Randy Pitchford to “lose a huge amount of money” over Aliens Colonial Marines backlash

BeefJack Writes: Via the medium of Twitter, Randy Pitchford has asked that people only share positive opinions with him, after the Aliens Colonial Marines backlash.

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ShugaCane1855d ago

Next time he'll think twice before lying to the consumers.

Blacktric1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

"This all emerged after it was noticed this morning that Mr Pitchford was only replying to positive tweets about the game, coming from new accounts with only 1 or 2 tweets. It did not take very long for Twitter to allege that these accounts had been set up specifically to counter the flood of negative feedback on the game, which Mr Pitchford has since denied"

These companies are a goddamn joke. No respect left for the consumers.

Rupee1855d ago

To be fair it is his personal account. You can still bitch at the gearbox twitter account.

Bimkoblerutso1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

All these companies just need to stop the BS. You can't cram DRM down our throats, incorporate seedy microtransactions into all your games, and flat-out lie to consumers about what a finished product is going to be and NOT expect there to be backlash.

I get the impression that we have more to blame on the publishers than the developers, but if developers were less inclined to so readily sellout, there wouldn't be nearly as much corporate involvement in the first place.

I'm sorry to say it, but both the publishers AND DEVELOPERS have exhausted all of my sympathy at this point.

josephayal1855d ago

This game was worth EVERY penny. TBH This game is actually really well done

Zha1tan1855d ago


It was no longer a personal account when he marketed the game through his twitter and is also replying to only positive feedback through twitter.

He is simply displaying massive amounts of contempt.

1nsaint1855d ago

@josephayal nice try randy

knowyourstuff1855d ago

I don't get how he's going to lose money... did he invest his own money? Why would he do that? And if he invested his own money, as a developer, he's in the one place where he can actually ensure the game is A GOOD GAME! He wouldn't be in this financial mess if he didn't put up his own money for a game he didn't care was good or not.

I doubt he invested his own money. What he meant by "lose money" is likely the lack of a bonus he'll get this year, which means he isn't technically "losing" anything, but then again, I wouldn't put spin language past this guy.

dredgewalker1854d ago

Looks it's pitchforks for Randy Pitchford! I wonder how what will Sega do with Randy with how he used the Alien budget for the Borderlands games.

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Root1855d ago

You know whats more hilarious about this....he's still got to go through this after the Wii U version launches

He's probably going to try and hold off until then before he tries to apologize and stuff. No point trying to make amends now when he'll have another s*** storm in a month

fei-hung1855d ago

If the War Z creators game got taken off Steam, then this game should be taken off too.

We should email Sony and Xbox if they are selling the full game on their stores and ask them to remove it.

Sega should sue Gearboxes ass for spending development money for A:CM on Borderlands 2.

People who bought the game should be able to return it and get a full refund.

This guy has sky rocketed to doucheville in record time and he should admit to his faults and take responsibility.

SilentNegotiator1855d ago

War Z lied *directly* on their Steam page about features not in the game.

Linsolv1855d ago

WarZ also stole a number of art assets from other games.

Also, Randy Pitchford may or may not be a resident of "Doucheville"--but he's not someone different than he was before now, considering he did the same thing with DNF, and he wasn't someone different before the DNF debacle either.

He's just a man, don't expect a miracle. I don't dislike him, from what I've seen--but I have also tried to keep in mind that he can act like a heinous smart-aleck.

solar1855d ago

He also lied about the PC version of Borderlands 1 and then got shitty with customers complaints. Screw him.

Commandar_Shepard1855d ago ShowReplies(1)
KnightRobby1855d ago

His previous career was a Magician. This is what they do. They lie all the time!

Megaton1855d ago

No he won't. He'll just try harder to not get caught.

Commandar_Shepard1855d ago

Do people seriously not see that the first letter of every sentence I wrote spelled It's Awful?



Because nobody in the right mind would praise this game.

killcycle1855d ago

They disagreed because your comment was useless and a waste of time to read.

Godmars2901855d ago

If it wasn't for the demo there wouldn't be as much as an issue as there is. Gearbox's people looking critics and reviewers right in the eye and saying that was only an early build is the issue. If they had just put out something more honest, and broken, there wouldn't be tons of stories and complaints.

dboyman1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Next Time Gearbox is hired to a game they were supposed to develop themselves, they actually do it, not send it off to another developer. Its like Call of Duty Declassified all over again...

MizTv1854d ago

Didn't bioware do that whith dragon age?

CalvinKlein1855d ago

I never had hopes for this game as I kniw it would be garbage but this guy needs to just shut up and take the bad opinions that he deserves to hear. Its not like hopeful gamers were responsible for releasing this garbage. Sometimes I feel gamers are immature cry babies, other time I think the developers are morons with their heads up their own ass. This is the latter.

AHAH so he will only comment back to the new twitter accouns tha are praising the game. In other words he will resopng to paid positive comments and ignore people who bought the game. HAAHHA more like SHITBOX.

BinaryMind1855d ago

I can't imagine he plans to pay back Sega the $60 million he stole from them.

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lovegames7181855d ago

Good for him and i hope this happens to every other bs dev. and publisher that hypes garbage to death then trys to distance itself from it when it flops!!!!!! Gearbox shame on you and we know contrary to what you say you had a big hand in dev. Alien Colonial Marines Sp and MP.

zerocrossing1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

This is the response I got from Randy on Twitter.

(Me) Not looking to get blocked but I have a few questions regarding A:CM. Why does the demo showcased not represent the actual game?

(Randy Pitchford) I cannot address that in Twitter.

Yeah, I bet he can't. This isn't going away no matter how much Randy, Gearbox and everyone else involved try to hide.

Veni Vidi Vici1855d ago

To be fair, he'd probably need like a million character limit on Twitter to explain all the things that went wrong. But I see your point. He should have explained it somewhere else by now.

MostJadedGamer1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I can address this. A demo is meant to put a product in the best possible light. A demo is meant to sell games nothing else.

zerocrossing1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

No, a demo is supposed to "demonstrate" the product, it lets the consumer know what to expect from the final product so they know what they are getting and can make an informed decision based on that knowledge.

It's not meant to mislead them... If the product is really any good there would be no need for any lies or falsehoods.

The simple fact is, consumers bought the game wanting what was shown in the demo, that didn't happen and now everyone is pissed, and quite rightly so, IMO.


It's even worse if you try and justify demos as ads... It's illegal to create either false or deceptive advertising.

Linsolv1855d ago


You guys can feel free to disagree, whatever. But video packages and demos are marketing tools.

If you still trust marketing departments (that is to say, the people who create and use marketing tools) then you deserve what you get. They're cheats and liars and it's their job to be cheats and liars. I don't trust or like about half the commentors on N4G to use their heads (not unlike YouTube here, sometimes), but at least some of you should know better.

If you're going to listen to anything other than a person you trust telling you their opinion on the subject of a game, then there's a chance you'll get burned, and people need to learn that. It's a risk you take.

You can all be mad, because it is dishonest, but it's not unexpected for people who want your money to try to get you to give them your money. This reaction is a bit much. Not "get over it and go home there's nothing to see," just "dial it back a bit guys."

Picnic1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

It's a trailer that's meant to do that. That's where they can put 'not representative of actual gameplay' on it.

On the other hand, they could argue that there were creative reasons to change it from the demo.

I intend to at least rent the game. It's Aliens, lots of other games copied the films.
It will be interesting for a rental if only to see their interpretation.

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Norrison1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Another War Z case here.

mastershredder1855d ago

The guy is the gaming industry's biggest weasel (currently). He deservers every last bit of criticism he gets. That's what you get in this industry ESPECIALLY when you represent and boast the way he has AND makes himself open to social media venues.

I'm telling ya, he's Burke. He just needs to get snatched by alien and taken to the hive for some face hugg'n action.

BanBrother1855d ago

HOLY MONKEYBALLS!!! I never expected it to be this serious. LMFAO I was quick to judge and be angry, but I can just imagine him whimpering like a dog, so I sorta feel bad now lol. What Iz deez fings coowd feewings?