genre ... pandering to the ever threatening autel of "accessibility" , or reject it ?

Thankfully it was the later . It shows so far that whatever concession made , and how much souls are sold out , hack and slash arent that much in favor with the general public and that it just turn of regular fans .

Ares84HU1888d ago

I just wanted to say that I'm a huge Tomb Raider fan. Currently playing through TRIII for the 1000th time. But the thing is that this new Tomb Raider has NOTHING to do with the old ones other than the lead character is female and named Lara Croft. Now, I'm not saying that it will be bad, I already preordered it but it does not keep the "heart and soul" of true Tomb Raider games. It will be a good adventure game for sure just not like the old Tomb Raider games and it has nothing in it that made the old ones great. I look at this as a brand new game that has nothing to do with old Tomb Raider games.

Root1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

My problem is that they keep saying it's the "birth of a legend" or "A legend is born" but it's not the "legend" we grew up's a totaly different Lara Croft that will grow up to be nothing like the one we played in TR1-TR AoD. So in a way it's NOT the legend we grew up with making the whole point of this origin "see how she became Lara Croft" invalid.

Her original story apparently, the one in the comics which adds her parents and fiance, is that her plane goes down in the Himalayas and she's the only survivor. I mean surviving a plane crash, in the harsh brutal mountains of the Himalayas AND suffering with your parents AND your fiances deaths as you try and get to the nearest village for saftey would of been amazing. Plus if they did that it would then be the real Lara we grew up with, not a totaly different one with a totaly different backstory


Below @celestiatem

Who says I'm hating it

I'm questioning it, not hating on it. dmc was a totaly different story.

celestiatem1888d ago

Retcons aren't new to story lines, and usually are done to make a better and more interesting/compelling story. I'm not sure if this will happen with the new Tomb Raider, but writing it off without any form of evidence is stupid, since unlike DmC there's no demo to full out hate things from.

Basically, if it's worth hating at least give it a fighting chance to show it's worth hating, if it even is. If it's good and the storyline is enjoyable, while maintaining the character everyone knew and loved at the end, where's the harm in the backstory? She had to get there somehow.

Redempteur1888d ago

you bet this tomb raider has nothing to do with the previous ones .. all the PS1/PS2 area tomb raider have very badly aged .the old formula they kept following needed a overhaul.

Ares84HU1888d ago

Not really. They could have still kept the exploration and the puzzles old Tomb Raider games were known for. Now, this is an Uncharted wanna be. It's not a bad's just isn't Tomb Raider. It's not hard to imagine what a good TR game would be now days....but this isn't it. The problem is, the formula was lost back in the PS2 days.

wishingW3L1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

what a very well written and researched this piece is. /s

Funny thing is that all the defendants of this game already moved on and don't give a fk anymore, meanwhile, we the fans are still complaining and discussing this sht. That's the difference between a real fan and fake that is just caught in the hype. We care about the franchise but they don't but still, Capcom gave the middle finger to us and we responded by not buying the stupid game.

celestiatem1888d ago

Unfortunately, but hopefully they learned what we want out of DMC series, rather than just turning away from the DMC series altogether. That would be a severe tragedy.

NorthernOracle1884d ago

That's a very likely scenario, because Capcom is in an unfortunate spot: someone will be angry regardless of what direction they take it in from here.

All the luminaries that made 1 and 3 great are now off doing bigger and better things. I would far prefer a DmC sequel than a revisiting of 4 or (God forbid) 2.

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