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Submitted by Ck1x 1086d ago | screenshot

NFS Most Wanted 360 & WiiU comparison pics

The developers at Criterion were not kidding when they said that the Wii U version of the game was improved graphically and based on the PC version's assets. Just this small example shows already a step up in graphical fidelity in not just the textures, but also with the shaders and lighting from the Wii U's more modern GPU. (Need for Speed Most Wanted, Wii U)

Jadedz  +   1086d ago
It's official then (Wii U is next-gen).
PopRocks359  +   1086d ago | Well said
The Wii U is next gen regardless. It came a generation after the Wii. That's it.

While I still would like to see a brand new game built from the ground up and using the Wii U's full power, it's nice that at least one developer took some initiative, made their port look appropriately better on a newer machine.

Not to mention it finally puts these ridiculous assertions people keep ignorantly spouting that the Wii U is only on par or even weaker than six year old hardware to the grave.

Whether or not the Wii U can keep up with the Nextbox/PS4 remains to be seen, but for the time being I'm satisfied that some element of truth is being realized in this community.
Jek_Porkins  +   1086d ago
I believe there was a rumor that the Wii U is getting an exclusive sim racer to compete against GT and Forza. Those rumors started last year I believe.

Wii U is next gen, simply because it's the next console released by Nintendo, so I agree with you. I was unsure as if to get one, but now that I have one I absolutely love the console, I wish they would add an Achievement system, but it is fun and they just need some quality software, many company's have been in that same situation recently.

I doubt the Wii U will be able to keep up with the next Xbox or PlayStation, mainly because of memory, it's looking like the next Xbox will have 8 gigs and the next PlayStation 4, while the Wii U has only 2.

I don't think the games will be as noticeable as they were this gen though. Obviously the Wii U is in HD, which will help close the gap.
Ju  +   1086d ago
But it is on par with the other consoles (those shot have different time of day and those different shadows??).

Some quotes here:

They use P360 geometry. The only difference is the high res texture pack. And that shows. But the rest is basically ported from current consoles.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1086d ago
I'm curious as to how the Wii U version of Watch Dogs will compare to the 360 and PS3's.
Jadedz  +   1085d ago
''The Wii U is next gen regardless. It came a generation after the Wii. That's it.''
Yes, you're right. Though there are those who believe that the graphical fidelity of games, define the console's generation.

All this proves is that the Wii U is more advanced than the PS360, which a lot of people on N4G still believe it's either on par, or a few notches below.
Nevers0ft  +   1085d ago
Towards the end of the next gen life-cycle the Wii U might start to falter but I think it'll be fine for a two or three years... The graphical difference between Wii U and PS4/720 is likely to be the difference between "Great" and "Really great"

It isn't just increased texture resolutions (although that makes the main difference). They also updated the lighting engine and increased the draw distance.
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Deku-Johnny  +   1085d ago
The Wii U will be able to keep up with PS4/720 for a while. Games on consoles get better over time as developers get use to the architecture. In a year or two games on the Wii U will look a lot better than they do now just like PS3/360 games look better now compared to when they were first released.

I don't think the difference between PS4/720 and Wii U will be as big as the difference between PS3/360 and Wii. By the time the PS4/720 are released Wii U games will probably be nearly on par with the PS4/720 launch games.
aceitman  +   1086d ago
I would have like to see clear pics on both of them .
Ck1x  +   1086d ago
Yeah I know, but while one version is still in development it was the closest thing to a comparison that we have right now until the game is released. The video links in that article are probably what really gives justice to Criterion's extra work they are putting into this WiiU game.
lilbroRx  +   1086d ago
If with the Wii U version still under development, the different in detail is plainly apparent. You can looking at the videos if you want clearer, in motion shots.
Qrphe  +   1085d ago
Although the graphics do not see to be close to PC level, there are some additional lightning effects and bump mapping on certain environments just by looking at it that the 360 version doesn't have. The Wii U was confirmed to be better than PS360 a while ago so it's nice to see that with enough development time games can look better than those consoles.
Muffins1223  +   1086d ago
its official...wiiu had its first game that looked better compared to 7 year old hardware.Enjoy the "victory" Nintendo....
SlapHappyJesus  +   1086d ago
People are going to hate on the console, no matter what they see.

When you don't see anything of note, it can't produce anything of note.

When it does, you still talk trash.

Truth is, none of the next consoles seem like they are going to be all that powerful. Consoles have never really been about power and the most powerful console has never been the one that did the best.
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mcstorm  +   1086d ago
@Muffins1223 But all the fan boys keep saying the WiiU is not next gen. I find that funny as it is a next gen console but it is having current gen games ported to it at the moment. Nintendo have only given us Mario 2D in HD which can only have so much done to it anyway.

Its nice to see a developer work on a game like this for a next gen console as from the pics we can see the difference. Even though I have this game for my PSV im going to go out and get this game for the WiiU when it come out.
Ju  +   1086d ago

Where's the leap forward?
CaptainN  +   1086d ago
Ummmm Trine 2 says hello !
deafdani  +   1086d ago
Nope, second maybe. Trine 2 looks far better on Wii U and has extra content that could not have been in the other HD consoles without a serious graphical downgrade according to the developers.

And it's been available on Wii U since launch.
lilbroRx  +   1086d ago
The first was ZombiU.
GadgetGooch  +   1086d ago
Yes it is on par and exceeds current hardware as they are able to use the assets from the PC version which current consoles are not capable of.
herbs  +   1085d ago
Hey Ju why post a link that actually conflicts with your comment? The differences are higher res textures, better lighting, greater draw distances, more optimization (less glitches, bugs), free extra cars from DLC and it supports every kind of Wii controller.

So the Wii U is displaying more geometry due to the increased draw distance, with better effects (lighting) and all textures are higher quality while simultaneously displaying on a second screen. Ju seems to be a classic N4G Sony zealots there are so so many on this site always clogging the comments with ignorance and pointless hate for reasons I will never understand.
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DivineAssault  +   1086d ago
im glad its being built to use the consoles strengths & set it apart visually like other titles shouldve done when it launched! But i highly doubt it will be on par with nx gen Sony/MS visually.. The leaked specs show its a significant boost from what wii u has.. However, it doesnt even matter cuz current gen games dont even look ugly so i can deal with em still.. Ill be loving zelda n metroid in HD with beautiful graphics like this.. But that NSMB, pikmin, & nintendo land were full $60 retail games that didnt deserve that price tag
wiium64  +   1086d ago
the game is superior to the microsoft and sony versions, the game uses pc texturing, on wii u, something ps3 and 360 are not capable of doing, and the wii u is next gen, so sorry it does look better, games with pc graphics always look better than those with console graphics.
Ju  +   1086d ago
Yeah, it's a 1GB PS360. That's it. It can't push more polygons nor can it run higher resolutions. Textures can be streamed, in some cases. So it's not that big of an advantage. Not what we are waiting for, I guess.

I'm waiting for more geometry, more resolution (1080p) and smoother framerate (60fps preferred, but I could accept 30+fps which never dips below), and more level of detail. Basically advancing on all levels. WiiU can't do that.
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Neonridr  +   1086d ago
So you're saying that the Video Card in the Wii U can't do more than what's in the PS360 Ju? So how do you explain Trine 2? Is it just higher res textures? As far as I know, it has a locked 720p/60fps (360 and PS3 have a scaling framerate to keep the resolution as close to 720p as they could). The Wii U's version also has enhanced lighting closer to what is on the PC version, plus it uses better filters and aliasing.
DivineAssault  +   1085d ago
maybe but only for a yr if anymore end up better.. PS4 murders wii u in all ways imaginable.. Miiverse got killed by the ps4 social network, 8GB GDDR5 ram lol.. its only gonna last a few months if any more games look better until it gets annihilated
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1upgamer99  +   1085d ago
I have yet to pay $60 for a game on Wii U. Ubisoft games are %30 off download this week too Zombi U $41 dollars. At stores like Toys are Us Nintendo Wii U games. Buy one get one %60 off sales. You just have to look around.
WiiUsauce  +   1085d ago
yeah, current gen games look beautiful enough as it is. Have you seen gameplay for Gears of War Judgement? it looks absolutely stunning, and it's running on a console weaker than Wii U. Wii U will be fine.
sway_z  +   1086d ago
Oh! ..Okay sod it!

...Let's sell our 360's & PS3's...ignore all the incoming PS4 news later, and rush to our local retailer and purchase a Wii U!

...Because no way am I playing an inferior version of a game that was published by way José!!

*Jokes that not the point?? ...Wii U games are supposed to look better than both PS3/360...7 years is a long time in this industry. The Wii U is 'Nintendo's' next gen system, therefore by default it is next gen.
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Realplaya  +   1086d ago
The point is publishers and developers rushed there games out instead of taking extra time to make there games look and run better. If you are planning on reselling your games and at full price might I add why not put time and effort into it.
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ps3_pwns  +   1086d ago
wii u should of been 250 dollars. 350 for wii u is to much. I hope the ps4 is 400 dollars so you guys can really see you wasted your money getting the wii u first. I will then wait for the wii u price to drop to 250 by the end of this year and have both systems for far cheaper and that work without crap patches that red ring of death the system. The wii u might actually have games out by then to actually justify a 250 purchase. So i basically win for not buying the wii u first. Saved a lot of money already :)
FinalomegaS  +   1086d ago
"I hope the ps4 is 400 dollars so you guys can really see you wasted your money "

how would the people that bought the system wasted their money? Did they buy the wiiu so they can put it as a door stopper to collect dust?

The white model is 299$, so by next year maybe you'll get that -50$ off and it'll be the magic number 249$.

Just a little detail, I can't remember any Playstation releasing under 400$, and if the next PS system does use cutting edge tech then for sure it won't be, just thinking realistically.
Link079  +   1086d ago
So what games make ps4 worth the purchase ?
MasterCornholio  +   1086d ago
You find out soon enough.

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lilbroRx  +   1086d ago
If the Wii U should have been 250, then the PS3 should be $99.
paul1974  +   1086d ago
have you got your mums permission to use the computer?
jmc8888  +   1085d ago
You have every right to purchase a system when you deem fit.

You do realize though that by the time PS4/720 launch it will probably have a price cut. So moms and dads living in the great depression will see the Wii U at $249, maybe less (for the basic) compared to the rumored $429-529 for the PS4 will have a legitimately hard choice.

While people that adopted earlier paid that bit more, I'm fully enjoying BLOPS2 on WIi U using the gamepad for my killstreaks and much bigger in-depth not-so-mini-map. NSMBU is fun, about half way through. Zombi U is fun, and more. While anyone would say it needs more content, I've had alot of fun to justify the price AND there's more content between now and these other console launches. (just like ANY launch ALL consoles have a dearth of titles for a good period of time). My PS3 was a Resistance Fall of Man machine for quite some time. My 360 was a Perfect Dark Zero and Gun machine for quite some time.

Is the PS4 worth double the price? It's only 3x more powerful if the spec rumors are true. 720 only 2x as powerful.

Oh and if we're going to get into the nitty gritty of costs, the GTX 660ti is stronger than a PS4 (again if rumors are true) and it costs $239-299 and you has been out for quite some time, not a future product coming in nine months. Or you could have gotten the GTX 670 last May for $399.

Or you can wait until Q4, still probably before the PS4 or 720 launch and get a GTX 770 for $399 and have something 2.5-3x a PS4.

Either way, if you want power go PC. If you want to save money, buy Nintendo. If you want a little lower than mid level power and decent cost, go MS/Sony.

Personally I get them all, and have a good PC. I save my money, I'm not rich nor buy them on credit. When it comes to PC's, build your own. Better parts for less money.
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1upgamer99  +   1085d ago
Dude the gamepad tech alone is a high cost for Nintendo. Also the Wii U is being sold at a loss. Sony really cant afford to sell at a loss again, like it did at over -$150 per PS3 for a couple of years. Look it up yourself. I do not think Wii U is a waste of money, there are games I really like on it, and better than on my PS3 BOPS2 is one of them, and I have off screen play. With the AAA games coming out and screens like this to show that the Wii U is very capable, how is it a waste of Money? There are games out right now that I can't play on my PS3, that said there are some great PS3 games coming out this year.
If Nintendo had not added the gamepad, and just took that money and added a more powerful gp/gpu/cpu
and sold it for the same price, yeah it would have more power, BUT I would be playing games the same way I always have. I would not have off screen play, and things like TVii, that freaking gamepad is cool. If you have not sat down with it in your own home online you would have no idea. I respect you for not picking one up, but it is far from a waste of money.
sitharrefus  +   1084d ago
The game pad should not be a high cost for nintendo, its just a a screen with buttons. It does have nfc and sensors that may bring the price up, but the pad its just a screen nothing else.
herbs  +   1085d ago
Wow you will save a whole fifty dollars you are so much smarter and lucrative than anyone who ever lived lol.
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RFornillos4  +   1086d ago
it's good Criterion didn't give in to making a quick buck out of a Wii U port. it shows that when you consider the hardware's strong points, you can create a better than decent port. probably the best port even on a console.

kudos to criterion!
FinalomegaS  +   1086d ago
technically this does not prove the wiiu is next gen. Just proves the devs that made games for it were lazy. Did not use the systems tools.

Maybe people are getting the terms mixed up.

NEXT GEN = what we can expect from the next gen system. you see how the term next gen is used. Now this makes sense as to the next gen of gaming for nintendo has been released, SOny & MS have yet to officially say it publicly.

Bleeding/Cutting Edge technology = this is what most people are expecting from the new systems. To incorporate most up to date tech that isn't even used in current tech because it isn't tested/stability.

Is the WiiU next gen? Yes
Is it cutting edge? no as it is using tested and stable hardware.
Link079  +   1086d ago
They used pc everything u heard them they flipped the switch ?

For a port it definitely proves it's Nextgen ?? remember the ps3 game Godfather yes it looked worse than xbox1 ?
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FinalomegaS  +   1085d ago
yes i know, but is this NSF next gen just because they flipped the switch?

i would hope that a next gen game can run on the wiiu and not the current games.

Yes i remember the Godfather port... jesus that was bad but it would be because the dev team really just was not used to the ps3 hardware.

The issue that i'm facing here is that i'm a PC gamer and console also. has the PC been Next Gen gaming the whole time because of the graphics and the advance in hardware it has at its disposal? Is PC the standard to measure next gen? or are we talking about cutting edge tech in which it is.

PS: I understand what you're saying about the redone coding they did for the wiiu vs the current gen port using the hardware they had at hand.

to be cont...
Ck1x  +   1085d ago
But this is where most people fail in their argument of defending the whole tech=next-gen B.S. Yes both the PS4/720 will be more capable than the WiiU, but neither system will be cutting edge tech either. Unless you are talking about the services they offer and forms of game play. But if that's the case then then people shouldn't try and discount the WiiU from those arguments. I think Nintendo crafted the WiiU in the same manner as the GC. Because just about everyone knows that the GC put out some games that according to its specs sheet, should not have even been able to run on that system. I think the same think will prove true for the WiiU as well once it hits its stride.
FinalomegaS  +   1085d ago
What I have been saying has nothing to do with showing that the Nintendo wiiU is not a next gen system.

It is next gen just not bleeding/cutting edge tech, neither are the other 2.

but according to jmc8888's power comparison, they won't be that much off, like the other console ware where the xbx,gc,ps2 were all in the same field:
spec wise they were all around there. So moving forward to the next gen console battle, i can see slight roles reverse in the power brackets.
jmc8888  +   1085d ago
Then PS4 and 720 won't be either by your measure.

You know what bleeding edge is? Well right now it's dual GTX 690's, or 3x GTX Titan's. Or ATI's 7990 in crossfire.

By the time Q4 arrives you'll have the GTX 700 series, which means GTX 770, 780, and 790's.

Two GTX 790's should pump out 10-15 TFlops. Maybe more.
A Single 790 should pump out 6.5-8 TFlops.
GTX 780 should pump out 4-5 TFlops. (more if dual or tri sli)
GTX 770 should pump out 3.5-4.5 TFlops. (more if dual or tri sli)

Your bleeding edge assumption must be that the PS4/720 should match the two GTX 790's and pump out 10-15 TFLops. IF not then how about two GTX 780's? If not then how about a singlge GTX 770?


How about PS4 = 1.8 TFlops
720 = 1.2 TFlops
Wii U = 0.576 TFlops.

As you can see the PS4 is much closer to the WIi U then bleeding edge PC. A single mid level GTX 770 (or hell even a 760ti) will be 2.5-3x a PS4, which ironically is about the difference between the PS4 and the Wii U.

Bleeding edge

midlevel pC



Wii U

All will be good, that's why I own a PS3/360/Wii U/GTX 670, and will buy a PS4 and 720.

PS4 and 720 won't be bleeding edge. Not even close to bleeding edge. Not even close to being close to bleeding edge.
FinalomegaS  +   1085d ago
I think my thinking of french to english isn't coming through properly...

I agree with what you just said because it is the correct power placement of where the next gen systems are but are they bleeding edge tech no, that was my point.

of course point out the amount of teraflops doesn't do them justice. The games will look amazing once they take advantage of the hardware available.
Theyellowflash30  +   1085d ago
FinalomegaS..... you got owned by jmc... and your backtracking response was even worse.
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wiium64  +   1086d ago
@ju wake up! wake up! wii u can do 1080p! call of duty for wii u 60 fps at 1080 p, far better than the 360 and ps3 versions, side by side and wii u looked better, seriously dude, wake up your having a delusional nightmare!, facts mean nothing to trolls i guess, they live in their own little worlds, what ever!!
Link079  +   1086d ago
Wiiu has 1GB RAM so essentially 4GB of RAM when compressed ect,Nintendo could allow 1.5GB which would equate to 6GB.

Ps4 is meant to have 8GB on devkits,WiiU has 4GB,so ps4 has 4GB on retail units,maybe half that for games say 2GB or maybe even 4GB for games either way it is overkill and won't be needed ie with compression tech you can get 4x the amount so all that will happen is they wont need to compress their work on ps4 as much as they will WiiU no biggy.

Muffins 1223 the wiiu has better looking versions of all the ports get a life the ps3 had worse looking ports of xbox ect remember Godfather ps3 ?????
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mcstorm  +   1086d ago
Wait until tonight or when ever Sony announce the PS4 then you can compare.
hobohunterz  +   1085d ago
Actually it is a biggie because ps4s memory is going to be WAY faster.
Neonridr  +   1086d ago
okay don't get yourself confused. All three systems can output 1080p graphics but only due to upscaling. Call of Duty uses a native sub 720p resolution. And we all know that the Wii U version has the worst framerate out of all three based on the Digital Foundry tests. Sure the Wii U version may look the best (or at least equivalent to the 360 version since the PS3 version graphically is the most inferior), but it definitely doesn't run the best.

But don't go around saying that the Wii U version is 1080p / 60fps otherwise people will call you a liar, and justifiably so.
lilbroRx  +   1086d ago
The Wii U can do it without upscaling and it does on a lot of game.

Its true that COD "wasn't" but that is more an issue with it being a port of a 360 game and not being built from the ground up.

We know from an analysis of the Bayonetta video that the Wii U can output twice as many polygons as well as much higher resolution textures and better shading.
Neonridr  +   1085d ago
@lilbroRx - I am not saying that the Wii U can't do 1080p. I am sure we will see some games output at that resolution for sure. Especially as developers get comfortable with the hardware. I was merely pointing out the fact that Call of Duty was not like the above poster had stated.

For sure the Wii U has a much more modern GPU with advanced capabilities when comparing it to the PS3 or 360, so it can definitely do a lot more when it comes out outputting better textures, shading, lighting, etc.

But when it comes to sloppy ports, obviously the Wii U is handcuffed by what the 360 can display.

It's nice when you see developers like Frozenbyte (Trine 2) and Criterion (NFS: Most Wanted) actually take the time to polish the games a little better around the Wii U hardware, so that we end up with a better looking version in the end.
jmc8888  +   1085d ago
Actually that's a bit of a subjective judgement.

It ran a couple of FPS less than the 360 version, but unlike either the 360/720 there were no dropped frames.

The game plays better than the 360 version of previous titles. Having bought them all previously on the 360 and now BLOPS2 on the Wii U, I can attest that the Wii U version plays smoother. (though all CoD games play smoother then most 360 games because it isn't 30fps).

So it depends on what bothers you a couple less frames or less smooth gameplay. Personally I'll take the smoother overall gameplay minus a couple FPS AND a gamepad that makes it a much richer experience with a bigger mini-map and ability to select call streaks individually on the fly, while still being able to defend myself AND quick pinpoint accuracy (because I can touch the screen instead of use the thumbstick to drag the circle around) on say lighting strikes.
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wiium64  +   1086d ago
Well from activision, i thought they ssid the wii u version of cod ran at 1080p?
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1086d ago

The Illuminati hacked that game sight and switched the 360 pics with the WiiU! And then changed the headlines!

How did this get past editing?

Don't believe your eyes, Believe the Trolls!

(Yes, I am still excited about today's PS4 news -No matter what)-
-just stop lying about WiiU- it is beyond 360 and PS3 ) -Unless the Illuminati are REAL! O.o
mamotte  +   1086d ago
And here we go, back to the N4G's logic:

- X Console is not powerful, we want more power
> Then buy a PC
- Nah, it's true PC has all the power we want. But no. Because it's all about the games.
> Then power shouldn't matter.
- But we want power
> But...
- Enough! If I say -insert company game here- is bad, then it's bad-
> ...
- We want it cheap, too.
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ozzywazzy   1086d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
MNGamer-N  +   1086d ago
That looks dramatically better on WiiU.
lovegames718  +   1085d ago
are u ^ucking serious? They arent even the same time of day lol hahahahha omg ppl on heer are insane. I find it very strange that the pics used in comparison on the 360 are all when its dark lol smh Man plz with this bs come back when its the same time of day and we can really see the diff. in definition if their is any because right now the 360 version is just shown in shadows. I can show you the same game on the same system at two diff. times and it will look diff.
jmc8888  +   1085d ago
Have you not played enough 360 games to realize that is what 360 games look like?

Have you not played enough 360 games to realize the 360 has yet to produce a game that can create those sorts of visuals?

360 games and PS3 games ARE usually dark. That's what that era of power led to, making games darker to look better.

It will look different, but not any better, and not produce the same results or anywhere near it on the Wii U.

Wii U is literally 2-3x last gen's power. That's what 576 GFlops (or 0.576 TFLops) with more advanced tech can do. Now if they actually tapped the GPGPU that 0.576 GFlops would be shown to be even more efficient then the raw benchmark suggests.

Think of it this way. What Bleeding edge PC is to midlevel PC what is PS4 what is Wii U what is 360/PS3.

Because each of those has about the same gap in power between it and the next one. PS4 will be about 1/8th-1/9th the power of a bleeding edge PC.

You're still going to enjoy it right? Of course.

Same with Wii U owners. Because it's still enough power to produce games like this and then some.
#15.1 (Edited 1085d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
lovegames718  +   1085d ago
And to the guy talking about COD on wiiu you were tricked and fell for the hype train. Wiiu version of COD actually performs worse than ps3 and xbox version and is not 1080p native. It looks also similar to the xbox version and slightly better than the ps3 version. Digital foundary and others all agreed.
Dark5tar1  +   1085d ago
Barely anyone bought BO2 for the Wii U, there are much better games on that platform. Also, Treyarch just slapped a sloppy 360 port on the Wii U.
stragomccloud  +   1085d ago
It's looks like even when there is visual proof that the Wii U is leagues above current gen consoles it will still get hate. People really need to take a look at themselves and think about why they hate Nintendo so much. There are psychologists readily available, I recommend consultation. I mean it. This kind of hate is actually a sign of deep emotional problems. I am actually recommending help.

It is painfully obvious that Nintendo can't win.
People who like to call themselves "gamers" are seriously want Nintendo to fail. They actually /hate/ Nintendo.

Why is it so hard for Nintendo/Nintendo fans?

PS3 fanboys hate on xbox and are hateful/dismissive of Nintendo

xbox fanboys hate on PS3 and are hateful/dismissive of Nintendo

By the way, general dismissiveness is arguably worse than hate.

Back on topic...

Nintendo fans aren't usually fanboys at all, and don't hate on any of the companies. They simply play games and are open to new experiences and innovation.

Sony and Xbox fanboys both really gang up on Nintendo/Nintendo fans to the point of bullying. It's sickening really.

They might both hate on each other, but no one gets the kind of abuse that Nintendo/Nintendo fans get. Even with all of the Sony doom and gloom articles floating around.

This kind of hate needs to stop. We are gamers; we should be concerned with gaming. If you don't like Nintendo for whatever reason, be it logical or deep seeded emotional problems, that's fine. It's just a shame people can't set aside the anger, the hate, and the general dismissive attitude to play some great software instead of nitpicking and hating on everything that Nintendo makes, or that 3rd party developers make for their consoles.

Game on.
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MNGamer-N  +   1085d ago
Agree 100%. Thank you for a perfect post of what needs to be said. It is becoming unbearable to hear the hate around here day in and day out. It is not what gaming is about. Gaming should be about enjoying your time, and having fun, not constantly hating and demeaning others.
Thepcz  +   1085d ago
its official, ps3 and 360 are last gen
lol wiiu humiliates the other console versions.
stragomccloud  +   1085d ago
I don't think "humiliate" is the right word.
It looks better yes. However, the PS3 and 360 versions both look pretty good too~
Bobby Kotex  +   1085d ago
If you guys can get excited over an old game, good for you.
Theyellowflash30  +   1085d ago
Just like how Vita owners are excited about FF X remake. Or Wii U owners and Windwaker remake. Old games can be fun. If they add content and spruce things up. The Wii U version of Need for Speed does just that.
andshesays  +   1085d ago
No one cares about driving games
Legend_Killer  +   1085d ago
Is the WiiU less powerful than current gen (like we argue)? is it as powerful(like they want us to believe)? is it slightly better (like what we see here)? or can it war against the likes of PS4 and NextBox (like Reggie and Iwata have hinted)? Time will tell.
Personally I believe it can war against PS4 but time will tell

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