Here’s what we expect from Sony’s Wednesday event

GamesBeat Writes: At this point, Sony has made too much noise over whatever’s going on to reveal anything less than a new console. In fact, it will be a bigger surprise if Sony doesn’t announce the PS4.

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Sadie21001762d ago

I hope they do announce a price, otherwise we'll have to hear the Internet speculate that crap to no end.

darkronin2291762d ago

Agreed. But I have a feeling they'll hold off until E3, or until Microsoft makes their price announcement first...

Godmars2901762d ago

But if they do MS will have plenty of time to figure out how to undercut it.

stage881762d ago

I think everyone should lower their expectations to avoid disappointment. The only things I'm expecting are to see are what the console and controller look like visually and a few tech demos, maybe a bit of in game footage of some games.

This means if anything else gets shown it will be a bonus!
Just don't go in thinking they'll be showing everything because you will be sorely disappointed.

Of course we all want to know everything about the PS4 and regardless ill be buying it Day 1 but try not to build it up in your mind to an imaginary level.

GribbleGrunger1762d ago

Yes, I agree. People are starting to ask for too much. The PS4 announcement will be enough for me ... anything else is a bonus.

smashcrashbash1762d ago

I think that is a very sad way to look at life.Always lower your expectations because you might be disappointed? How about be excited but steel your self in case of disappointment. Be as excited as you want but deal with disappointment if it comes.Who knows, they might just blow us away.

stage881762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


A sad way of life? I'm talking about a press conference here.

If Sony blow us away, since I don't have expectations, I'll end up with a bigger surprise, whereas for you it'll just meet your judgement. If for some reason it was dissappointing I'll still be happy knowing the PS4 even exists while you whine on here that we should have "seen more" saying "was that it?". And yes, unfortunately they'll be plenty of you guys no matter how great the reveal is.

I'd rather be happy than "deal with disappointment".

You didn't think this through did you...

Ju1762d ago

So you start off with a low attitude or disappointment so it can only go up from there, do I understand that right? Yeah, I agree. Sad way of looking at things.

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turgore1762d ago

Me too, but I doubt it.

I just want to see a couple of games.

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wita1762d ago

I'm not holding my breath for The Last Guardian.

jacksheen00001762d ago

I haven't been this excited in a long time.

Way to GO Sony!!!!!!!!

-Falaut-1762d ago

Its come to this. I'm sitting down in front of my computer every 10 minutes hitting refresh on all my tabs hoping for the next little bit of news....


oh well. ctrl shift r. wheeeeeeee

ps3vita4life1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

One day left :):):) Yay,I can't wait!! So damn excited!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.