Microsoft warns of console bans after Gears of War: Judgment leaks

"Microsoft has vowed "vigorous action" against those who illegally download Gears of War: Judgement, after a leaked version appeared online over a month before the game's 22nd March release date."

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TOGC1918d ago

Maybe Microsoft should look into who keeps leaking games from Epic. Gears of War 3 got leaked early as well.

Godmars2901918d ago

Likely its someone minor along the production line, a temp, who just looking for extra money.

aceitman1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Well, I guess we will see sales rise again , I wonder how many they will ban this time 500,000 again. And this is not a fanboy reply it happened a few times already and it spiked in sales afterward .

TheGamerDood1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Never really knew how bad pirating was on the xbox, now I understand MS decision for going with the always online connect.

MikeMyers1918d ago

They would all like to do that eventually. If you value your account you would think twice about compromising it.

calis1918d ago

Yeah, it's too battle piracy but it limits your user base.

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evilhasitsway1918d ago

you never really hear about this stuff happening on psn :) well not near as much as it does 360

theWB271918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

You only get the whole of PSN going down for a month and tens of millions of accounts in trouble...way worse than a game getting leaked.

@jimbob- It was due to server overload. Not a hack or leak. Your information wasnt in danger.

jimbobwahey1918d ago

Xbox Live went down for a whole month too. All Microsoft gave us in return was some crappy $5 XBLA submarine game months afterwards. Shameful.

calis1918d ago

It still went down and accounts still get hacked on Live. Hell, Major Nelson's account was hacked.

kreate1918d ago

It is reported that none of the accounts were in trouble.

nukeitall1918d ago

XBL was overloaded for about 1-2 weeks during Christmas a few years back. It wasn't hacked, and no personal information has been lost.

"It still went down and accounts still get hacked on Live."

First of all, it is NOT a hack if people themselves get duped into providing their information or use an easy password to guess.

"Hell, Major Nelson's account was hacked."

Major Nelson's account wasn't hacked, it was socialed engineered with a third party domain provider to get access to email, then a password reset was requested and that is how they got access. Nothing was "hacked", but it illustrates how pro-active MS was, when they discovered it really fast.

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Oh_Yeah1918d ago

It happens man...ps3 just had a big banwave for those who are on cfw and played pirated copies of black ops 2 on psn. It's still going on..

the worst1918d ago


Axonometri1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

MS should just ban everyone playing games and give them free movie or TV viewing

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