Sony: PSN purchases up 30% since web store launch

PSN purchases from India have gone up by 30% since Sony launched the web version of the PlayStation Store, the company has revealed.

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NastyLeftHook01979d ago

thanks to me! i got some good deals! and im plainning on getting crash soon.

darthv721979d ago

What about the rest of the world?

ThatXboxGuy1979d ago

WOW 30%.That's actually pretty friggin significant.

fei-hung1979d ago

Percentages are only good in context.

30% can be 10 customers or 10,000. It don't mean nothing until you know what quantities you are speaking off.

Squall50051979d ago

Do you know where you are? This is N4G.

It doesn't matter how right you are here, saying anything negative will get you down-voted to hell.

ThatXboxGuy1979d ago

Well we're obviously talking numbers in the millions here, so why even bring that up?

M2-1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )


GribbleGrunger1979d ago

How are they working this out though? Is it 30% more usage or is it 30% more usage from single accounts? It wouldn't be that significant if it was the first because we now have a lot more consoles on the market. So, is it being used more or are there more people using it?

darthv721979d ago

It does imply that there has been an increase by 30% of purchases. Meaning that it may not be an increase in users but the amount of content the users are buying.

And the figures would have to be compared to a set from roughly the same amount of time prior. Like over the course of a month you have 100 purchases (could be from 1 person or 100) and then the next month you now see 130 purchases. They dont say if that is the same 1 or 100 people or if now we have 130 people buying.

That last number could mean not only was there an increase in purchases but ALSO an increase in number of users who made those purchases.

GribbleGrunger1979d ago

yeah, fair enough. That's a decent increase then.

Godchild10201979d ago

Its 30% more purchases not 30% more people using the network.

BigStef711979d ago

That Ubisoft 50% off sale they got going on is pretty nice. I just got Beyond Good and Evil HD for $5 and I'll probably pick up From Dust and rayman 3 hd later this week. Also I finally downloaded Kat and Emmet Graves and bought the Heavenly Sword/Wipeout map which was really cheap at $1.49 or something. I got a question I see they have packs of things for PSASBR called Minions. What exactly are they and whats their purpose?

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