3 Recent TV Shows That Could Make Kick Ass Games

Xbox Live Gamer Hub looks at three recent TV shows that could make kick ass games.

''Making waves over on MTV, Death Valley is a melting pot of video game potential. Following San Fernando Valley's Undead Task Force, Death valley could make for a highly entertaining game (if handled correctly). With Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves the main villains of the show a video game adoption could be a neat little prospect. Playing as one the Undead Task Force officers in a open world could offer many different experiences in the same vein as Saints Row.''

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

So, many ways to do a Firefly/Serenity game right.

If they ever do make a game, I hope they get the original creators and cast-

I would want a "Heavy Rain"/ "L.A. Noire" styled "CAPRICA" Game.
(Caprica is the short lived prequel show to BattleStar Galactica)
-I think it would be a great jump into further pushing Mature (notjustsexandblood) Themed gaming.

thorstein2009d ago

Yeah, you really, really have to to something that is quite good. Books, movies, and TV to games haven't done all that well with Lego games being the exception that proves the rule (and they are starting to get stale.)

There were a few LOTR games that pulled it off.. I liked Battle for Middle Earth RTS. Some Star Wars games were amazing...others not so much. I think the Devs have to be really, really into the universe in which they are deving.

3-4-52009d ago

Man this is on Netflix....I need to check it out. I've heard great things about Firefly/ Serenity it's only 14 episodes.

I just dealt with watching SGU's only 2 seasons and I was just getting attached to the cast too and then Boom Done !.....So I can relate.

I've always wanted an Stargate SG-1 game where you could go explore other worlds and stuff.

Heisenburger2009d ago

Definitely watch Firefly. I'm currently watching two episodes every Sunday after church with my sixty-seven year old grandmother. We did the same thing with my Blurays of Breaking Bad.

Now of course I've already seen the show/movie myself, but I enjoy sharing things with her.

Fun fact for all browncoats here: My grandmother's favorite character is Jane. Haha

thorstein2009d ago

Heisenberg gets and intelligent bubble just for using the term "Browncoats."

zeal0us2009d ago

Activision is making a Walking Dead shooter but I and many other really don't have high hope or even much hope that game isn't a disaster/trash.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I worry about that too.

I would like a game based-off Walking Dead needs to include the following:

-Group maintenance (Drama, Morale, Personalities Types, and Hand holding)
-Scrounging for supplies-parts
-Finding people with useful skill sets.
-Finality of Death-
-RPG skill growth-
+A little Strategy (base Building Fortifying) for good measure.

Sketchy_Galore2009d ago

For a moment I thought that was Michael Bluth. Still, an Arrested development game could work well as a mix between Telltale's walking dead and Sim city, obviously with some Metal gear solid elements thrown in for Tobias's stalking scenes.

FarCryLover1822009d ago

How I Met Your Mother would be a good game.

Energy-HL2009d ago

The Inbetweeners ;) j/k

Need more/better Game of thrones games.

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The story is too old to be commented.