Why Sony Need To Change Their Controller Layout

Gary A. Swaby of TheKoalition writes: We return with our ‘pre-Sony Meeting’ podcast to discuss the latest in the gaming industry.
Before Sony sends the media world in a frenzy this week we thought it would be best to record a show before, to get our final predictions out. Myself Edward V and Anthony Frasier chopped it up about a few different topics, such as the leaked images of the PS4 prototype controller. One of us felt like Sony should have changed the actual layout of the controller, find out who and why by pressing play.

We also discussed the new Bungie title Destiny, are they doing a good job promoting this game? Will it really have a ten year life-span?

Last of Us was delayed by Sony, but why? It is now releasing the week after E3, so was this delay perhaps a strategic move on Sony’s behalf? Do they plan to reveal something at E3 that will persuade more people to buy Last of Us?

Edward V also spilled the beans on what he thinks of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, s...

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ElectroJade2001d ago

It’s a good week to be a gamer indeed. I really hope they utilize the touch screen on the PS4 controller well. I can only assume how much battery power it will waste if they don't.

DatNJDom812001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

I say lets try it out first before saying that they have to change it. I definitely want to try it out before I decide. I'm not gonna go by a picture.

Donnieboi2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

For what? Once it comes out, Sony is sticking with whatever design came in the box. That's why they need to slightly change the controller before release. The touch-panel makes more sense in the back since we wont need to take our thumbs off of the analog and face buttons just to use it. If they leave it in the front, then it would be nearly useless for games since the only fingers i'd have freely available (after extending thumbs to use a frontal touch pad) will only leave me with the ability to use shoulder buttons only. If u ever played a vita, u would know that the BACK panel is a great addition because u dont have to stop using analog's/face buttons just to use back panel at the same time. So it's like having even MORE buttons. But putting it on the front ruins that. Also, using it in the back is just as intuitive as being in the front when it comes to navigating menu's.

I once heard a guy on n4g say he wants panel in the front because he wants to "see" where he's pressing on it: but he failed to realize that u are only FEELING your position on the pad, as "seeing" it is useless because your eyes will be fixated on the tv screen (the front panel displays no extra images). Using it on the Vita shows that it's usefull most in the back. But in the front it's less usefull. Look at the Keyboard QWERTY mini pad attachment that goes in the same area of the front of the ps3 controller that sony sells. That got notoriously bad reviews on Amazon and other sites BECAUSE extending the thumbs out that far is hard for the thumbs, takes your eyes off the screen, and renders the analog and face buttons useless when diverting your thumbs to the center of controller.

How about this: if the cost of touchpad is dirt cheap, then put a panel on either side (both). But if it's costly for sony to put two panels, then only go with one in the back, as it could greatly improve games like FPS games. But I doubt it is costly since even the Ouya controller has a touch panel and yet the controller is kept relatively affordable. So two panels likely wouldnt raise price much more at all

History repeating itself? Sony needs to reconsider the value of putting the pad in the back as opposed to the front.

Edit: also, I see some disagrees, but no intelligent counter arguments. I get blasted for sharing my opinion, but no one has their own. Gotta love the n4g community.

MmaFan-Qc2001d ago Show
infamous-butcher2001d ago

"The touch-panel makes more sense in the back since we wont need to take our thumbs off of the analog and face buttons just to use it. If they leave it in the front, then it would be nearly useless for games since the only fingers i'd have freely available (after extending thumbs to use a frontal touch pad) will only leave me with the ability to use shoulder buttons only."

I don't know about you Donnie, but I can comfortably hold both analog sticks and use the D-pad/start select/face buttons with my index fingers with no discomfort and minimal stretching. I do it all the time in borderlands and battlefield.

Donnieboi2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

@ mma fan: Whoa there buddy. I know i wrote a lot, but it was just my opinion. My problem was not the disagrees, but the lack of counter-arguments. And you just proved my point. Wasting your lone lil' bubble and u still didn't provide a counter argument. How very useless.

At least butcher above me gave his opinion.

OneAboveAll2001d ago

Ugh, no. I can clearly see by the picture the thumb sticks are still in terrible positions and NEED to be moved to more comfortable positions. Ala, 360, wii U pro.

edgeofsins2001d ago

The touch pad on the front is supposedly a screen that shows multimedia function. You could basically go through your music list on the tiny screen without exiting or putting the game on hold.

It isn't a simple touch pad. That is why it has the glossy screen to it. That is of course if the source is correct.

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darthv722001d ago

either a mockup or perhaps it was a prototype of a controller that had dual touch pads where the dual analog sticks are.

Strangely enough, i can see more function from that than sticking (no pun intended) with the twin sticks. you figure the twin sticks offer directional movement and depressing them offers a click to act/react like another button.

Yet with the touchpad they could achieve the same directional movement and you could tap on it to activate like pressing a button. They could also open the possibility for developers to use those pads for other functions within a game or app.

i know most are turned off by touch interface. That could be because the right company hasnt done it justice. Sony has enough experience to actually make a touch pad work in this case.

Rather than simply push the idea aside, just give it a real thought of something like that being used in place of the physical twin sticks. There is more potential from something if put to the right use by the right company.

Wintersun6162001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

A touchpad or screen will never be able to replace analog sticks. With analog sticks you automatically know what position it's in. I've played quite a lot of games on my phone that emulate an analog stick or d pad. It simply doesn't work as well even after practice. The physical feedback can't be emulated on a level surface.

I don't see protruding outside edges as a viable solution either. It would be better compared to a completely smooth surface like a phones touchscreen. But it would still be near impossible to do more precise movements compared to physical analog.

darthv722001d ago

I agree that i too like the physical feel but we have seen so many bad emulations on touch devices that why would it be hard to imagine (even for a momemt) that we get one that is done to perfection.

All Im saying is dont count the idea completely out until we have seen it done right. It takes many times to get something right and the evolution of the PS controller started off without the sticks.

I know how integral a part of their controller they have become which is why I think them evolving the controller into something that can offer more diversity in how its used instead of what we have come to expect.

That is usually how it works. You get so many failed attempts that tend to turn people off until something comes along and does it right. then it isnt so bad and more ideas can come of it. timing is the key and in this day and age of touch everything it just makes sense that sony would offer a better touch control interface than what people are accustomed to.

No matter if they do twin touch or a single touchpad like in this controller, it looks like they will be adding touch regardless. People need to be more open minded to how something could be used not closed minded that it simply exists.

Wintersun6162001d ago

I'm not completely against touch surfaces, but analog sticks are too important and pretty much perfect at what they're supposed to do. Don't fix it if it's not broken. A controller has plenty of other viable places to put the touchpad, I don't see any reason why it should replace a tried and true mechanic which everyone is used to over many years of gaming.

2001d ago
aceitman2001d ago

im sure u can use the ds3 in it too, they will have this for the simple fact that its in every system so no one has to buy it separately .

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MooseWI2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

The reveal is tomorrow (hopefully). Too much talk ha. Not too much longer to find out..

I am scared and excited to see what "next-gen" is going to offer. If it's much at all or a lot.

SlyFamous022001d ago

Nothing wrong with the controller layout, one thing they can get is the trigger from the xbox.

stage882001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

No, the 360 triggers are too skinny.

-Alpha2001d ago

I like the Move trigger a whole lot. Reminds me of the Gamecube trigger, which was just a joy to press.

I just hope it has some good resistance to make gripping the controller as a whole more comfortable. I wouldn't even mind if they went back to Dualshock 2 L2/R2 buttons, actually.

AznGaara2001d ago

They have to keep the control layout and shape relatively the same. Its a defining feature in their brand that separates it from the Xbox controller. When you see that layout you automatically think "Oh thats a Playstation controller."

T22001d ago

Sorry but xbox controller is too fat and heavy , no elements other than party chat should be borrowed from xbox

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