PlayStation Cloud Domains Registered

Sony has just registered what we look to believe as an important part of tomorrow’s PlayStation 2013 announcement.

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WildStyles2006d ago

Dat cloud gaming service.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2006d ago

this would be the perfect way to sell the vita, steam ps3, and ps4 games on it, and get rid of at&t being the only service available for 3g on the vita

Abash2006d ago

PlayStation Cloud, has a nice ring to it

evilhasitsway2006d ago

ps3 games maybe ps4 doubtful

wsoutlaw872006d ago

they'll probably need 4g before it is possible on vita. Gaikai recommended 5 mbps

-Superman-2006d ago

No... PS4 will not have BC to use this money to make PS4 more powerful, but how ever there is a Cloud for upload videos fast while playing, and downloading and playing PS3 games on PS4 without any BC, only that you need internet, but PS4 games still will be on Blu-Ray.
Think about if, If Cloud can play non Playstation platform games on PS4, then Sony will win.

akaakaaka2006d ago

go back to your planet..

look i got a present for you!

turgore2006d ago

I'd sign up in a heartbeat, if it weren't for those pesky internet providers.

Big_Boss912006d ago

possibly rebranding Gaikai to Playstation Cloud.... we'll find out soon

Psn8002005d ago

I can't take the excitement .

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Seraphemz2006d ago

I keep saying it, I dont think that tomorrow is about the PS4... its about Gaikai...

NYC_Gamer2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I doubt that huge meeting is based only on Gaikai and cloud gaming

Seraphemz2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

On the Gaikai page they have " The Future is bright" and SONY has " The future of Playstation" Thats too much of a coincedence..

People are ASSUMING that its about PS4. Sony has made NO MENTION at all that its about the PS4.

Kaz had even said recently that he would wait till his competitor showed their hand first...

Honestely, i would love to see the PS4 tomorrow... but im not 100% sure that its going to happen.

juandren2006d ago

It's definitely going to be the PS4 AND Gaikai. Sony wouldn't have this "Evolution of PlayStation" marketing campaign and then it leads to Gaikai. The "future of PlayStation" definitely refers to Gaikai, but the meeting itself will be about PS4 and how it implements it

Tei7772006d ago

PS4 and Gaikia are interconnected numpty

You might as well be saying tomorrow is about next gen games, not the ps4 :p

Root2006d ago


If they are going to show off Gaikai and waste so much time and effort on this event why not show of the PS4 while your at it.

They wouldn't do all this for Gaikai....the feature is like a dessert course while the PS4 is the main course....the starter being the software/games

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BitbyDeath2006d ago

How do you still not know the PS4 is being announced? lol

Seraphemz2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

How do you know that it is??

I want it to be announced..really really do.

But, i just get the feeling that people are getting worked up for nothing....

About 27 hrs from now and we will know!!!

LOGICWINS2006d ago

PS4 and Gaikai are the same thing. You heard it here first folks ;)

BitbyDeath2006d ago


Aside from industry insiders saying it is, PS4 prototype controller being shown, Sony's history of playstation vids, devs elluding to them showing games tomorrow, playstation conference being the event where Vita was announced, over 1000 people invited, Sony not shooting it down and it being broadcast live?

Gaikai is software which means if it went on the PS3 it'd be a firmware update, investors are going to this conference, they would not be invited to be introduced to a firmware upgrade.

They need something they can invest in which is not Gaikai/software it is hardware aka the PS4.

EliteDave932006d ago

Iam 100% with you Seraphemz. I also believe it won't be about the PS4 i believe it will be about cloud gaming aka Gaikai.

Seraphemz2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )


I'd be happy if we are both wrong, but i just dont see it..

ILive2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Sounds like you guys dont want it to be the ps4. Talking about Gaika integration can be dont without a press event this big, really. You also said that kaz wanted to wait for ms to make the first move. Tell me this: what could sony possibly do after ms makes their move? All I am saying is that argument is only pr stuff, nonsensical, and irrelevant. Go look up the playstation meeting for the ps vita. If it isn't the Ps4, which it will most likely be, then E3 is around the corner. But I just cant see them trying to squeeze both in the limited amount of time they will have. Ps4 and gaika now, and a bit more info and games, price, and how games will utilize the consoles features at E3. My guess.

evilhasitsway2006d ago

you must not have a brain with the evolution of playstation vids the almost confirmed ps4 proto type controller and these the games of tomorrow and sony doing these online ads aiming toward ms and nintendo how really stupid you and alot of people are to actually so it isnt what because sony said that ps3 has a 10yr life well guess what the ps2 had a 12yr they ended them this yr in jan. just because next gen comes doesnt mean they wont still push ps3 or anything. look at ps3 games at first actually up to this last year were for both ps3 and ps2 like the wwe games wwe 13 was the first one only for current gen systems. i know you might be like 12 or 14 but at least think and do some research before you agree with someone that has no idea what he is talking about. the meeting will most likely be about gaikai, vita price drop since just yesterday a price drop was announced for japan for the end of the month some new games and ps4 not all specs and ect. but at least a glimps of the future.

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dafegamer2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

you're delusional to think that its not ps4 with all the confirms so far. Let me see:
-ps4 leaked prototype controller
-yoshida's tweet
-media molecule teasing new game
-ps4 leaked specs
-next gen racers
- sony inviting investors
People must be either delusional or dumb, for not believing its the ps4 announcement

zebramocha2006d ago

Yeah,it wouldn't make sense to have the those videos talking about the history of playstation for it not be about the ps4,every thing indicateds it has to be something huge relating to the playstation brand.

dafegamer2006d ago

exactly, how can anybody even doubt president yoshidas tweet? Hell thats pretty dumb to think otherwise

kingmushroom2006d ago

and all those PlayStation history UTube vids

Tapioca Cold2006d ago

Believing and thinking are two entirely different things.

Man, people just blindly beleive what they hear.

Do you know FOR A FACT that tomorrow Sony WILL talk about the PS4?

The answer is simple. No.
Do you think they will? Yes.

Delusional? They only one who is delusional is you. For promoting 'think' as fact.

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mushroomwig2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Come on Sera, don't be so naive. It's obvious to everyone now that it's going to be about both the PlayStation 4 and Gaikai.

Blackdeath_6632006d ago

i don't think sony would have a massive banner throughout a champions league football match saying " be the first to know, playstation 2/20" if it wasn't a ps4 reveal they sent everyone with a psn an email about the 2/20 press conference they are clearly trying to inform the layman and there is not reason to do so other than a ps4 reveal

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NastyLeftHook02006d ago

oh yead c mon sony bring it!! yeehaw!!

smashcrashbash2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Just because they registered cloud gaming doesn't mean that is all the meeting will be about tomorrow.They registered a domain for the PS4 as well.Why do people keep on insisting that Sony would do all this just for Gaikai? People already know what Gaikai is.Why would they make such a big deal to show it to us? They could have just told us about Gaikai on the PlayStation Blog and save a whole bunch of money.We already heard that the PS4 will integrate Gaikai so of course they still have to register it.

Seraphemz2006d ago

But they havent showed how it will be impletmented with the Playstation.

This is from the Gaikai site:
"Will Gaikai's cloud gaming technology be part of Sony's gaming platforms?

Unfortunately, we cannot share any details at this point in time. We would recommend following @PlayStation on Twitter or find us on Facebook to stay up to date on all of the latest product information."

smashcrashbash2006d ago

So they rented out a giant space, invited press and investors and streamed it live just to show us how they are going to implement Gaikai? I am not saying they won't talk about that too since it seems to be a big part of how the PS4 functions but the PS4 will be the meat of the whole thing. Gaikai will be just one of the features so I doubt it will take center stage. And for people still doubting the PS4 don't you think it is strange that with all the leaks there are none denying it's existence? Don't you think someone would have said 'It all a bunch of crap.There is no PS4' by now.Are you saying every source lied or was wrong? Believe me with the amount of killjoys and haters out there someone would have gone the distance to find out if it was a lie or not

ILive2006d ago

Right there seraphemz, it said "platforms." Ps4 is a platform, right? Gaika just cant be integrated in the vita and ps3 alone, can it? They wii announce the ps4, while showing how gaika will be integrated within it and all their platforms.

stage882006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Awwww yeeeah!

PS. Looking forward to today's Sony nostalgia video as well :)

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