Used Games and Next Gen Consoles

onPause writes:

The next gen consoles don’t have to switch to digital distribution only. It is clear that the infrastructure in America is not designed to support a digital only system of delivering goods. But eliminating the used game market would help bring down the cost of a physical copy of a game.

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Speed-Racer1976d ago

This is why I like Steam. Sometimes you can hold off and end up getting games for dirt cheap prices.

mcroddi1976d ago

If the industry manages to emulate a steam like system on consoles this will no longer be an issue! Easier said than done.

playstationfans1976d ago

Used game must allow on next gen

mcroddi1975d ago

I don't know if both will go this route - but either Sony or Microsoft will do this :)

mcroddi1976d ago

It will prove to be a difficult either way!

ElectroJade1976d ago

What about those who like to hoard physical video games on their shelves? If consoles switch to digital distribution, it'll definitely be better for the long run. However, a part of me will miss collecting my favourite video games to my shrine.

mcroddi1975d ago

I do agree with you on that but the future is all about businesses making money - if that's what they have to do to survive, they will.