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Sony Highlights Gran Turismo’s History on Eve of Next-Generation PlayStation Announcement

A leaked video promoting the “PlayStation Meeting 2013″ prominently features the GT series. (Next-Gen, PS4, Sony)

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DA_SHREDDER  +   827d ago
considering how long we waited for GT5, I would eat my own hat if GT6 isn't at least a close to launch title.
JoGam  +   827d ago
What is Sony doing to my brain? My head is all over the place. I feel like a ten year old and tomorrow is Christmas.

After watching the video must say it was more about games and how Playstation changed the way we see and play games. I got the feeling one of the announcements will be cloud gaming.
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MikeMyers  +   827d ago
If GT6 is a launch title for the PS4 it's an instant buy for me.
NBT91  +   827d ago
GT6 definitely will sell consoles, launch game or not.
However the video was more about how PlayStation gaming has evolved, not just the GT series, that was merely an example.
I mean SotC was in the video and Journey, but I will be very surprised if those get sequels.

Obviously there will eventually be a GT game on PS4 but I am not getting my hopes up for a reveal tomorrow. (If there is though, with Gaikai, GT6 and PS4 all shown off it would be one heck of a show!)
Aceman18  +   827d ago
this video demonstrates why i will always support Sony's consoles. they have the variety, and aren't afraid to support new creative ideas.

so the purchase of their new system is a no-brainer for me.
miyamoto  +   827d ago
PlayStation single handed removed the stigma that video games are toys for young children.

That alone was an incredible feat.
Something Ninty wont do and something M$ keeps on capitalizing on.
Sarcasm  +   827d ago
Didn't PD already say they started work on GT6 right after GT5? Being one of the premiere studios for Sony, I wouldn't be surprised if they were one of the first studios to have PS4 specifications and develop with that in mind.

So GT6 might not be that far away than we think!
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BlmThug  +   827d ago
Holy mother of Batman, GT6 is by far and large my most anticipated title for the next-gen :D
majiebeast  +   827d ago
Im glad Sony put a huge effort in experimental games like Journey and LBP and this video shows that they wont stop doing that any time soon.

GT6 tommorow at the event.

It is still a lot better then Forza.
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plaZeHD  +   827d ago
I agree with you, but you don't have to say IT.
DatNJDom81  +   827d ago
Seems Gran Tourismo has been confirmed for PS4. :)
j-blaze  +   827d ago
nah Forza is better imo..better AI, soundtrack, sound effects, driving and cars are fully customizable, also, Turn 10 didn't spend 5 years making a game then release it with pixelated cars, stupid AI and bugs

anyway, GT6 is def going to be announced at PlayStation Meeting, Kaz himself was teasing about it early this month...
hope Translator-san is there too xD

@ DigitalRaptor

so that isn't Kaz?! how did he know there will be announcement related to GT at the meeting :/ ? eh i'll leave my comment as it is anyway :(
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DigitalRaptor  +   827d ago
@ j-blaze

Kaz Himself? Have you even read the profile description for that account?

"Announcer of prices, Lover of Ridge Racer, owner of giant hands. PARODY ACCOUNT. (formerly @KazHiraiSCE)"

The hint is in the word parody! LOL.
SandWitch  +   827d ago
GT6 won't be a launch window title me thinks. Only 2 years passed since GT5 release so it needs at least about 2 more years of development.

It could be announced tomorrow though.
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The_KELRaTH  +   827d ago
I could foresee a GT5 enhancement to add support for a PS4 though such removing the slow HDD menu loading etc.
The_Infected  +   827d ago
Polyphony said it wouldn't take near as long for GT6 as it did for GT5 remember.
kayoss  +   827d ago
If gt6 a launch game, I'm quitting my job and go camp out at best buy.
josephayal  +   827d ago
I don't wanna grow up
Mounce  +   827d ago
Watch, the whole huge announcement was JUST GT6 and not PS4.

I'd sorta laugh.
IRetrouk  +   827d ago
I would cry and be happy at the same time.
AzaziL  +   827d ago
It wouldn't surprise me if it's announced as a launch title, only to be delayed slightly after launch, and then delayed again for 2-3 more years. Wouldn't be the first time....
clarkdef  +   827d ago
GT Director once said that GT5s cars are good enough for ps4. I was looking at the prem showroom cars and their detail is super high, I think higher than when driving them. Good way to see the difference is the preview at the buy point.

I assume that they would look near perfect with better lighting, lighting that the ps4 could do.

Because I think as a company they would of thought ahead, and being that they worked so hard on the cars future proofing isn't out of question.
muttley65  +   826d ago
I would buy GT6 if!! those damn yellow lines not in it
and gameplay like GT3 turn as you see fit. not regulated to follow yellow lines. that was their mistake and reason i did NOT buy GT5.
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nrvalleytime  +   827d ago
Whoo boy. A new Gran Turismo title would just make my day.

Super Bon Bon, Super Bon Bon...
Walker  +   827d ago
The return of the king !
BanBrother  +   827d ago
Happens to be one of my favourite movies, only fitting it be used in regards to the best racing sim franchise of all time.

This all but confirms it!! If I was an anime girl, I would have wet my pants right now!!!.....too far??
theDECAY  +   827d ago
kayoss  +   827d ago
Are you talking about lord of the ring or the disney movie lion king?
Walker  +   827d ago
I'm talking about king of the racing silmulations .
Chaostar  +   827d ago
"The return of the king"


Sorry I had to, these Kaz pics have been keeping me entertained for days, time to share the Kaz love.
Cocozero  +   827d ago
Hopefully this gen will be the one GT becomes a AAA game again
supraking951  +   827d ago | Well said
gt5 was better then the latest 2 Forza's how many Forza's were released this gen and yet there missing features that GT5 has
kudakadere  +   827d ago
You can't compare GT5 to Forza visa versa , their different games , end off .
theWB27  +   827d ago
Missing what features? Like weather and day/light on a handful of tracks? Only part of the game was made for the PS3...60 different versions of the same car? Terrible car sounds, non-existent damage modeling. Very limited car custimization. Online wasn't in the same league as Forza. GT was a half finished game that took 6 years to make with bad menus and slow as malasses progression and you say Forza was missing features? I'd rather they not be in at all than the half assed effort GT5 was.

In other news...can't wait for tommorow and hopefully if GT6 is shown then it's a complete game.
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TheFallenAngel  +   827d ago
PS3 is my favorite console and I'm getting a PS4 on launch day but forza is miles ahead of GT5. This is coming from a PlayStation fan since ps1. I played both and forza is way better in every way.
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ip4jwipthjtt  +   827d ago
GT5 is not better than Forza 4 coming from someone who owns them both. GT5 is a great game and I love playing it with my G27 but it has some flaws that should be fixed in the next GT game.

-There shouldn't be “standard” cars. It seems GT focuses on quantity over quality in this case.

-The sounds aren't so hot either.

-GT5 should of had a vinyl/design editor. Not a huge factor but should still be in the game.

-Making paint colours a one use item and forcing players to earn them is just flat out stupid. Also "paint chips" is just stupid. Hell the game doesn't even show a paint colour preview.

The fact it took the game so long to come out, while leaving this stuff behind just doesn't add up. Again, I'm not a Forza fanboy, even Forza lacks some things GT5 has like night racing, dirt, and snow tracks. Go-karts?LOL. Not to mention I love that they gave the new Corvette Stingray for free at the time of its debut.
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JoGam  +   827d ago
Sorry my man but GT has always been AAA. Just saying.

@ Gribblegrunger. Its not just about what videos was shown but about the message in the video. I believe the clues are there.
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GribbleGrunger  +   827d ago
Loud and clear: Expect us to continue innovating and taking risks with game development. That's a message that every PS fan will understand and appreciate.
NastyLeftHook0   827d ago | Not a reply | show
gravv  +   827d ago
halo and forza also lost its aaa status last year, even journey r@pe them in the as$ left and right and its only 3 hours game lol
ip4jwipthjtt   826d ago | Personal attack | show
doctorstrange  +   827d ago
It's not a leaked video
silkrevolver  +   827d ago
Oh shizz.
GribbleGrunger  +   827d ago
So why would they do it this way? PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP+VITA/GT.

Surely it was logical to go PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/VITA, which would have taken us to this point with consoles... So, I'm wondering whether we are going to see GTPS4 tomorrow!
grassyknoll  +   827d ago
A Gran Turismo title near the/at launch would be massive, especially in the UK/Europe. People on US sites seem to forget GT 5 sold 10 million copies.
ThatXboxGuy  +   827d ago
It's almost enough to bring a tear to my eye.

> Dat history
LOL_WUT  +   827d ago
>Dat playstation history ;)
MrWonderful  +   827d ago
Im getting off this damn site until after the conference. Im getting to excited, like a fat kid loves cake and need to let out my inner 10 year old on christmas eve night because im so damn excited im not going to sleep tonight. Damn you sony claus hahaha
OcelotRigz  +   827d ago
Im the same, i really should try n' stop coming on here, reading everything PS related, it makes the waiting much harder.

Even worse, ever have one of those days where you think its the next day? Yeah, i had that this morning, of all the days to have it. Woke up, thought of the PS meeting and thought "Woohoo its tonight", then realised, wait a minute, its only Tuesday!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
waltyftm  +   827d ago
I love Gt5.
ATLRoAcH  +   827d ago
I'd love to see them announce GT6 for PS4 and Vita tomorrow with full cross play. I think that would be awesome.
Bumpmapping  +   827d ago
Pretty much confirms GT6 now the only question left will it be a launch title?

@bunt I never said it would be a launch title it wouldn't put money on it being one either....What does suggest it will be on PS4.
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bunt-custardly  +   827d ago
No it doesn't at all. Way to jump to conclusions. GT6 is a given much like Halo 5 is, but this video is looking at the games and how they shaped perception. GT5 being a large and notable part of that.

Sure, it would be great if GT6 is announced tomorrow as a PS4 launch game, but the video does not suggest anything of the sort.
BitbyDeath  +   827d ago
And will it be in 4K
MrWonderful  +   827d ago
I would say much of what they have done in GT5 can be scaled to PS4 and look even better
ionicmoose  +   827d ago
Trying not to read too much into it, but that certainly set up a potential reveal for Gran Turismo 6 and The Last Guardian as PS4 titles tomorrow.
Nate-Dog  +   827d ago
A part of me wants to think that them mentioning both ICO and SoTC (and mentioning ICO in the PS2 video) is possibly hinting at The Last Guardian. One can dream.
kudakadere  +   827d ago
GT6 just announced for sure :D
dafegamer  +   827d ago
if this doesnt confirm GT6
Sarobi  +   827d ago
KwietStorm  +   827d ago
Uh oh...
OcelotRigz  +   827d ago
PirateThom  +   827d ago
I'm not sure what this confirms.... yes, GT is Sony's biggest franchise, but it was like half the video... are they going to announce GT6 for PS4?

I think it's worth baring in mind that the photo model versions of the cars are graphically superior to those found in the races, could the photo models become the race models?
NBT91  +   827d ago
To be quite honest, I would be happy if that was the only improvement.
More likely though,I suspect GT6 will mostly expand on features bought into GT5 more than much else. You know, constant dynamic weather on every track, proper interior models for every car, improved track editor etc...Damage other than simple scratches when crashing head on at 100+MPH...
That's what I would prefer they spent their time on than improving the graphics even more.

GT5 introduced many cool new feature but even I, as a huge fan of the series would be a bit of a fool not to admit they were not implemented in half as well as they could have been. GT6 would be the perfect sequel if it rectifies that.
Kennytaur  +   827d ago
GT6 is the best possible launch title for the PS4, it sells very, very well globally.
izumo_lee  +   827d ago
This simple video is the definition of Playstation. What the Playstation brand stands for & what it will continue to deliver with each & every platform.

The Playstation ushered in the game industry as we know it today. Sure Nintendo is credited in saving the game industry way back when & they do deserve props for that. However with Playstation it brought gaming to the forefront & into the public eye. No longer was video game considered a toy, it was now an 'experience'.

For 15+ years the Playstation brand has delievered unique experiences in gaming that few have done. No matter what side you are on it is the games that bring us back all the time. That is why the industry needs Playstation & that is why it will ALWAYS be relevant no matter what people say about the company.
BitbyDeath  +   827d ago
Likely would be a prologue version if announced
lovegames718  +   827d ago
Thats why I game mostly on ps brands new and old ips constantly released and always quality.
Bathyj  +   827d ago
cheetah  +   827d ago
So much quality in that clip and they didn't even scratch the surface of the stable of franchises Sony own. Sony know entertainment.
Mathew9R   827d ago | Spam
mayberry  +   827d ago
I like how the narrator says that the gt series was designed for a 'adult' gamer! to me that statement epitomizes the entire PS brand compared to it's rivals.
hobohunterz  +   827d ago
The Hype is too DAMN high!
Tazz1992  +   827d ago
Go Gran Turismo! my favorite game series
Just look at my avatar
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