Ruffian's New Game Isn't Crackdown 3 - Reveal Adds Weight To Ryse Multiplayer Rumours

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell: ''Woe unto the republic. Woe also unto people who like picking up cars and throwing them at each over, after first carefully covering those cars with limpet mines. Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games is not, it seems, working on Crackdown 3.

The developer's hotly speculated-upon latest is, in fact, Tribal Towers - release and gameplay details are still to come. "I know, I know it's as shocking as finding out your favourite Lasagne is chock-a-block with Red Rum's offspring," reads a post by Billy Thomson on the official site. "The thing is it's simply not an offer that's on our production table right now, so rather than dwell on this lets get back to the real story here.''

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Abash1888d ago

It's too bad that Crackdown 2 bombed, the first Crackdown was decent and the series had potential.

isarai1888d ago

It was honestly the funnest sandbox i've played in the sense that there was such a great formula for experimentation and fucking around

Sovereign591888d ago

Yeah, I spent like 80% of my time in Crackdown 2 just messing around with friends rather than completing whatever the objectives were. It was mindless fun at its finest.

MikeMyers1888d ago

I didn't even finish Crackdown 2 but spent hours and hours looking for all the orbs in the first game. It was so addicting but the second one was missing something.

isarai1888d ago

Damn, lost interest as soon as i read "kinect"

IIC0mPLeXII1888d ago

Where the fuck is Real Time Worlds?

DevilishSix1888d ago

Real Time Worlds went out of business about two years ago. They put all their eggs into APB and it was a failure for them.