God of War: Ascension Single Player Demo Available Tomorrow For Spartans

Premier Gaming Network - Well Rise of The Warrior has finally wrapped up it's single player challenge and the Spartans have reigned supreme once more (not surprising). Starting tomorrow, Spartans will be receiving a code for the Single player demo.

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richierich1828d ago

Damn I wish I was a Spartan

rajman1828d ago

Should have created more accounts until you became a Spartan, my first account was as a Trojan...but luckily I have a few PSN accounts and on creating my 3rd account I was a Spartan :)

BanBrother1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )


You wish you were the Master Chief? Lol I kid.

I was always a fan of God Of War, just not a die-hard one. I was never planning on getting it day 1 until I saw some game-play videos in January. It blew me away. The graphics are beautiful, they somehow topped GOW 3's graphics, which is one of the best looking games on console to this day. The character models are freakishly well detailed.

These consoles keep surprising me year after year.

EDIT: Spelling.

Da Ill One1828d ago

Me too I really want to play this

unchartedxplorer1828d ago

Don't worry you'll get it ant the end of the week.

DERKADER1828d ago

I'm not a fan of these events that alienate part of your fan base. Just because I was randomly assigned to a team that lost I will have to wait longer for the demo. That doesn't seem like a fun way to advertise your game.

Seraphemz1828d ago

I bet it would have been fun if you won...

DERKADER1828d ago

Yes, I agree it would be fun if I won. But I would still have the same opinion on advertising that alienates those that didn't win even though they put in the same effort as those that did win.

kingmushroom1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Yeah it is, i won 3 times with my fellow Spartans.

the champions hammer will be mine!

Edit: its all in good fun, its not like their giving out things some fans will not get.

DERKADER1828d ago

Early access to the demo is something some fans will not get.

3dawg1828d ago

we stomped trojans 3x sorry guys. :) theres way too many spartans

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The story is too old to be commented.