Can the console stay relevant in the new era of gaming?

On Wednesday, Sony is expected to pull the wraps off of its next-generation PlayStation console, codenamed Orbis. Five years ago, a new console would have been a very big deal.

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zeal0us1980d ago

As long as people has interest in console/throw their money at MS and Sony, I doubt consoles will become irrelevant.

shivvy241979d ago

agreed , tommorow is also the second coming of christ !

MostJadedGamer1979d ago

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shivvy241979d ago

keep preaching my brother

BattleAxe1979d ago

Consoles are the main driver for video games. If it weren't for consoles, I bet we would never see blockbuster AAA games with budgets of tens of millions of dollars ever again.

miyamoto1980d ago

Reasonable pricing will keep console gaming alive if not competitive.

The problem with PC nowadays is its rising cost due to the lower consumer demand brought about by smart phones and tablets to which many people gravitate to as their information consumption, socialization, communication, and casual gaming needs.

Now IF Sony PS4 can strike a good balance between affordable price, affordable games, video gaming power and social gaming connectivity then it will be in a very good position in the center of the gaming universe.

Kingthrash3601979d ago

Only time will tell my son.......

theWB271979d ago

With the excitement that builds whenever a new console releases...yes it will stay relevant. It's a gamers Christmas. It's going to take alot of change from internet providers about prices n such to change if they want to stream games. That's not happening soon and in fact it's getting worse with data caps.

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The story is too old to be commented.