Rumors: Bungie's "Destiny" Release Date

A French Retailer has rumored the release date of Bungie's highly anticipated Destiny.

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MooseWI1975d ago

October 6th? Hm. Old article though, from the 15th..

Dlacy13g1975d ago

Could it be a launch on Next gen for Oct. 6th and it will come later for PS3 & xbox 360?

francknara61975d ago

Confirmed not in 2013.

FarCryLover1821975d ago

I feel like it will come Spring 2014. I don't see Activision releasing this so close to "Call of Duty."

Sensu1975d ago

I reported this as old/duplicate when it was submitted... This guy just pushed fixed and went on with it. -_-

Rockefellow1975d ago

What a surprise. That happens more often than I'd like, and I can't believe moderators here are happy with the news pages clogged with identical articles.

3-4-51975d ago

I thought I read yesterday that it wasn't being released until sometime in 2014..