Uncharted 3 Patch 1.17 and “Something New” for Multiplayer Out Next Week

It looks like that big Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer news Naughty Dog has teased for what seems like forever will finally be revealed next week.

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TrendyGamers1255d ago

"Something new" suggests that it won't be a standalone release.

Agent Smith1255d ago

Damn, game came out late 2011 and they're still supporting it! More than I can say for other games >_>

Ultr1255d ago

love how it plays. Still getting back to it every week

SlapHappyJesus1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )


Honestly, and this is going to be seen as heathenism, but I have never owned a Playstation 3.

So, I have never really dipped into the multiplayer, or even much of the singleplayer, of this game.

Is the community really still there for this? If so, that's really impressive.
What's also impressive is, as Agent Smith above already stated, that they are still actively supporting it.

tack1291255d ago

@SlapHappyJesus - Yes there are still people playing it. People mainly come back to it due to the Labs which consists of either weapon modes or new maps. I'd say that the support is still fantastic.

One lab we played was some form of dodgeball but with grenades. Nearly everyone loved that mode.

Y_51501255d ago

They supported Uncharted 2 multiplayer until the Uncharted 3 beta released. I love how much ND supports their multiplayers!

plaZeHD1255d ago

Yes they do, but the multi-player still doesn't feel Uncharted. The current multi-player mode is like the combination of Team Fortress 2 and Call Of Duty, with climbing included. It's also a lag fest.
The cutscenes in the beta added a cinematic feel to the game mode, but Naughty Dog removed'em for some unknown reason.

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LOGICWINS1255d ago

I bet it'll be announced for PS Plus tomorrow as a Free Game. Imagine being able to play this via Gaikai on the Vita. Sick!

tack1291255d ago

That would be quite awesome.

doctorstrange1255d ago

So that's what the PS Meeting is about

TrendyGamers1255d ago

Haha I think we'll see something about Uncharted tomorrow.

majiebeast1255d ago

Playstation meeting 2013-It was all Uncharted.

dbjj120881255d ago

I don't have time for multiplayer! I'm still looking for Easter eggs!

Cam9771255d ago

Does anybody know how to fix the error that stops the leveldata from syncing?

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