Hotline Miami coming to PS3 and Vita this spring

The debut effort from indie studio Dennaton Games, which has sold over 300,000 copies since its PC launch last autumn, takes place in an alternative version of 1989 Miami, with players murdering their way through the seedy underworld. Now the indie PC hit will be released on Sony's platforms with support for PlayStation Cross-Buy. More details through the link.

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NYC_Gamer1886d ago

I'm happy more gamers will be able to enjoy one of the best indie games of 2012

jujubee881885d ago

Before the VITA launched, I already knew PSN games would be popular but to have so many good indy games so early blows my mind.

It's a good thing too. If/when VITA gets a price cut and memory starts getting cheaper, you could get a VITA, buy PS+, and download a couple of low priced games that will last you throughout the year.

Also, I am hopeful that Mojang hooks up with SCE for some "Minecraft" on VITA. THAT WOULD ROCK!

(Looking forward to buying this one.)

izumo_lee1886d ago

Nice to see this game come to the Vita & PS3. Retro City Rampage has done really well on these platforms so getting something very similar & retro is a welcome addition.

Heard many great things about this game.

Blastoise1886d ago

Looking forward to getting this on my Vita :)

MmaFan-Qc1886d ago

already own it on steam, will also get the vita version, its just too well suited for that handheld.

banditscout1886d ago

This is great news. I had such an awesome time playing this on PC, and now can't wait to play it on the Vita.

TongkatAli1886d ago

Been enjoying the hell out of Rocket Birds. This is going to be my next indie game.

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The story is too old to be commented.