Sony has Learned from Their Mistakes, the PS4 will Start Strong

Playeressence's Furious Francis discuss how the PS4 will hit the ground running next generation. Plus, how Sony can avoid the pitfalls the PS3 had against Microsoft and Nintendo's Systems.

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mochachino1915d ago

Biggest problem with PS3 was lack of quality online, difficult hardware, and price.

So yeah, Sony has learned from their mistakes and is in a good position to excel this gen.

Theyellowflash301915d ago

I thought the online was pretty good. Then again I'm not huge on Xbox Live.

Skips1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

I thought the online was pretty good too. Even before PS+ happened. After PS+, PSN (or SEN) has been the best in terms of getting the most bang for your buck for online entertainment on consoles IMO.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Did any of you guys receive $10 for the PSN store via message from Sony for being a "loyal customer"?

egidem1915d ago

Considering they were just launching the PS3, I would say the online portion of it was not really a problem. It was more of the cost of the hardware and lack of huge lineup of launch games. Besides, it was unfair to compare it to Xbox Live then, which had years to mature.

Fast-forward on today - and I can easily say that the PSN is more than a contender to Xbox Live, especially when you factor in PS+. I am honestly glad I subscribed. If Sony just continues to give us gamers what we want (GAMES), I'm going to keep buying them. It's okay if they branch out a bit, but as long as their focus remains in delivering good quality games (unlike Microsoft), I'll keep on subscribing.

360ICE1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

It didn't have ingame XMB at release. You had to quit the game to read messages. No, it did not have good online at release compared to Xbox. It was free, though, which is a plus. And after a couple of updates the online is very decent indeed. PS Plus is fantastic.

Septic1915d ago

The online was terrible, what are you on about? It was very basic at its core. Quitting to the dashboard to read messages? What was up with that? No XMB overlay?

Seriously, how do you people not remember? And it paled in comparison to Xbox Live.

deafdani1915d ago

I think he meant at launch. The PS3's online today is a beast, but it was VERY different back in its first year. Back then, it sucked balls compared to Live on the 360.

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Bathyj1915d ago

None of those thing really mattered in the end. Xbox releasing a year early has been the only real difference.

If you dont agree then think what PS3's sales would be to XB if it had released on the same day.

And remember everyone always says it was a year late, but it was a year and a half in Europe which is Sonys most popular territory.

Gaming_Guru1915d ago

I would agree, especially since the first generation xbox 360's had no HDMI and were breaking down like crazy the one year allowed them to recover in time for the PlayStation 3.

As with the online, it's the same as it was from launch, it's just that developers add more features now, unlike with Xbox Live having everything set up by Microsoft.

NastyLeftHook01915d ago

lack of quality online? hey journey is a awesome goty online game.

ozstar1915d ago

If its not cheaper than Wii U and 720, they've made the same mistake.

Quote me on this.

Hicken1915d ago

It doesn't have to be cheaper. It just shouldn't be markedly more expensive. As long as the base model isn't some $150 dollars more than the top model for the competition, they'll be alright.

Assuming it's worth the asking price, of course.

Theyellowflash301915d ago

It needs to be reasonably priced though. $399 is the sweet spot for a lot of core gamers. Casuals will like it around $250 before they jump on.

K1SSMYAZZ1915d ago

What makes people think that Microsoft is not themselves on the point of bringing out a better console?

I believe Microsoft was and has always been til this day one step ahead of Sony. Every single move they made Microsoft has intelligently counter it.

So once again, Sony is behind as always, which is why they are planning to hit first compared to last time when they were full themselves.

FamilyGuy1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

So wrong here.

The 360 had no hdmi, no wifi, no mandatory hard drive, still uses dvd9 for its games, battery powered controllers instead of rechargeable ones aaaand rushed their product to market causing tons of returned models which hurt their reputation big time. Microsoft is and has always been way behind sony, no where near steps ahead. They played catch up by adding the features the could in the Elite model.

They followed both Sony and Nintendo's footsteps by releasing a interactive camera peripheral and then chasing the casual market. MS is only good at throwing glitter in the eyes of consumers, it may sparkle at first but all they really did was blind you.

Septic1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )


You're right on many of the points but MS was WAY ahead in the online arena, there is simply no arguing against it. Even to this day, the PS3 cannot do what the 360 was doing pretty much day one.

Also, MS was ahead in its UI and ideas such as achievements etc.

Your last paragraph is just nonsense in my opinion. MS followed both Sony and MS?

I'm sorry but was it Sony that, having seen what the Wii was doing, did a last minute botch job that was the SixAxis without the rumble feature. How well did Sony implement that? And look at Move. At least MS committed to their piece of hardware; again what did Sony do? They copy Nintendo and then do a half-arsed job with a piece of hardware they devoted most of the E3 show to.

Let's not forget the huge mistake that was the CELL processor and how the vast majority of multiplat games suffered on the PS3.

The glitter appears to be in your eyes mate. Whilst I'm not suggesting MS was ahead of the curve, I think they were far more clued up this gen.

andibandit1915d ago

mochachino you're forgetting

Launch Lineup.

BullyMangler1915d ago

and dont forget they lack comfort . fart! ..

Karpetburnz1915d ago

The biggest mistakes Sony made was the huge price and lack of advertising. apart from that I think It was great.

It seems Sony has learned a lot from their mistakes and they wont let the competition get the lead so easily again. Now that the PS4 will most likely be released before the next Xbox, Im positive Sony will lead next generation.

Muffins12231915d ago

why did you get disagrees D: what you said was true!

1upgamer991914d ago

I will bet that the ones who disagree with your comment did not have PS3 at launch, because you are correct. Those who disagree are more than likely owners of PS3 at least 6 months after launch.

Clarence1914d ago

Never had a problem with online. I was happy with my PS3 right of the box.

Qrphe1914d ago

I'd say lack of games was a bigger issue than online quality.

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miyamoto1915d ago

I hope Kaz get rid of the bureaucracy inside Sony for speedy implementation of his plans for PS4 and PS Vita.

first1NFANTRY1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Yes Sony has learned their mistake and i hope the MEDIA has too. They where quick to rule out and call the ps3 a failure before it even got a chance to prove itself. Fast forward years later and it's quite evident the naysayers have all eaten a massive amount of crow.

It's funny how the MEDIA has changed their tone this time around and are ridding the hype train for the ps4 reveal. Guess they've come to realize just how important it is for the industry and their wallets for Sony to remain in the gaming industry.

As of right now i think most rational gamers would agree that sony are the only console makers giving the hardcore audience what they want, CORE GAMES!!!

egidem1915d ago

As of right now, they are giving me what I want (games) and they are delivering in so many variations of exclusives and genres.

The only problem I currently face (and probably others here as well) is every time one of their exclusive comes out (and they are many), I don't have the cash to keep up, AND still get to play other games (3rd party titles, etc). This has been eased with their awesome PS+ service.

Some herp people say having too many exclusives is not a good thing derp. I'd take many exclusives over less to no exclusives any day of any gaming generation, thank you very much.

insomnium21915d ago

I agree with everything you said except I don't think the media has learned anything.

They hype now for teh hits and once Sony reveals anything it will go straight back to doom no matter what they announce. The amount of hits is just too good to pass up on with doom Playstation/Sony-stories.

I would really like to be proven wrong about this but I won't be holding my breath over it. I saw how s*it went down with PS3.

Godmars2901915d ago

Should be "If Sony Has Learned From Their Mistakes." Thought really, beside failing with 3rd party support, advertising, they didn't do much wrong.

PopRocks3591915d ago

I would assume they would learn a thing or two after the PS3. Anyway, why is this article in the Wii U section?

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