Leaked Footage Of Gears Of War: Judgement Hits Net

Gears of War: Judgement just leaked to the net a couple hours ago but that hasn’t stopped people from playing the game which releases in about a month from now.

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Irishguy951972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Hated that glitch in Gears 1

NICE fire effects though/

BanBrother1972d ago

There was no such glitch in Gears 1. In Gears 1, you could Kung Fu Flip out of the map, but I don't remember being able to run in the air, only outside the map.

In Gears 2 MP, you could go under lol, so it was like just your head showing above the ground lol.

This guy has obviously some way of cheating the system, as it is a leaked copy. Maybe developer codes? He froze all the enemies somehow and had 'god mode' enabled, as he took no damage.

DatNJDom811972d ago

Looks rather boring to me.....yawn.....

ThatXboxGuy1972d ago

Looks pretty good.Not really a big leap over gears 3 tho :/
And that same glitch still? COME ON EPIC!

NukaCola1972d ago

Whats odd is it feels like this game has no ads or publicity at all. for Xbox's 2nd biggest franchise youd figure there was something on this.

360Review1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Are trailers not advertising? Why would they waste money on over the top advertising seeing as they are the 2nd biggest xbox exclusive franchise (if that is what you mean). I think it's good not to create a huge hype for a game, because everyone expects too much of it then.

Keep the advertising small and we are just expecting another GoW game to play. Not some buzz kill like Dead Space 3.

SlapHappyJesus1972d ago

Really is.

Really, really enjoyed the original back in the day. Enough to buy the second game at launch.

Playing two though, it was already apparent I was done with the series. Straight wall shooters in general, really.

I need a little more than hiding behind walls at this point.

I did eventually buy three. And I even enjoyed it. But they aren't experiences that I am willing to pay retail for anymore.

This, like the third game, will be a $15 purchase for me.

tigertron1972d ago

Why? because there are 4 Gears games? wow.

BlackTar1871972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

4 gears games in 6 years is alot.

Im not saying its a terrible thing Jesus you guys need to lighten up.

Is this many games in the series not alot for 1 generation?

I bet you'll feel better if i say if UC4 comes on ps3 it will also be alot of games for one generation.

jetlian1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

lol 4 games in 7 years isnt much. try 5 major assassin creeds in 6 years more if you count handhelds. Uncharted has 4 in 6 years!

they at least added to the game.

liking the faster grenades,health and sticky. new weapons, overrun, and finally the ability to jump of ledges

BlackTar1871972d ago

Just to be clear i actually didn't throw handhelds in there i was forgetting them since i don't play handheld games.

Computersaysno1971d ago

No, because they all look the same. More of the same.

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lovegames7181972d ago

I dont see many ppl hype over this like previous installments.

StrongMan1972d ago

People are tired of the same thing.

-walk into a room with waist high walls for cover
-SURPRISE! enemies come out
-shoot, duck, shoot, duck
-open big door together
-rinse and repeat for 6 hours

SJPFTW1972d ago

you also just perfectly described all the Uncharted games

ThatXboxGuy1972d ago

True.If you leave out the puzzles, platforming, actions sequences and stealth routes then ya, it is kinda like gears lol.Better, but kinda like gears!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I only want to play it because I haven't played gears since I beat the 1st one. Sold my xbox. I would play this.

That fire and sky looks awsome.


Yes but ps3 players have the option to buy another exclusive. Like beyond, god of war, ni no kuni, the last of us.

You know new games? Yes yes they still exist even with ps4 announcement tomorrow.

I am not sure If I could find anything to replace this on xbox.

Or am I wrong?

But maybe fuse will give a gears like experience but different in some way.

You know new games? Yes yes they still exist.

Also at least I actually care about the story in uncharted.

Gear is at the point were it could just be a multiplayer game and I think a lot of people would be fine.

Let the disagree avalanche begin.

btw I actually agreed with you. Just adding more detail to the real situation for ps3 payers.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1972d ago

@SJPFTW, only if you exclude everything i like about those games, what makes uncharted exciting is that it isn't just that

Skips1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

"you also just perfectly described all the Uncharted games"

What ThatKansasGuy said.

"True.If you leave out the puzzles, platforming, actions sequences and stealth routes then ya"

That's like leaving out half of the game. lmao.

Muffins12231972d ago

people are tired of your comments on xbox articles

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Knight_Crawler1972d ago

Well to be fair I do not see so much hype about the new God of War...I just think people are tired of this gen and dont expect much to be diffrent except a little bit more of eye candy - lets be honest developers can only do so much with 7 year old tech and the lack of RAM.

Skips1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

"Well to be fair I do not see so much hype about the new God of War."

Well, if pre orders are anything to go by. I'd say A LOT more people are hyped for the new God Of War than the new Gears if anything. Ascension has over 100,000 more pre orders than Ascension. (In the US only, where the 360 is dominant).

Just compare youtube video views too.

The most viewed video for Judgement is like 700,000.

E3 trailer:
Gameplay demo:

While the live action trailer for Ascension soared past 2 million views.

Live Action trailer:
Gameplay demo:

Capodastaro1972d ago

I remember the GeOW leak last time on N4G many moons ago, spoiler accounts were made and many private messages and comments were a plenty, it happened with Heavy Rain too... Grr...

tigertron1972d ago

Yes, I had Heavy Rain spoiled by some little cretin on here.

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