Ubisoft Expands Uplay to EA, Telltale, WB and More

IGN;Ubisoft has announced that its Uplay shop will expand to offer games from additional third-party publishers. According to an announcement this morning, Ubisoft will now offer digital copies of games from Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., Telltale Games and many more via the Uplay shop.

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DeadlyFire2005d ago

Now there is three.

Steam, Origin, Uplay.

Pandamobile2005d ago

There's probably another half-dozen notable digital distribution channels.

DeadlyFire2004d ago

well yes. Only 4 come to mind with a standalone application with friends lists and other community features like achievements and so on though.

Desura, Origin, Steam, UPlay. Out of those 4 only 3 sell things.

N0S3LFESTEEM2004d ago

Now there are 3 your forced to have if you own anything ubisoft or EA.