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Sony has Learned from Their Mistakes, the PS4 will Start Strong

Playeressence's Furious Francis discuss how the PS4 will hit the ground running next generation. Plus, how Sony can avoid the pitfalls the PS3 had against Microsoft and Nintendo's Systems. (Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, PS4, Sony, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

mochachino  +   926d ago
Biggest problem with PS3 was lack of quality online, difficult hardware, and price.

So yeah, Sony has learned from their mistakes and is in a good position to excel this gen.
Theyellowflash30  +   926d ago
I thought the online was pretty good. Then again I'm not huge on Xbox Live.
Skips  +   926d ago
I thought the online was pretty good too. Even before PS+ happened. After PS+, PSN (or SEN) has been the best in terms of getting the most bang for your buck for online entertainment on consoles IMO.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Did any of you guys receive $10 for the PSN store via message from Sony for being a "loyal customer"?
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egidem  +   926d ago
Considering they were just launching the PS3, I would say the online portion of it was not really a problem. It was more of the cost of the hardware and lack of huge lineup of launch games. Besides, it was unfair to compare it to Xbox Live then, which had years to mature.

Fast-forward on today - and I can easily say that the PSN is more than a contender to Xbox Live, especially when you factor in PS+. I am honestly glad I subscribed. If Sony just continues to give us gamers what we want (GAMES), I'm going to keep buying them. It's okay if they branch out a bit, but as long as their focus remains in delivering good quality games (unlike Microsoft), I'll keep on subscribing.
360ICE  +   926d ago
It didn't have ingame XMB at release. You had to quit the game to read messages. No, it did not have good online at release compared to Xbox. It was free, though, which is a plus. And after a couple of updates the online is very decent indeed. PS Plus is fantastic.
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Septic  +   926d ago
The online was terrible, what are you on about? It was very basic at its core. Quitting to the dashboard to read messages? What was up with that? No XMB overlay?

Seriously, how do you people not remember? And it paled in comparison to Xbox Live.
deafdani  +   925d ago
I think he meant at launch. The PS3's online today is a beast, but it was VERY different back in its first year. Back then, it sucked balls compared to Live on the 360.
Bathyj  +   926d ago
None of those thing really mattered in the end. Xbox releasing a year early has been the only real difference.

If you dont agree then think what PS3's sales would be to XB if it had released on the same day.

And remember everyone always says it was a year late, but it was a year and a half in Europe which is Sonys most popular territory.
Gaming_Guru  +   926d ago
I would agree, especially since the first generation xbox 360's had no HDMI and were breaking down like crazy the one year allowed them to recover in time for the PlayStation 3.

As with the online, it's the same as it was from launch, it's just that developers add more features now, unlike with Xbox Live having everything set up by Microsoft.
NastyLeftHook0  +   926d ago
lack of quality online? hey journey is a awesome goty online game.
ozstar  +   926d ago
If its not cheaper than Wii U and 720, they've made the same mistake.

Quote me on this.
Hicken  +   926d ago
It doesn't have to be cheaper. It just shouldn't be markedly more expensive. As long as the base model isn't some $150 dollars more than the top model for the competition, they'll be alright.

Assuming it's worth the asking price, of course.
Theyellowflash30  +   926d ago
It needs to be reasonably priced though. $399 is the sweet spot for a lot of core gamers. Casuals will like it around $250 before they jump on.
K1SSMYAZZ  +   926d ago
What makes people think that Microsoft is not themselves on the point of bringing out a better console?

I believe Microsoft was and has always been til this day one step ahead of Sony. Every single move they made Microsoft has intelligently counter it.

So once again, Sony is behind as always, which is why they are planning to hit first compared to last time when they were full themselves.
FamilyGuy  +   926d ago
So wrong here.

The 360 had no hdmi, no wifi, no mandatory hard drive, still uses dvd9 for its games, battery powered controllers instead of rechargeable ones aaaand rushed their product to market causing tons of returned models which hurt their reputation big time. Microsoft is and has always been way behind sony, no where near steps ahead. They played catch up by adding the features the could in the Elite model.

They followed both Sony and Nintendo's footsteps by releasing a interactive camera peripheral and then chasing the casual market. MS is only good at throwing glitter in the eyes of consumers, it may sparkle at first but all they really did was blind you.
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Septic  +   926d ago

You're right on many of the points but MS was WAY ahead in the online arena, there is simply no arguing against it. Even to this day, the PS3 cannot do what the 360 was doing pretty much day one.

Also, MS was ahead in its UI and ideas such as achievements etc.

Your last paragraph is just nonsense in my opinion. MS followed both Sony and MS?

I'm sorry but was it Sony that, having seen what the Wii was doing, did a last minute botch job that was the SixAxis without the rumble feature. How well did Sony implement that? And look at Move. At least MS committed to their piece of hardware; again what did Sony do? They copy Nintendo and then do a half-arsed job with a piece of hardware they devoted most of the E3 show to.

Let's not forget the huge mistake that was the CELL processor and how the vast majority of multiplat games suffered on the PS3.

The glitter appears to be in your eyes mate. Whilst I'm not suggesting MS was ahead of the curve, I think they were far more clued up this gen.
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andibandit  +   926d ago
mochachino you're forgetting

Launch Lineup.
bullymangLer  +   926d ago
and dont forget they lack comfort . fart! ..
Karpetburnz  +   926d ago
The biggest mistakes Sony made was the huge price and lack of advertising. apart from that I think It was great.

It seems Sony has learned a lot from their mistakes and they wont let the competition get the lead so easily again. Now that the PS4 will most likely be released before the next Xbox, Im positive Sony will lead next generation.
Muffins1223  +   926d ago
why did you get disagrees D: what you said was true!
1upgamer99  +   925d ago
I will bet that the ones who disagree with your comment did not have PS3 at launch, because you are correct. Those who disagree are more than likely owners of PS3 at least 6 months after launch.
Clarence  +   925d ago
Never had a problem with online. I was happy with my PS3 right of the box.
Qrphe  +   925d ago
I'd say lack of games was a bigger issue than online quality.
miyamoto  +   926d ago
I hope Kaz get rid of the bureaucracy inside Sony for speedy implementation of his plans for PS4 and PS Vita.
first1NFANTRY  +   926d ago
Yes Sony has learned their mistake and i hope the MEDIA has too. They where quick to rule out and call the ps3 a failure before it even got a chance to prove itself. Fast forward years later and it's quite evident the naysayers have all eaten a massive amount of crow.

It's funny how the MEDIA has changed their tone this time around and are ridding the hype train for the ps4 reveal. Guess they've come to realize just how important it is for the industry and their wallets for Sony to remain in the gaming industry.

As of right now i think most rational gamers would agree that sony are the only console makers giving the hardcore audience what they want, CORE GAMES!!!
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egidem  +   926d ago
As of right now, they are giving me what I want (games) and they are delivering in so many variations of exclusives and genres.

The only problem I currently face (and probably others here as well) is every time one of their exclusive comes out (and they are many), I don't have the cash to keep up, AND still get to play other games (3rd party titles, etc). This has been eased with their awesome PS+ service.

Some herp people say having too many exclusives is not a good thing derp. I'd take many exclusives over less to no exclusives any day of any gaming generation, thank you very much.
insomnium2  +   926d ago
I agree with everything you said except I don't think the media has learned anything.

They hype now for teh hits and once Sony reveals anything it will go straight back to doom no matter what they announce. The amount of hits is just too good to pass up on with doom Playstation/Sony-stories.

I would really like to be proven wrong about this but I won't be holding my breath over it. I saw how s*it went down with PS3.
Godmars290  +   926d ago
Should be "If Sony Has Learned From Their Mistakes." Thought really, beside failing with 3rd party support, advertising, they didn't do much wrong.
PopRocks359  +   926d ago
I would assume they would learn a thing or two after the PS3. Anyway, why is this article in the Wii U section?
Canary  +   926d ago
Maybe Sony has learned from their mistakes. Maybe not.

What do all of Sony's very best and very worst (gaming) decisions have in common? They all happened -this- generation.

I'm hopeful for the PS4, I am--don't get me wrong here--but it's really hard to have faith in a company that's spent the past few years removing functionality from the PS3 and charging obscene amounts of money for proprietary memory cards while at the same time introducing programs like cross-buy and playstation plus that make gaming unarguably better.

It's just not consistent.

So I have no bloody clue what the PS4 will be like, and, really, neither does anyone else. Maybe we'll find out tomorrow. Maybe we won't. Sure, there have been lots of rumors--but here, again, we have the same issue. Half of the PS4 rumors make it sound like it could be one of the best things to happen to gaming, ever; half of the PS4 rumors make it sound like it could be one of the worst things to happen to gaming, ever.

It could go either way because Sony is bipolar as ****.
MikeMyers  +   925d ago
The forums are a very busy place but that doesn't always translate into the retail end of things. Sure Sony has learned from some of the missteps of the PS3 and can try and fix them on the PS4 but nothing is guaranteed to make a success story. We got the same articles about the Vita and the same comments from Sony. Then they came out with the Vita, the price was actually better than expected and the thing didn't capture a wide audience. In fact sales are more sluggish than the PSP was.

I'm very excited about the PS4, as with any new gaming device. But the market is always changing and we have no idea how well it will do. Hopefully we find out a lot of information later on today and I imagine there's going to be a lot of excitement. Let's just hope that enthusiasm translates into actual retail support and not just driven by loyal fans.
showtimefolks  +   926d ago
no doubt, the way sony came into this gen with all arrogance and stuff and than quickly realizing MS meant business and if a console isn't easy to develop for its not gonna get the 3rd party support earl on that it deserves and will get many bad ports

this time around sony doesn't have to start a new PSN store, so they can just make improvements and add cross game chat

i can tell you one way to sell this system early on and that's with games,games and lot of games, if day one ps4 has 3 or 4 big titles than most core fans will pick the system up day one. If it has many of the ports of games that came out earlier in 2013 than it won't be supported as well by core gamers. all the bells and whistles aside just deliver games

Killzone 4
Last Guardian
new game from evolution studios

3 out of these 5 and i will buy it

one other thing you only get one chance to make a 1st impression, so don't be scared of showing content or keeping stuff for E3. Make a Huge Impact on 2-20-2013

also i want some surprises maybe i am being greedy lol, but have bungie on stage to show Destiny

or have respawn show their next gen

have kojima show some sort of MGS(no exclusive)

a FF game or Versus
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PS4isKing_82  +   926d ago
Hmmmm lets see what we have for next gen. A console with a tablet controller that most ppl think is just an add on to the wii. A new Xbox coming that is leaving behind core games in favor of movie and social apps, kinect and kid focused games, and a $60 monthly fee to play online and use all those apps. Then we have Sony coming tomorrow with ps4 an gunna give the industry a much needed kick in the pants with a ton of killer games and services and exceptional value.

Hmmmm tough choice this is................... Not!!! Lol :)

Everything revealed so far about the ps4 screams "lessons leaned".
Good job kaz. Keep up the good work :)
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CommonSenseGamer  +   926d ago
$60 per month, you sure about that?

I'm waiting for the games before I decide which next gen console to get first. However, also considering a return to PC gaming as my kids would benefit more from a general purpose device.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   926d ago
We all know which one you'll get first. No need to pretend like you are objectively waiting.
CommonSenseGamer  +   925d ago
Which one am I getting first then? I have 3 ps3s, 1 360, 2 x 3ds, 2 x nexus 7s and 1 Vita in my household. I guess that makes me a fanboy...of gaming.

What's your excuse for being a troll?
WooHooAlex  +   926d ago
Its going to be interesting to watch. Before the PS3, Sony had achieved complete home console dominance. Was it their missteps that allowed Microsoft to catch up? Now that it'll likely be a level playing field going into next-gen, I guess we'll find out. Its gonna be fun to watch everything play out this year.

Grab your popcorn, gentlemen. The show is about to begin!
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Canary  +   926d ago
I don't really think Sony made any misteps (at the start of the generation). They lost their dominance mostly because they showed up late to the party, and didn't price their hardware competitively.

The launch PS3 is the ultimate gaming device, period.

Sony lost their market due to the Xbox launching early to sweep up a big chunk of the casual tween demographic, and were completely blindsided by the Wii which claimed the child demographic both Sony and Microsoft were ignoring /and/ inventing a brand new demographic.
Drithe  +   926d ago
500 dollars for a brand new system? Sony hasnt learned a damn thing.

End of Line.
Bumpmapping  +   926d ago
How do you know it will be 500$ did Sony tell you?
MegaLagann  +   926d ago
He has Kaz Harai on speed dial.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   926d ago
You know what I don't understand, people moan and b****** if the PS4 is price around 500 USD yet they are the same people who go and spend that much if not more on ipads and iphone etc.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   926d ago
Well, Sony certainly seem to have remedied one complaint levelled against them in recent years. Last Friday , here in the UK, the national dailies were chock full of ads for the Sony Xperia Z.
In the Daily Express, there were 7 consecutive pages of ads - 2 of them full page - for their new smartphone. Talk about overdose lol. Ive never seen Sony jam a new product in your face, like that before. Cant wait to see PS4 marketing.
Finally, their advertising appears to have woken up. AND ABOUT BLOODY TIME, SONY! lol
MegaLagann  +   926d ago
Eh, we'll see. No doubt Sony will have a strong first party lineup like they always do, but at launch? For as amazing as their consoles/handhelds are their launches were never exactly amazing. Now this is the case for most consoles (minus the SNES and Dreamcast's launches which were amazing) but I would love to be wrong.
jocomat9  +   926d ago
yes they have all my support for ps4. They continue to bring new and exciting games to the table.Along with great services like ps+. Sony dont change your vision and passion for gaming and i will be there to support you. Btw i just got a random message from sony psn giving me a free $10 redeemable code for being a loyal psn user. (as well as my brother) So just check your inboxes mates. Gotta love Sony 8)
Gaming_Guru  +   926d ago
The one thing that baffles me still to this day is that people still bring up pricing, it was only one hundred dollars more than the xbox 360 at launch. Hell, iPhones that can't do as much as the devices at the price range sell like hot cakes. You could get a desktop, a tower, a laptop, even a 60" Samsung 1080p Plasma HD TV around that price.

Usually the same people complain about no HDMI cable with the ps3 say nothing about xbox 360 when it comes with double AA batteries, no charger, or online in the box that brings up the price. If you can afford an iPhone in a three year contract costing you more than the phone itself then you can afford gaming.
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poet215  +   926d ago
Yeah, I paid $600 for my PS3 originally, but after MS charges you up for all the miscellaneous stuff....you're probably better off just buying the PS3. I bought my sons a slim 360, I kept their older elite. I have launch 60gb PS3, that I've upgraded to 250gb ($40 upgrade). IMO MS is way further into our pockets than Sony. $35 for rechargeable 360 batteries & a dock to charge them on. $60 for a wifi antenna for the elite. Every Christmas, better have a new Live card $35-$60...you don't want your kids to open their new call of duty, only to find they can't play online lol. What really gets to me is the price gouging for the internal hard drives for 360...$130 for a 320gb!!!....c'mon, I understood 5-6 yrs ago, but now...their hard drive prices are insane compared to others. I like having separate systems from my boys. (keeps things in order, my controllers & games are left alone, while they play theirs) but, next gen...I'm surely switching them from the MS console to a Sony one....all the $ their mother & I have spent on live fees, hdd's & accessories like battery chargers & wifi antennas (stuff I didn't have to buy for PS3) we could've put that money to use in more games or something else.
wiium64  +   926d ago
will hit the ground running? in this economy? don't be so sure, just because it's sony doesn't mean anything, just where are all these folks gonna get the money for this thing? how arrogant can you be? let's see how well it does it's first three months, just like the wii u, then we will decide if sony failed or not, it's how you judge the wii u, so the same applies to the ps4, right?
ufo8mycat  +   926d ago
LOL @ Pricing

I couldn't care less if it cost $1000 or even more, I would still buy one if it has all these awesome exclusives and multiplatform games.
urwifeminder  +   926d ago
Another article that does not belong on the xbox page.
tbirdman   926d ago | Spam
evilhasitsway  +   926d ago
hit the ground running more like hyper speed.
VonBraunschweigg  +   926d ago
Next gen, when you create highly original and addictive online battlefields such as in MAG and Starhawk, make sure the promotion and advertisement is on the same level.

It took years to make Starhawk and it shows, when everything on the ground and in the air starts blasting, crashing and burning...wow. And so they release it in May with little to no advertising etc.

It's really a shame. It had a great open beta, the MP part is cheap on PSN, yet so many gamers I speak to playing other online games never even heard of it.
gamer7804  +   926d ago
They've learned? Really? then whats up with the Vita? First video game device i've actually regretted owning :(
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josephayal  +   925d ago
$429usd it's a good start
dcbronco  +   925d ago
Sony has learned. The PS4 seems to be more traditional in it's architecture. They have Kaz in charge even though they knew he wanted to follow Stringers ideas. The advertising couldn't be helped. They didn't have the money.

I'm not sure that they have learned on the exclusives. It seems to have earned them loyalty when it comes to comments. And those people do seem to buy the console. But they don't buy those exclusives. So there is some benefit in increasing the install base. As long as the cost stay down on making the exclusives I guess they are worth it.

But it's funny that some don't mention the main mistakes Sony made last generation. The Cell and Blu-ray. Sony admits the Cell was a mistake. Fanboys can't seem to. Sony hasn't admitted Blu-ray was mistake. Including it in the PS3 was a huge part of the reason the PS3 was so expensive. That hurt sales. That caused losses, the losses killed advertising and several major deals like TV screens with Samsung.

So without the Cell and Blu-ray, Microsoft may never have gotten as far as they have to this point. I'm not sure why so many people don't see that as a mistake. And if you don't think the Cell was a mistake, shouldn't you be extremely disappointed that it isn't in the PS4 since it is so powerful and would give the PS4 BC without Gaikai.

Overall, I'm sure the PS4 will be a success. I think Sony has learned a lot from their mistakes like Microsoft learned a lot from the original Xbox mistakes. Now if gamers can learn from their mistakes.
wiiulee  +   925d ago
lol..haha..how has sony learned from its mistakes when the ps4 is not out yet and we dont really have any final concrete details...wow these jokers and they can write lying articles about wiiu all day.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   925d ago
They're doing everything right. The future looks bright!

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