How Megaman Takes Over The World, Megaman Battle Network: Global Operation

Capcom has a chance to take over mobile gaming with a new Megaman Battle Network game. It would have incorporate every character and have the biggest online experience. With this game pitch, we think we've come up with just the right idea.

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PrimeLantern1888d ago

I'd play this all the time. Love the Battle Network series.

travisefreese1888d ago

Great idea! That's a Megaman game I'd actually play.

TenkoTAiLS1888d ago

Battle Network...really? I know it is the series that fits your idea best in this case. But when they do release a new Megaman finally it better something akin to "classic" or "x" series. Even finishing Legends 3 would be nice. But ugh I personally despise Battle Network and Star Force etc, if it isn't a jump and shoot side scroller with rock, paper, scissors style boss mechanics then it isn't Megaman :/

AztecFalcon1888d ago

I love all Megaman series (well, not so much Star Force) and I expect a few other games will come soon. I just think this would work out really well.

cmurdurr1888d ago

Love this idea. If only capcom was listening...

Godmars2901888d ago

Thought Capcom was actually doing this, then I read the article...